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Alan Sales sadly and unexpectedly passed away in early July 2009. He was an innovative and unique pioneer of Kinesiology and is a great loss to the worldwide community of holistic practitioners. A tribute to his life is at www.scienceofnature.co.uk/page6.htm.

Alan Sales was a professional kinesiologist and ran the Institute of Cyberkinetics in South Croydon Surrey. He ran a full time clinic and specialized in research into Advanced Kinesiology and Tuning Fork Sound therapy. He also ran regular two-day tuition workshops on Tuning Fork Sound Therapy for both beginners and therapists with the courses specifically designed for all levels of ability and knowledge. The objective of his course was to enable anyone to be able to use the simple tools of tuning forks to enhance the ability to heal and make profound changes in the energy levels of the body using sound. He wrote regular research articles into new advanced kinesiology techniques which were published in the Kinesiology Federation magazine. He was the founder of the principles of Cyberkinetics which combines the theory of cybernetics as the basis of communicating with the neurological systems of the body using kinesiology muscle testing.

Alan's daughter Donna Sales is now carrying on his legacy. She has relaunched her Dad's wonderful Healing Tuning fork work at  www.healingtuningforks.co.uk  info@healingtuningforks.co.uk.  The Healing forks are manufactured by Granton Ragg (Tuning Fork Manufacturers) Tel: 0114-275-7290; Fax: 0114-275-7853; granton@dial.pipex.com www.granton.co.uk.

Articles by Alan Sales

  1. Tuning Forks for Healing Therapy

    Listed in energy medicine

    The human body is sustained by life force energy which is referred to as Chi in Chinese medicine and Prana in Indian Medicine. This energy which has electro-magnetic characteristics...

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