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  1. Escharotics: Herbal Surgery for Tumours

    by Lev G Fedyniak

    Botanic surgery is only one of numerous options in the treatment of cancer. What's more, no procedure should be undertaken as a sole treatment but as part of an approach. Supportiv...

  2. Extract from Eat Your Weeds!

    by Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal

    Weeds are strong and resilient, and can survive the vagaries of climate change better than our pampered crops. We now know that a greater diversity of plants enhances life in the so...

  3. Flower Power

    by Kirsten Hartvig

    We are in the middle of the flower season, as I am sure you will have noticed. In the old herbal traditions, as in many other healing arts, flowers are linked to the element of air ...

  4. Galium Aparine - Cleavers for Spring Cleansing

    by Anne McIntyre

    One of the first wild herbs to appear in hedgerows in spring is cleavers. Also known as goosegrass as geese enjoy eating it, this common ‘weed’ is native to Europe and recognized b...

  5. Ginger - The Most Valuable Herb

    by G Ravishankar

    Allopathic medical practitioners prescribe medicines for one disease, but it leads to another disease by way of side effects. The drugs contains different kinds of chemical compone...

  6. Ginkgo Biloba - The Longevity Herb

    by Klaus Ferlow

    Ginkgo has been called the Elixir of Youth - modern medicine from an ancient tree.

  7. Healing Spices

    by Kirsten Hartvig

    In a world that is awash with taste-alike processed foods and synthetic flavourings, the many reasons for using real spices have all but disappeared, together with the cultures for ...

  8. Healing with the Wonderful Herb Pepper - A Plant with Immense Medicinal Value

    by G Ravishankar

    This article focuses on the beneficial effects, medicinal value and advantages of the cayenne pepper, from ancient times to recent clinical studies. Consumption of black pepper not...

  9. Health Benefits of Golden Root (Rhodiola Rosea)

    by Klaus Ferlow

    Rhodiola rosea (Golden root) is an plant of the Crassulaceae family indigenous to the cold regions of the world such as Arctic regions of Eastern Siberia, the Rocky mountains, mount...

  10. Health Benefits of Horticultural Therapy

    by Marilyn Mountford

    The concept of horticultural therapy is relatively new in the UK, but the curative effects of gardening on the mentally ill were realized in the USA as early as the 18th century, a...

  11. Helpful Herbs Following Surgery

    by Anne McIntyre

    The author has recently undergone a half-knee replacement, and the topic of this article is to share with her readers the particular herbs which she found helpful during her conval...

  12. Herbal Beauties in Late Summer

    by Barbara Payne

    In this column the author shares tips on how to keep gardens looking pretty, with Aromatherapy Fragrances, in a shabby-chic kind of way in the late summer, a season when most peopl...

  13. Herbal Essential Oils For Winter Cheer

    by Barbara Payne

    Barbara Payne shares her love for nature by growing herbs and organising botany sessions in her garden. Now with winter fast approaching, and forced to spend more time indoors, she...

  14. Herbal Medicine, Antibiotics and the Immune System

    by Neil Clegg

    Since the discovery of Penicillin antibiotics have come a long way. Ironically today Penicillin is rarely used as bacteria have become resistant. As each new family of antibiotics ...

  15. Herbal Medicines to Reduce the Excitatory Effect of Histamine and Treat Allergic Conditions

    by Paul Michael

    This article gives a highly authoritative, technical and well-documented account of the activity of histamine in relation to the body’s complex reactions to stressors, listing its ...

  16. Herbal Remedies for Altitude Sickness

    by Anne McIntyre

    The author, acclaimed Medical Herbalist and author describes in clinical details the causes and clinical and physiological symptoms of altitude sickness, which may lead to Cerebr...

  17. Herbs - at the Forefront of Modern Medicine

    by Anne McIntyre

    The world of herbal medicine offers a wide range of applications and treatments on several different levels, ranging from everyday over-the-counter remedies for more symptomatic ...

  18. Herbs and General Inflammation (Co-infestation)

    by Alan Hopking

    It is now known that idiopathic inflammatory conditions that are chronic and long-term are primarily caused by mycoplasma bacteria. ... But treatments can be successful with persist...

  19. Herbs, Spices and Nutrition

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    According to the author, what the modern Western diet normally overlooks, in addition to the quality and wholeness of foods, is the importance of herbs and spices as essential nu...

  20. Kigelia Africana for Skin Conditions

    by Ming Majoe

    Kigelia Africana, or sausage tree, found in Africa, may provide additional hope for sufferers of chronic skin conditions including as psoriasis and eczema.

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