About Dr Elena Ewing and Graham Ewing,

Dr Elena Ewing is an experienced doctor and broadcaster from Russia. Since training in Virtual Scanning in Russia some five years ago, she has been working with it in the UK. Her husband, Graham Ewing, a businessman with substantial experience in the healthcare field, has taken on the role of promoting Virtual Scanning throughout Europe and elsewhere for the last three years. The Ewings are available for presentations and consultations by appointment. They may be contacted via Tel: 0115-9890 304/ 9899 618; Fax: 0115-9899826; elena.ewing@montague-diagnostics.co.uk graham.ewing@montague-diagnostics.co.uk

Articles by Dr Elena Ewing and Graham Ewing,

  1. The Role of Virtual Scanning in the Detection and Treatment of Migraine

    Listed in medical conditions

    This article looks at Virtual Scanning, said to be the first-ever technology to regulate our behaviour and health on the basis of the brains own sensory data processing mechanisms. ...

  2. Virtual Scanning - Beyond Biomedicine

    Listed in energy medicine

    This article focuses on Virtual Scanning, its benefits and how it is used. At the same time, the authors also illustrate how the understanding of natural phenomena of light and colo...

Book reviews by Dr Elena Ewing and Graham Ewing,

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