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Dr Rohsmann MD studied medicine at the University of Antwerp, Belgium and completed his clinical training at the University of Munich in Germany. He went on to study alternative medicine at Bastyr College for Naturopathic Medicine in the USA and studied and practised acupuncture and homeopathy in Sri Lanka. After studying with several physicians and healers specializing in various alternative medical treatments, Dr Rohsmann went into private practice in Munich Germany. His practice offered Prognos and Electro Acupuncture of Dr Voll (EAV) diagnostic testing, BTA (biological terrain analysis), dark field microscopy, metabolic typing, acupuncture and homeopathy, Ardenne and ozone therapy, colon hydrotherapy, enzyme therapy, manual therapies and orthomolecular medicine. He is presently lecturing and researching energetic neutraceuticals and has begun promoting enzyme therapy in the UK. Dr Rohsmann can be reached on: Tel: 0033 493 42 17 36; liz.sinnott@tiscali.fr

Articles by Dr Rohsmann MD

  1. Naturopathic Treatment Approaches for Candida Albicans

    Listed in colon health

    In this article the author shares his treatment approach to Candida albicans, based on 15 years of clinical practice, researching various diagnostic methods, allopathic and naturopa...

  2. Metabolic Typing: A Highly Individualized, Fine-Tuned Nutritional Guideline

    Listed in metabolic typing

    This article looks at why certain diets and nutritional guidelines work on some people and not others. It questions why some people still do not feel fit even when they eat healthy ...

  3. Symbionts and their Role in Health and Nutrition

    Listed in naturopathy

    In this article the author explains why Symbionts are key factors to health and wellbeing of the body, and what they are. Symbionts, he adds, have not been sufficiently researched b...

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