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David Marsh trained initially in agriculture (Shuttleworth, Cranfield) with ten years experience farming in Bedfordshire. He moved to human nutrition and co-authored The Driving Force; Food in Evolution & the Future18 (1989) – later Nutrition and Evolution19 (1995), with Professor Michael Crawford (Inst. Brain Chem. & Human Nutrition, Imperial College London). He has since written broadly (for Resurgence, Positive Health, Healthy Eating, Nutrition and Health amongst other publications) about nutrition, evolution, environment and integrated medicine, including a series in the Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine on energy or vibrational medicine. This article is of particular interest to the author as it brings his special interests in nutrition and food production together in full circle. The Origins of Diversity: Darwin's Conditions and Epigenetic Variations. Nutrition & Health 2008. Editor of McCarrison Society for Nutrition and Health newsletter, and various articles with it, and for the society's Journal Nutrition & Health. Currently working on a new book on evolution. Occasional lecturing on the History of evolution theories. Michael Crawford & David Marsh's new book The Shrinking Brain and the Global Mental Health Crisis – Two Problems, One Solution has been published in 2023 and is available on Amazon and Food and Behaviour Research. David can be reached at  davidmarsh.dip.ag@gmail.com    www.davidmarsh.org.uk

Articles by David E Marsh

  1. Soil Minerals and Immune System Dysfunction

    Listed in environmental

    Following a discussion of the origin of minerals, the article points out that organic farming focuses on feeding the soil and the soil microflora within it, meaning that organic pro...

  2. Essential Fatty Acids - in the Evolution of the Brain

    Listed in essential fatty acids

    This article challenges scientists long-held perceptions of evolutionary theory, explaining the function of essential fatty acids (EFAs), discussing their role in evolution and sugg...

  3. Magnetic Therapy in Practice

    Listed in energy medicine

    A middle-aged, previously healthy woman suddenly started having epileptic fits. Going from specialist to specialist, she was fortunate to find another doctor specialising in complem...

  4. The Importance of Minerals to Health

    Listed in nutrition

    At a time when we have just begun to get our minds around the 43 or so essential nutrients, we are now informed there may be some 40 more: many of which, unless we were familiar wit...

  5. Mineral Deficiency and Viral Mutation: Nutritional, Agricultural and Geographic Influences

    Listed in environmental

    This article hypothesizes whether many of the devastating influenzas such as avian flu and Beijing flu which originate from China, may lie with mineral levels in the soil.

  6. Epigenetics - Current and Past Progress

    Listed in dna gene expression

    To understand current progress in epigenetics we need briefly to visit 5th century BCE Greek thought onwards to our own 19th century CE. Empedocles, Heraclitus, Democritus, Hippocra...

  7. Viruses Mutate more Readily in Selenium-Deficient Surroundings

    Listed in environmental

    Even though selenium is critically important for good human health, its value is not widely known. It is important both for the prevention of selenium-related deficiency diseases an...

  8. Colloidal Silver – Master Antimicrobial, Antifungal and Antiviral Agent

    Listed in infections and inflammation

    We are slowly emerging into a new era of treating disease with minerals rather than the antibiotics which have been so over-used that many bacteria have evolved strategies for rende...

  9. Toward a Unified Theory of Evolution

    Listed in dna gene expression

    This is a story of the quest to understand evolution. During the last three centuries, with increasing knowledge, research has led us from Lamarck, with his theory of the Inheritan...

  10. Nutrition, Evolution and Environment

    Listed in dna gene expression

    The dangerous fallacy - of "the all-sufficiency of natural selection’’ to which the scientific and cultural world has adhered since the late 19th  century has now been exposed as i...

  11. Does our Current Understanding of Epigenetics Now Expose Neo-Darwinism as Pseudo-Science?

    Listed in dna gene expression

    When Charles Darwin died in 1882 it took less than 10 years for August Weismann from Freiburg University to publish his theory The Germ-Plasm: A Theory of Heredity in 1893. Better k...

  12. The Costs of Mental Ill-Health and of Children with Special Needs – A Tribute to the Late Reverend Simon House

    Listed in dna gene expression

    Simon’s meticulous work on optimum nutrition for brain health and pre- and perinatal nutrition describes how the health of both father and mother is critical during at least 6 month...

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