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Christine Fadhley LicAc MBAcC is a holistic healer and Reiki Master based in Burton on Trent, who has helped many people suffering from a wide range of health issues. She is the author and instructor of Healing the Spirit Body to Create Vitality available at  www.SelfHealingExpressions.com . This holistic site publishes affordably priced online courses intended to empower people who want to be proactive in their own healing and wellbeing. Most of Christine’s course lessons include one or two downloadable guided meditations recorded by Christine Fadhley, who is also a long-time yoga instructor experienced in leading guided meditations. Lessons also include interactive web tools designed to reinforce key concepts. She may be contacted via yogachris@gmail.com  www.selfhealingexpressions.com

Articles by Christine Fadhley

  1. The Yeast - Irritable Bowel Syndrome Connection

    Listed in colon health

    Over a decade ago, just after I had trained as an acupuncturist, I learned about such yeasts the 'hard way'. The right - or possibly I should say the wrong set of circumstances cam...

  2. Food Intolerances: Understanding and Curing them using Natural Therapies

    Listed in colon health

    Good digestion is something that we should all be able to enjoy and take for granted. To be able to eat anything on your plate without worrying about the possible consequences is th...

  3. Healing the Spirit Body to Create Vitality

    Listed in healing

    Most people experience illness at some time during their lives. Our physicians do a wonderful job, but even they are often challenged by stubborn conditions that don’t respond to ...

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