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Healing Energy and Water

by Steve Gamble MGCP(more info)

listed in water, originally published in issue 71 - December 2001

Like many people today, I cannot understand why our society is getting worse, why violence is on the increase and why we are increasingly interfering with Nature and repeatedly raping Mother Earth by destroying her rainforests, and polluting her atmosphere, her rivers and her oceans. I cannot understand why we are producing more and more toxic chemicals, genetically-modified (GM) and irradiated foods, and cloning animals and humans, especially when, as a collective society, we are supposed to be turning more to spirituality than materialism and our awareness of alternative and natural treatments for illness and disease is on the increase. Yet we are also witnessing more and more new and strange illnesses and diseases today.

Throughout all my inner searching for clarity and some form of understanding of these obvious problems we face today and for the possible reasons or causes for them, one question remained prominent in my heart. If human beings were not on this planet would the Earth be in such a mess as it is today? The disturbing and recurring answer I came to was a resounding NO.

Lopndon Tap Water and Enlivened Water

Through contemplation and meditation and spending time in Nature and observing how nature worked, I began to appreciate and understand how everything in Nature on an energy level worked in the same simple way to maintain equilibrium - we humans included. However, on a physical or intellectual level it appears we humans are working almost exactly opposite to the natural way we should be, and this is affecting the balance and health of our energy fields and our consciousness and also the natural environment of the Earth.

Nature and all living things, humans included, work in a very simple way to maintain balance or equilibrium. Gradually, watching and learning from the way these energies worked, it became clear how we could all work towards bringing the body back into balance and how we could 'space clear' or balance energies in a room or building and how we could help, not only ourselves, but the environment and the Earth, and ultimately all living things: simply by working in accordance with Nature and in keeping with the way in which we are designed to work - and not against it. I soon began to realize that everything from a cell to a planet, humans included, worked in this same simple way, yet the intellect, the mind and the ego would have us believe otherwise.

Nature works from IN to OUT, from the centre expanding outwards. It is similar to a droplet in the centre of a pond sending ripples outwards away from its source. Likewise, we do not plant a giant oak tree and watch it turn into a seed. We plant the seed and admire how it grows and expands into the magnificence of the oak tree. This is how creation works, from in to out, or small to bigger, ourselves included. If the tree were to find out about its origins where would it look? Would it look externally, outside of itself for the answers, or would it look internally to the seed that gave it life? It is the same with the ripple in the pond. To discover where it originated from would it look back towards the centre of the pond or would it climb out of the pond and search in the wrong direction?

Today, we humans are like the ripple that has climbed out of the pond searching externally for the answers to our origins and well-being. We have been conditioned to look externally for the answers instead of within us to the source of our creation and the energy which gives us life. This inner journey is how many shamans of the past, and some indigenous tribes today, procured their knowledge of the biochemistry of hundreds of tropical plants without any education or scientific knowledge. In fact, in the so-called superior intellectual capacity of the Western world, we look upon these remarkable people as 'stone-age barbarians'.

It would appear that we have stopped listening to our intuition and today, instead, we rely upon our mind and our intellect to guide us and advise us. Could this be a mistake? The word intuition comes from - inner tuition. By looking within, back towards the source that gave us life and continues to feed us today, we are able to learn many things that the intellect and the ego would otherwise deny us.

So where do we humans fit in with creation and nature and how can we bring our bodies back into balance and restore health in our energy fields and physical body?


Many of us today appreciate that we are composed of energy to some degree. We measure the electrical activity of the brain with an electroencephalogram (EEG), and that of the heart with an electrocardiogram (ECG). We can stimulate a muscle to contract and relax by reproducing the electrical potential it needs to carry out this task. But it is only when we look deep into the physical body that we can begin to comprehend the immense energy that we all are and the potential we all have.

If we cut open the human body and pull the skin and fatty tissue aside, we see that the body is jam-packed with body parts. However, if we magnify through these organs, tissues, compounds and molecules, we come to the atoms - the building blocks of life. We are, as are all living things, made up of atoms and an atom is composed of 99.999% space or energy/light.

This means that we humans are composed of 99.999% energy or light too! Only it doesn't appear that way because we have been conditioned over the years to become intellectual rather than spiritual, and so now we only perceive reality through our limited five physical senses. This, in effect, allows us to see only the illusory reality, the 0.001% of who and what we are, and so today we focus our attention on the 0.001% - the physical part - which is of course totally disproportionate to what we are composed of.

If we begin to move out of, or expand from, the atom - the energy that we are - and towards the biochemical aspect of ourselves, we discover that even our DNA is composed of light (energy) and it emits photons or information/instructions in the form of light particles to our cells on how they should behave, replicate and so on.[1] The wavelength at which DNA emits these photons corresponds exactly to the narrow band of visible light: "Its spectral distribution ranges at least from infrared to ultraviolet."[2] The light/energy in our DNA is a highly coherent source of light,2 which means it is balanced. The light of our DNA is fed from the 99.999% light of which all living things, including humans, are composed. This is why we find DNA in all living organisms. This expansion of energy from within the atom continues through our DNA, through our cells and out of the physical body to form what is commonly referred to as the auric or biophysical energy field.

Everything in the physical universe is composed of light or energy, and today we can photograph these energy fields around our cells, plants and the human body. Today, more people are able to see these energy fields or sense or feel them - hence we have many energy or healing modalities. Young children in particular can see these energies and this is evidenced in their drawings of humans, which generally have the eyes, nose, etc., in the right place but the hair is almost always standing on end and depicted in bright colours. Many young children also have what we conditioned adults believe to be purely imaginary friends, when, with hindsight, they may actually be seeing part of the greater reality of what is - the 99.999% of what we are.

We know from many scientific experiments and our own personal experiences with plants that they respond positively to the emotion of love and negatively to the emotion of fear, and there have been numerous experiments that confirm that all living things are able to communicate with each other and share information. Just how do all living things interact and communicate with each other? We need to examine the properties of water to discover the answer to this enigma.


The majority of people consider water to be no more than a liquid for quenching the thirst, bathing in and for putting out fires. In reality water is one of the most important substances in the physical reality and has some very profound properties indeed. The other is light energy as we have just discussed.

A water molecule has a north and a south pole and is separated by a dipole length - similar, if you like, to a magnet. Therefore, water has memory and the ability to store information in the same way as a magnetic cassette tape or videotape records information.[3] The science of biophysics has shown that even when a solution is diluted to D200, which is 1:10200, not only can the electromagnetic frequency of the original substance introduced at this dilution be measured, but the energy field of this substance can also be photographed.[4] (See Figures 1(a), (b) and (c).)

This is unequivocal proof that water stores information on an energy level. This is exactly how homeopathy works. Water can also store information for long periods of time and share this information with humans and other living organisms.

When we examine some of our most distant history, we find records of our ancestors referring to water as the "emotion of the Earth" and "the consciousness of the Earth", and this is very true. Of what are the Earth and a human primarily composed? Both are composed of 70-80% water. Water in this physical reality is consciousness; it is a memory bank of stored information and our physical means of identity. As emotions are a powerful energy, water stores emotions very easily, which is why we humans are emotional beings.

So how do these two important elements of life - energy/light and water - work together in this physical reality?

If we look at our cellular environment we find that DNA lies in the centre of every living cell, coiled like a snake or a serpent and surrounded by water or intracellular fluid. As we know, our DNA is composed of light and emits photons - particles of light that contain information or instructions - and this information on how it should perform and replicate is transmitted through the watery environment of the cell. This inner energy (light) is expanded outwards through our watery environment and extends outside of the physical body forming the auric field, courtesy of the water molecules in the air around us. In addition, part of this inner light is utilized in our biochemical environment to provide a different form of energy - adenosine triphosphate (ATP) - which governs our biological processes. ATP is a nucleotide molecule found in all cells. It is used to drive the thousands of biological processes needed to sustain life, growth, movement and reproduction. ATP is the universal energy-carrying molecule and is indispensable to the life of a cell.

All our cells are surrounded by extra- or intercellular fluid, too, and water is the medium through which all our cells remain in constant communication with each other. This is how, for example, the autonomic nervous system and its two branches work meticulously to maintain equilibrium in the body and how the immune system monitors the body for invaders or imbalances and how it knows where to send its troops when the body is under threat; all without our having any conscious awareness of, or input into, what is going on. We can see here that the mind, or the intellect, has no idea or comprehension of what is actually going on in the body to maintain equilibrium and health. Yet the mind still insists that it knows all the answers, and we tend to live our lives by the thoughts and directions of the mind's influences and beliefs.

The science of biophysics has been able to determine that when a cell association dies, it dies as a complete entity and not cell by cell, which shows that some form of cellular communication is indeed going on.[5]

We can see here the importance of light - the 99.999% of what we are - and the importance of water in this physical reality. Both are required for life to exist. In effect what we have is the following equation:


We can clearly see that creation works from in to out, from the light within into the water without, or from the centre - from the light within the atom - continually expanding outwards like a droplet in a pond. In effect, the physical reality is the ripple that reaches the edge of the pond; it is the end result of creation. The physical reality is merely a reflection of the inner reality and our DNA is the axis point of the reflection of the light within into the water without. This is how we animate (energize) and feed the physical body.

Water is the medium by which all life stores and shares information and through which all things interact. When we can truly appreciate the immense properties of water we can begin to understand many of the so-called anomalies of life today - such as how ESP works or how psychics can walk into a room or building and 'sense' or 'pick up' events that happened many years ago, simply because the information and the emotion of the event are stored in the water molecules in the air, the floor, the ceiling, the walls, the furniture and so on. The properties of water explain past life experiences because the Earth's consciousness holds the memory of what has transpired before; it is one huge memory bank of information and emotional energies of the past and present. As emotion is a very powerful energy, then emotional energies are more readily stored and retained in the Earth's consciousness and, as we know, past life experiences are generally very emotional indeed.

The properties of water also explain how healing and distant healing work. Remote viewing, remote sensing and remote influencing - popular methods used by the military and intelligence agencies - also work through the medium of water. The properties of water explain how we can meet somebody for the first time and have an instant like or dislike for the person before anything is said, simply because we are communicating with them through the ability of the water molecules (consciousness) to share information, and we do this sub-consciously. We can also understand how telepathy works and so much more.

We can understand how man-made unnatural energies, such as electromotive forces (EMFs) or microwaves - even other people's negative energies - can share their unbalanced information with us and the potential these energies have to change or damage the information or memory stored within our cellular environment, simply because our body, through our watery environment, can take on board and store this unbalanced energy in its memory banks. This is exactly how a diseased cell replicates itself. The replacement cell is reproduced in the likeness and from the memory of its diseased host cell. This is how, for example, a tumour replicates itself and can continue to grow.

We can see that we need coherent light in water for health and balance in this physical reality, for it is this light that purifies the water - our consciousness and energy fields - and enables us to maintain equilibrium and therefore physical health. Also, the light in water determines the strength and vitality of our energy fields and its ability to deal with negative energies. We can also see that this light - this purifying energy - comes from within us and not from outside of us. Nature and all living things work in this simple way, humans included. We all strive to maintain equilibrium through a process known as implosion and explosion. This is how our chakras work. Our chakras are vortices of energy, which spin both ways and implode and explode at the same time. In effect, they implode negative energies back into the light wherein they are purified, and then they explode the purified and balanced energies back out into the physical reality. This is how we keep our consciousness and energy fields balanced and how we contribute to balancing the Earth's consciousness. We work in exactly the same way as Nature works.

The science of biophysics discovered that the physical body is not designed to become ill. Only when the defence mechanism of the body - its consciousness or energy fields (aura) - becomes weakened do we actually become ill.[6] Therefore, something somewhere must be interfering with our natural process of implosion and explosion. Toxic chemicals in the air, our farmland, our water and our food contribute to this interference, as do certain medicines and vaccinations. Chemicals used to treat our water remain in the water in an energy form and can share this imbalance with our bodies. However, the biggest interference in this natural process comes from the mind or more correctly the ego and through the emotion of fear.


There are only two emotions: unconditional love, which is balanced; and fear, which is unbalanced. Collectively, what has been the overall emotion of human beings over the last few thousand years or so? Would fear be a fair answer? I feel it would. Humans, in the main have lived and continue to live in fear. We are becoming more aware today of how our emotions can affect our health and how unbalanced emotions can cause blockages on an energy level, which consequently can cause physical disharmony, or illness and disease. Can we imagine what the cumulative effect that the unbalanced emotions of our collective consciousness - some six billion people today - can have upon the Earth's energy fields and overall health? As water stores emotions very well, can we appreciate what has happened to the Earth's consciousness - its energy fields - over the last few thousand years and what is happening to them today?

Every thought, belief, fear and emotion - all being energy - is stored in the Earth's energy fields, which surround and interact with all living things. So, over time, we humans have created an imbalance within the consciousness of the Earth through our fear-based emotions and actions and we are merely intensifying the imbalance today. We have literally created a disease outside of us and this disease is being fed back into our own energy fields, affecting our own consciousness and consequently our own physical health. We take in this unbalanced emotional energy with every breath we take, with every drink we consume and with every meal we eat - all being replete with water molecules - consciousness/memory. We are also interacting with these external energies through our own energy fields every minute of every day. There are other ways, too, in which we innocently unbalance our energy fields to an even greater extent. One way is through our mind, which can be influenced by the ego and beliefs of other people.

Energy Fields

If we refer back to our cells, we know from science that when the energy field of the cell is strong and vibrant, the cell is healthy and will reproduce in a healthy and balanced way. However, if the cell's energy field becomes weakened, then a virus or pathogen can enter the cell and render it unhealthy and unbalanced (see Figure 2). The cell would then reproduce in an unhealthy way.

We can see the same principle in operation when we look at the Earth's atmosphere - the Earth's energy field or consciousness - its aura. If it were not for the Earth's atmosphere, then every living thing on this planet would be 'fried' by the dangerous radiation that the Earth is constantly subjected to from outer space (see Figure 3).

We can see that, like the cell's energy field, the Earth's atmosphere, its aura, acts as a form of protection, a buffer, or more correctly, a filter to external energies. The Earth's energy field helps to filter dangerous cosmic radiations (energies) and to transform them into a more usable form. Nature works in the very same uncomplicated way, no matter how large or small an entity or process may be. Our own energy fields or auras work in this same natural way. Our aura acts as a form of protection against outside energies, filtering external unbalanced energies to a manageable level for our chakras to comfortably implode this energy, purify it and return it to the outside consciousness of the Earth. We humans work in accordance with how nature and all living things work, as all living things strive to maintain balance in their own energy fields first and then the energy fields of the Earth.

We can see that from a cell to a planet, energies work in the same simple way to protect us from outside negative and potentially destructive forces. Yet today, in many walks of life, we are encouraged to open up our protective auric fields and allow external energies into our protected environment. We are generally encouraged to open up the crown and the root chakra and sometimes we are persuaded to open up our heart chakra too.

In opening up our energy fields in this way, we are working against the natural flow of creation - from in to out - and we are allowing more negative energies into our immediate environment than we and our chakras can cope with. Our chakras cannot implode this amount of negative energy and they become partially blocked, and our ability to implode and purify external negative energies and our own consciousness and energy fields is severely hampered. Additionally, we are also gradually weakening our defence mechanism - the auric field. This makes it even easier for external energies to enter our energy fields unfiltered where they can cause damage, further compromising the strength and vitality of our energy fields and the overall balance of our human consciousness.

When the energy fields of a cell are balanced and healthy, the cell reproduces in a healthy and balanced way. When the energy field of the cell is weakened, the cell becomes unbalanced and unhealthy and reproduces in an unhealthy or diseased way. It is the same with us humans. We create in our own likeness in accordance with our 'memory' or consciousness, and if our consciousness or energy fields have become unbalanced, then we literally create in our own image, meaning we create more imbalances in the world. This is why we have created a 'greed or profit before all else' mentality, leading to wars, toxic chemicals and medicines, and more violence in our society, ruling through fear and ignorance; and why we create GM foods, irradiated foods, nuclear weapons, potentially dangerous EMFs and microwaves, and all the rest of the imbalance we can witness today.

We can clearly see that it is the quality and purity of the water molecules within us and outside of us that determine the well-being of our physical and energy body, and it is the amount of light present in the water molecules that determines its purity and balance. If light in water equals balanced consciousness and health, then imbalance and ill health is the absence of light in water.

We can see the evidence of this when we examine ordinary London tap water - see Figure 5, which shows the micro-cluster structure of water. We can see quite clearly that there is an absence of light (photons) or life-force energy present. The appearance of this water is literally 'life-less'. Can we imagine the imbalance held in this water? Can we appreciate how this dead or lifeless water is able to share this unbalanced energy with us, affecting our energy fields and physical body?

The Universal Harmoniser

We can begin to appreciate today that to regain or maintain good health and strong energy fields we need to bring more light into water. One of the simplest and most effective ways of bringing or infusing more light into water is by using a unique product called the Universal Harmoniser developed by Equilibra. If we contrast the photograph of ordinary London tap water (Figure 5) with a photograph of London tap water after being energized by a Universal Harmoniser (see Figure 6), we can see a marked difference between the two.

In this photograph we can see that the water is alive. It is vibrant and healthy and it is full of life-sustaining photons (light). It is balanced and has a very healthy consciousness. According to Professor Schweitzer who carried out these scientific tests on water, the Universal Harmoniser creates 3D space = life in water. Due to the ability of water to share information with the human body and all living organisms, can we appreciate how drinking this energized water or using this water to wash and bathe in, cook with, and feed to our children and pets will help to rejuvenate and revitalize our whole bodily system and energy fields as well as those of our family, animals and plants too?

Because the Universal Harmonisers work in accordance with Nature in that they implode energy, purify it and explode it back out again, they not only revitalize and energize the food and drinks we consume with more light, they also help to transmute the negative energies from chemicals and toxins that we find in our consumer products today. Additionally, our supplements and personal care products can be energized too, because water is replete in all things. If the Universal Harmonisers are used upon the body, they will create the same light and balance within our own watery environment, cleansing, repairing, enhancing and strengthening our energy fields and defence mechanism so that we become less prone to damage from external energies, and by increasing the ATP response in the body we have better cells and, therefore, better physical health.

In Figure 7, we can see the Harmonisers in position over the heart chakra and the navel chakra. The heart chakra is our unconditional love centre, the fire within. Symbolically, it is represented by the Sun. The heart chakra houses the 'assemblage point', which is an internal connection with our source or purifying energy - the light or fire within. The navel chakra is our water chakra, and is our centre of consciousness and the seat of our emotions. Symbolically, it is represented by the Moon. In these positions, the Universal Harmonisers help to cleanse and balance our emotional centre and the major and minor chakras, strengthening and expanding the energy fields of the body naturally and in accordance with how we are designed to work. This helps to bring the process of implosion and explosion back into balance, allowing more of our own inner light to come through.

There are many uses for the Harmonisers because they work naturally. They can help to clear and strengthen the meridians, stimulate the zonal and reflex points of the feet, enhance meditations and inner awareness and so much more, simply by infusing light into our bodies, which naturally purifies and balances our energy fields and physical body. The simplicity of using these devices allows absolutely anybody with the intention of helping themselves or their family and friends to self-heal and work on themselves and others to bring the body back into balance without the need for any knowledge of healing, energy bodies and so forth.

Because they work through balancing water molecules, they are excellent too for space-clearing houses, offices and therapy rooms. Effective though many other methods of space clearing may be, these tend to work through the explosion process - ringing bells, bowls, chanting, clapping, smudge sticks, mirrors etc. - and merely force the negative energies elsewhere, such as the flat above, the flat below, the house next door or into the garden. This is great for the individual but may not be so good for the neighbours. Because the Universal Harmonisers work by imploding and exploding negative energies, purifying them and returning them to the outer environment, and because this process is self-perpetuating and expanding, they not only help to clear negative energies but also transmute them. This is excellent for the environment and the neighbours because the amount of negative energies in the external environment is actually reduced. For therapists this is especially good for their treatment rooms, and really helpful for those people working with energies, and because the Harmonisers strengthen and expand the energy fields of the body, they can help the therapist to locate areas of blockage more easily and determine when the area has been cleared and the flow has improved.


Almut from Germany

Almut says that three of her patients were interested in using the Universal Harmonisers because of their positive experiences using Equilibra's Enhancers.

Almut writes:

"...The U/Harmoniser, the new class of enhancers of course found interest after these wonderful experiences. All my patients have them around their beds and can testify that the quality of their sleep has improved very much. One lady bought herself a small pocket and wears the U/H inside of the pocket in front of the thymus. She says that her depressive mood has nearly gone. She bought a second set of two because of this. The other lady bought a second set of four because in her house are different Geopathic and cosmic disturbances. These disturbances can be found in the body and cause and enhance different ailments. After one month I tested her anew, kinesiologically by fastening onto her body the different nosodes from the fa. WEGA. She now is completely freed from the dangerous radiations effect. Her sleep and her mood have improved a lot.

I use the U/Harmonisers in the same way and can say that the stressed different places now are free of the effects of Geopathic or cosmic radiation. I test this by dowsing and with the help of a rayometer... In my bioresonance-work I use the U/Harmonisers as a tool to go much deeper into the body to solve existing problems defined as frequencies. Without the U/H the blockage seems to be solved earlier, the resonance has gone earlier. But when I apply the U/H the blockage appears again, the patient has bodily reactions - as warmth, tingling or other sensations-again. After that the patient feels a real difference in his/her situation.

Now I never work without the U/H because they give my work a deeper quality. When I first had the U/H I placed one in front of my third eye chakra to watch the effects. I saw a wonderful electric white light with power flashes. In this medium that seemed like a bright channel I saw the crystalline pyramids spinning around, but as double pyramid, the basics linked together. They were spinning and spinning. ... These are our experiences and we are really happy with the U/Harmonisers."

Almut Quick Grotke, appr. pharmacist, lecturer in biology, chemistry, science of health (formerly); now health practitioner, working with bio-resonance, pulsors, Prana-teacher, advisor for nutrition and colour therapy.

Bill from England

"I thought you might like to receive my initial comments on the Equilibra Universal Harmonisers.

As you know, my primary interest is in quality and energy of water. Using the Universal Harmoniser for my water intake has really enhanced the 'live energies' and quality of the water I use, wherever I have been.

I travel quite a bit and the Harmoniser is an essential part of my luggage. Recently, on the south coast of England, its use particularly for my night and early morning drinking water, made a marked difference to its live quality. As I shall be going abroad again in the near future, I will let you know how well it does overseas. The other major spin off for me is its use as a 'space clearer' in hotel rooms. It does, to my particular sensitivities, clear out negativities."


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Further Information

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