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  1. Yoga and Breathing Exercises for Mother and Child

    by Elizabeth Irvine

    Stress is not just for adults - adults and children alike can become worn down by the pressures of day-to-day living. This article offers a range of practical and fun remedies that...

  2. Yoga and Dietary Tips for Good Liver Health

    by Meggan Brummer

    This article focuses on the liver, an organ that plays a crucial role in our health and wellbeing, and Yoga exercises aimed at strengthening sluggish livers.

  3. Yoga and Injury Recovery

    by Mollie McClelland Morris

    Injury can disrupt everything we do, making running, or even walking difficult and exercise impossible. Even small injuries can limit daily activities. Of course, yoga might also be...

  4. Yoga and Macrobiotics for Back Pain

    by Meggan Brummer

    Meggan Brummer begins by looking at the benefits of using ginger externally. According to Macrobiotics, a ginger compress can be used to relieve back pain, menstrual cramps, arthri...

  5. Yoga for Health, Consciousness and Balance

    by Jeff Logan

    What is Yoga? Yoga is a pragmatic science and philosophy devoted to the realization of the true Self and thereby the exalted state of unalloyed bliss and inner peace.

  6. Yoga for Mental Health

    by Tammy Lorraine Majchrzak

    In this article on Yoga for Mental Health the author shares how she discovered and achieved better health and balance within through this practice. She also explains the overall be...

  7. Yoga for Mothers and Babies

    by Jan Williamson

    An important principle of Yoga is that attention and stability and ease and pleasure can exist within the body side by side. A sense of power and control while being at ease and ...

  8. Yoga for Parkinson's

    by Jeanette Macturk

    Research has shown Yoga to be the most beneficial alternative therapy towards helping people with Parkinson's.

  9. Yoga for Pregnancy Care of Back and Pelvis

    by Mel Campbell

    My belly is like a balloon, bursting to pop, there doesn’t seem to be any more room left, I am eight months pregnant, my baby isn’t due for another month. Each time I climb a stair,...

  10. Yoga for Stress Relief - Tap into Numerous Health Benefits

    by Paul Edwards

    Yoga is one of the best ways of coping with the stress of modern life. It doesn't involve drugs or great expense, and can be practised by anyone of any age in any physical condition...

  11. Yoga For Weight Loss

    by Meggan Brummer

    The author reports that a 2005 study at the National Cancer Institute at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle found that 15 500 people in their fifties who regul...

  12. Yoga for Weight Loss and Management

    by Meggan Brummer

    In this article on Yoga for Weight Loss and Management, the author says obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally, and a new survey has also found that half of the British ...

  13. Yoga is Health Giving

    by Ruth White

    Yoga in today's stressed-out world, says Ruth White, is as relevant as it was when it originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. It helps slow down an overactive mind while, at...

  14. Yoga Nidra Practices for Stress Relief and Better Sleep

    by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli PhD CIAYT

    Total Yoga Nidra is a form of yoga that requires no physical movement whatsoever: Anyone who can breathe, and anyone who has ever, even once in their lives, fallen asleep, can pract...

  15. Yoga Remedies for Body and Mind

    by Mira Mehta

    Mira Mehta explains how yoga can not only counter the pressures of modern living, but also alleviate many health conditions including back pain, aches and pain in the limbs, respir...

  16. Yoga The Heart of Healing

    by Howard Kent

    While the ancient Greeks were postulating that mind and body were interwoven, the sages of India were exploring the same fundamental subject and coming to the same conclusion – onl...

  17. Yoga Therapy

    by Dr Robin Monro and Venice Allan

    Yoga therapy is a holistic therapy that draws on practices that have been part of the traditional Indian health-care system for thousands of years, and is an approach that has prov...

  18. Yoga Therapy

    by Robin E Monro

    Although general yoga classes can often help people resolve mild health problems, they may be ineffective, or even harmful, for those with more serious conditions. With yoga ther...

  19. Yoga Therapy for Perimenopause / Menopause

    by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli PhD CIAYT

    Many women discover that appropriate yoga practice is a natural support for a healthy menstrual cycle, including the experience of turning points in a woman’s life such as perimenop...

  20. Yoga Tips for Healthy Living

    by Nicola Phoenix

    This article touches on a few aspects within the vast texts, teachings, techniques, philosophy and disciplines of yoga. It looks into the various stages of the great sage Patanjali...

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