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Dr Brian Kaplan is a qualified medical doctor who has been in full-time homeopathic practice for 20 years. He initially trained at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital where he was influenced by the homeopathic consultant, psychiatrist and medical philosopher, E K Ledermann. He later studied with the Greek homeopath and author, George Vithoulkas and since then has been a strong advocate of classical homeopathy. Dr Kaplan is an enthusiastic teacher and lectures to doctors regularly at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. He also co-founded the Homeopathic Physicians Teaching Group (HPTG), which teaches classical homeopathy to doctors, veterinary surgeons and, from 2001, nurses. In 1987 he co-edited Studies of Homoeopathic Remedies, by D M Gibson, which remains a popular materia medica. This year saw the publication of The Homeopathic Conversation (Natural Medicine Press 2001), his book about the homeopathic consultation. (Reviewed in Issue 69, on sale from Positive Health.) He can be contacted via www.drkaplan.co.uk

Articles by Dr Brian Kaplan

  1. Classical Homeopathy - the Re-Emergence of Holism within Homeopathy

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    Brian Kaplan is a qualified medical practitioner who has been practising homeopathy for 20 years. He also lectures to doctors and co-founded the Homeopathic Physicians Teaching Grou...

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