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  1. Mudra Yoga

    by Sandeep Khurana

    Mudra Yoga, a system of alternative healing, has its origins as far back as the earliest Hindu scriptures and texts, and is employed in the practices of Dharma, Buddhism, Tantra an...

  2. Partners Yoga

    by Jan Williamson

    Yoga practice is extremely versatile; it can be practised in solitude or in the more social atmosphere of a class situation and can be modified to suit age, ability and need.

  3. Positive Health of Mind and Body

    by Ruth White

    The author illustrates what she calls the “universal natural law that whatever we do in this life will eventually come back in exactly the same proportions” by relating the story o...

  4. Progressive Yoga: Practice Tailored to the Individual.

    by Yvonne Campkin

    The point of yoga, according to the author, is to work with one's own body, with the awareness that you are an individual with different needs from the next person....and that ev...

  5. Rebalancing: The Art of Transforming a Successful Yoga Instructor's Life and Career

    by Caroline Ratner

    Rachel Krentzman, had a thriving Yoga and Physical Therapy practice in a light filled studio located in the lovely Bird Rock section of La Jolla California. Rachel had met every go...

  6. Ruth White - Iyengar Yoga Teacher

    by Ruth White

    Back in the Seventies, freelance photographer Ruth White was suffering from a lot of back pain. Years of bad posture and carrying heavy photographic equipment had taken their toll ...

  7. Sipping from the Fountain of Youth

    by Naomi Sophia Call

    As far back as 323 BC, the search for the elusive fountain of youth, the elixir of life that would take away aches and magically reverse aging began. Countless individuals repeatedl...

  8. Strengthening Digestion with Yoga and Ayurveda

    by Meggan Brummer

    This article focuses on our digestion and the ayurvedic wisdom of food and individual constitution (made up of Pitta, Vata and/or Kapha). The author touches on "where and how we ea...

  9. Surviving Ruth White at Grimstone Manor

    by Ruth White

    A teacher of  Iyengar yoga, who also sells  yoga accessories, such as mats, belts, blocks, videos, etc.,  the author says yoga is very much about “looking within”.

  10. Teaching Yoga in Japan

    by Ruth White

    Ruth White tells of her experience teaching yoga in Japan. She found the Japanese a delight to teach because of their will power and tenacity, their efficiency and their kindness, ...

  11. Teaching Yoga to Young Schoolchildren

    by Lidia Flisek

    Lidia Flisek, a qualified yoga teacher, initiated the Body Awareness project in a primary school six years ago, aimed at teaching schoolchildren important aspects of yoga.

  12. The Health Benefits of Yoga

    by Amy Crumpton

    Feeling energized, toned and becoming more flexible are just three of the health benefits associated with yoga – but the advantages go far beyond physical, according to a Yorkshire ...

  13. Traditional Indian Holistic Therapies Empower The Body’s Innate Ability To Self-Heal

    by Vera Kaur

    The human body is a latticework of energies, vibrating at different frequencies, encompassing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. It has been perfectly created to...

  14. Traditional Indian Holistic Therapies To Heal The Root Cause Of Addiction

    by Vera Kaur

    Addiction is a form of dis-ease and can create an array of negative consequences on the body, mind and emotions. Common addictions include nicotine, alcohol, drug, caffeine, gamblin...

  15. Unwind and Relax

    by Ruth White

    Using examples of a student with acute psoriasis and her own problems with chronic back pain, regular columnist, yoga teacher Ruth White, describes how yoga was used to completely ...

  16. Warm Up: Extract from Real Yoga; A Pure and Simple Journey

    by Vimla Lalvani

    I was very privileged to meet as a child the greatest masters of wisdom. As my family was and still is the honorary consulates of India in Hawaii, I was introduced to Swami Mukhtana...

  17. What Is Yogic Massage? How Yogic Massage Found Me

    by Narayani Guibarra

    The technique was invented by Brigette Hass, a tutor of the MTI who also teaches holistic massage, energy awareness, dance and movement and meditation. Yogic massage is a form of h...

  18. Why You Should Add Yoga into your Everyday Routine

    by Victoria Cranmer

    We now live in a world where self-care, health and wellbeing are being prioritized, and actually, are actively encouraged – which is something that we haven’t seen until recent year...

  19. Yoga and Ayurveda for Headaches and Migraines

    by Meggan Brummer

    According to Aled Francis, a Manipulative Physiotherapist from the Sydney Headache Clinic, treatment has traditionally focused on identifying certain features such as the frequen...

  20. Yoga and Ayurveda for Reducing High Blood Pressure

    by Meggan Brummer

    This article focuses on specific Ayurvedic and yoga remedies for high blood pressure. The author explains what causes high blood pressure, how to recognize if you have it and what ...

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