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  1. Nutritional Therapists: Food Police or Food Educators?

    by Penny Crowther

    The representation of nutritionists as 'food police' is an obstacle that the author highlights we must overcome. Another obstacle when following diets can be a low mood, stemming f...

  2. Obesity - A Modern, Mismanaged & Misunderstood Malady

    by Dr Heli Goode

    Obesity is a growing and serious health concern that has, by now, reached epidemic proportions, mostly in the Westernised world. Increased consumption of unhealthy food, coupled wit...

  3. Obesity – A Survey of Factors and Practical Responses

    by Edwin Alan Salter

    Our fatness is totally obvious and has increased relentlessly over several generations, a global pandemic (WHO, now 13% adults obese, x3 since 1975) as many poorer catch up with and...

  4. Obesity and the Link between Metabolic Disorders

    by Julie Dargan

    The weight loss industry has been booming for decades, with over $20 billion spent annually on diets and weight loss products in America alone. I distinguish between weight loss and...

  5. Obstacles to Weight Loss

    by Penny Crowther

    Research shows that the population is getting fatter, and yet at the same time dieting has reached epidemic proportions. Nutritionist Penny Crowther sheds light on why this might b...

  6. Peter Hall’s Weight Loss Using the ‘Get Slim Guaranteed’ Programme

    by Graham W Price

    Most people know what they need to do to lose weight …. eat less, eat healthily and exercise more. All weight loss articles, except this one, tend to be variations on this theme. I...

  7. Seaweed in Weight Regulation and Nutrition

    by Simon Ranger

    2012 saw the publication of some independent, ground-breaking peer-reviewed research conducted by the Centre for Food Innovation at Sheffield Hallam University. It was the first tim...

  8. Seven Ways to Beat a Lack of Willpower for Healthy Eating and Exercise

    by Joanne Henson

    So you’ve decided to start eating healthily and exercising. You want to lose a few pounds, tone up, have more energy and feel better about yourself. And this time it will be differe...

  9. Susan's Story of Fat Loss

    by June Butlin

    Diet programmes rarely produce safe and effective methods of achieving fat loss. Indeed, America spends 36 billion dollars on weight loss programmes each year and it is a highly pr...

  10. The Dieting Glut

    by Jane Dunkeld, Ph.D.

    Doctors have known about the risks to health of being overweight for centuries; Hippocrates (460-377 BC) noted that stout people were more likely to die suddenly and unexpectedly. ...

  11. The Holistic Approach - Mind, Body, Connection - Including Bariatric Surgery

    by Carol Rose Adkisson

    Everyone has a story to share with the world. I have decided to take my authentically stripped down and exposed as a Human. I lost 115 lbs. 8 years ago; it’s taken me this long t...

  12. The Psychology of Weight Loss

    by Sandra Roycroft-Davis

    I KNOW what you’re thinking: What’s psychology got to do with weight loss? Surely all you have to do to lose weight is go on a diet, eat less and exercise more. What’s so complicate...

  13. The Trouble with Binge Eating: Filling the Void

    by Gina Pickersgill

    The author is a former glamour model, has assisted Paul McKenna on his weight-loss courses, and runs a virtual healing sanctuary in Second Life. Having had to keep her weight down ...

  14. Tips and Recipes for Weight Loss

    by Andrew West

    Andrew West, owner of a weigh-loss retreat in Alicante, Spain, explains why so many diets fail - and offers tips for successful weight-loss, including recipes from his amazing new ...

  15. Transform your Life - Weight Loss via Mind/Body, Nutrition and Fitness

    by Janet Thomson

    For our ancestors the need to lose weight was not an issue; for them the main challenge was getting more fats, carbs and even sugar into their diet.

  16. Unlock Weight Management Secrets with New Zealand Blackcurrants

    by Michael Wakeman

    Struggled with Lockdown Weight Gain? Has your Fitness Slipped? Want to Take Control of your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals Fast? 

  17. Weight Loss - Can Hypnotherapy Help?

    by Kate McEwen

    Most people associate hypnosis with weight loss and stopping smoking, but can hypnotherapy really help? Well, the answer is ‘yes’, but there a lot of considerations to take on board...

  18. Weight Loss Facts Vs Fads – Swallowable Weight Loss Balloon

    by Nicole Berberian

    According to research, women will embark on 130 diets in a lifetime[1] and almost half of Brits (48%), have tried to lose weight in the last year.[2] When we're looking to lose weig...

  19. Weight Loss Through Well-Being

    by Paul Smith

    The bare facts about dieting are well known – only around one in twenty attempts to lose weight will succeed. Yet this doesn't stop millions of people trying over and again to reac...

  20. Weight Loss Using Chinese Medicine

    by Attilio D\'Alberto

    This article focuses on how Chinese remedies and therapies, such as Herbal medicine and Acupuncture help with weight loss, and offers some advice on diet and exercises such as fast...

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