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  1. Natural Nutraceuticals Rather Than Pharmaceuticals

    by Dr Janice Wilson

    The author studied pharmacy and medicine at university, and spent several years working for major pharmaceutical companies, helping clients to attain the quality standards required...

  2. Noni: Nature's Health-Enhancing Fruit

    by Dr N Solomon

    Known as Noni in Hawaii, the plant was brought to Polynesia from the East by migrating settlers and has been used by the people of Polynesia to treat a wide variety of health disor...

  3. Nutraceuticals: Future Foods or Immanent?

    by Charles Faulkner

    This will be a time when food from a plant, rather than made on a plant will be preferred, as raw food retains more nutrition and balanced with appropriate levels of water hydratio...

  4. Oral Anticoagulants - Natural Versus Conventional Treatment

    by Yvonne Leahy

    Natural health products ranks number one among the ten most common complementary health approaches used by American adults.[1] These dietary supplements include for example fish oil...

  5. Peruvian Natural Resources to Benefit European Markets

    by Charles Faulkner

    Did you know that Peru's endemic plant species offer vast applications of natural ingredients for the European food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries?

  6. Poison Pills

    by Helke Ferrie

    We live in a perpetual healthcare hurricane, a marketing storm whipped up continuously with tidings of pharmacological breakthroughs and admonitions to submit to preventive screenin...

  7. Q10 - The Provider of Life

    by Ann Crowther

    This column focuses on Ubiquinone Q10, a naturally occurring substance and a necessary part of the cells’ energy metabolism, without which the cells cannot produce the energy that ...

  8. Quinton Marine Plasma - Medical and Nutritional Applications

    by Roger S Meacock

    This article explains the Quinton Marine Plasma QMP), its medical and nutritional applications and why it could be considered the ideal nutritional treatment and supplement capable...

  9. Saffron - A Natural and Effective Treatment for Depression

    by Kevin Leivers

    New research in the field of food science (Nutriceutical), has potentially opened up a natural way to help us manage some of the most debilitating conditions of this century - anxi...

  10. Spirulina: Health Discoveries from the Source of Life

    by Robert Henrikson

    We're undergoing a health revolution. As more people take responsibility for their own health, the demand for natural foods, herbal medicines and nutraceuticals is growing dramatic...

  11. The Mangosteen Fruit - Garcinia mangostana - Science and Ongoing Research

    by Dr Frederic Templeman

    The traditional uses of the mangosteen have been used for a number of applications ranging from dermatological conditions to dysentery and infections, prepared as internal (steep...

  12. Therapeutic Properties of BioBran MGN-3

    by Andrew Paterson

    The author highlights the benefits of a high-fibre diet, specifically improved lipid metabolism and lowering of cholesterol; improved sugar metabolism and amelioration of diabete...

  13. Toxic Psychiatry: Psychiatric Drugs Linked to Chronic Disease and Medical Malpractice

    by Helke Ferrie

    About 20% of the North American population is now on psychiatric drugs for either depression, ADHD, anxiety, schizophrenia, phobias, impulse-control disorder, or bi-polar disorder.<...

  14. Vitamin C - Essential for Year-Round, Whole Body Protection

    by L Phillips Brown

    In this article, Dr Phillips Brown discusses the multiple benefits of vitamin C including its ability to strengthen the immune system, maintain healthy joints, improve vision, and ...

  15. Watercress - The ‘Forgotten Super Food’

    by Ed Tooley

    If you haven’t ever tried it, you need to try it. If you aren’t regularly including it in your weekly menu, you should, so get yourself off to the supermarket or local store and rea...

  16. What are the Benefits of Raw Neem Honey?

    by Klaus Ferlow

    Healing Properties of Neem Everything from the neem tree is medicinal: bark, cake, extract, flowers, fruit, gum, honey, leaves (also used as tea and powder), oil (from kernels of th...

  17. What is Laminine - History, Development and Health Benefits

    by Clare G Harvey

    As far back as 1929, a medical doctor in Canada discovered a way to extract the ‘life-essence’ of a nine day old fertilized avian egg. He found that on exactly the ninth day, all th...

  18. Why Alcohol-free Spirits are the Emperor’s New Clothes

    by Richard Horwell

    Zero alcohol beverages have been growing in popularity over the past few years. Research from the 2021 Lumina Intelligence Low2No Alcohol Report (published June 2021) shows that 30%...

  19. Why is Seaweed and Salt Better than Salt Alone?

    by Simon Ranger

    Salt is about 60% chloride and 40% sodium. Depending on the source, there is at most a few percent variation, with unprocessed sea salt, or ‘rock’ salt mined from land which was onc...

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