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Chris Ellis is currently CEO and cofounder of AudioCardio™, a digital health and wellness company that has developed technology that aims to restore sensorineural hearing loss and help relieve tinnitus. Chris is a startup veteran with four previous exits where he held roles ranging from National Channel Manager to Head of Sales in which he led the go to market strategy, strategic partnerships and distribution models. Chris started his journey in holistic healing as a Reiki student at the age of 15. This early exposure and experience with healing modalities, natural remedies and holistic approaches to chronic conditions and issues was a fortuitous and unexpected precursor to his work. They helped shape his belief in finding complementary and alternative ways to tackle chronic issues. As CEO of AudioCardio, he hopes to help provide easily accessible and affordable hearing health and wellness solutions. You can learn more about AudioCardio at https://www.audiocardio.com .

Articles by Chris Ellis

  1. Novel Breakthrough: Sound Conditioning for Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

    Listed in sound and music

    Low-level stimulation therapies have been researched and practised for quite some time. With more and more evidence, applications, and use cases, low-level stimulation therapies ar...

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