It is so foul, in my opinion, the sound of this word Woke when applied as a noun or as an adjective.  Its ugliness describes perfectly the modern perversion of denying the meaning and the understanding of the healthy masculine and the feminine polarity upon which life was designed to OBTAIN by the Architect of Creation - The ‘Powers That Be’.  Woke is blurring the lines of division between the sexes by refusing to acknowledge the wholesome and healthy differences between them.  Male and female have been assigned in nature a particular role to play in matters of family and privacy and that within the wider world of society but totally misunderstood by the adherents of this accursed Woke movement – it is astonishing and bewildering that a relatively small group of human-beings, mentally and emotionally ill, can have such a profound detrimental effect upon civilisation and get away with it! (It is extraordinarily how potent cheap ideas have on humanity!).

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Beyond human-beings, animals, and in fact any live creature with their assigned sexual polarities, all objects and all subjects are given a gender value as well – the ancients gave us this knowledge and this wisdom of gender nomenclature – it is stamped into most languages that divide their nouns and their adjectives into masculine and into feminine gender articulacy.  We had the same gender divide in ‘Old English’ but during the time of the Saxon Kings over a thousand years ago, our language of English became neutral in usage, such, as its essence lost that celestial difference of gender division in our mongrel tongue.  Over many generations, we English Speaking People have become insensitive to this exquisite separateness….therefore it is not surprising that The Woke movement began within English Speaking Countries……and now we are, and will reap the consequences!?!?!?

We humans have conveniently abandoned this masculine and feminine principle as life’s basis, because our most recent ancestors did not fully understand that in every department of life, the masculine and the feminine principles and placings had to be present, to manifest wholesomely, all the contents of all these very departments (12 divisions actually). That is: the contents within these departments of life, their rationale, purposes and therefore their individual functions, are truly delineated by gender division.  

I postulate that the early Church knew of this basic philosophy of polarity of male and female as in All & Everything, but chose not to teach it !?!?!?

Only with Masculine and feminine polarity may all life forms and all life’s divisions have existence. Inevitably, we latter generations have become unfamiliar with these fundamental and basic principles that underscore life, and living it.

The adhesive that makes the world and the universe coalesce as one, and in this way gifting to us vitality and aliveness to enable this life as we know it to manifest, may only be possible with its masculine and its feminine principles acted-out. 

Expressed below are a few combinations male and female to assist comprehension of this fundamental energy of polarity present in All & Everything and IS All & Everything.

One cannot exist each without the other.  Attraction and repulsion drives life as we know it - as with man and as with woman. A few of these laws are given below


Table Laws of Attraction




Ubuntu Touch Phones

Examples to Throw Light on This Forgotten Subject So Utterly Fundamental

Take your beloved mobile telephone – it is designed to look attractive to the eye (feminine) and it has become your work-horse (feminine). You may use it to execute many mundane functions (female common-sense).  It is generally reliable and efficient (feminine).

These attributes tend to present a bias towards the feminine gender mode. They are forces that require focus and gravity – energies that are centripetal.  That is: forces that move from the periphery but towards the centre.  The nature of this centre having more physicality, stability and fixity. Therefore, the physics of matter (feminine) enables: seeing, touching and feeling.

However, your mobile device is just a piece of junk without the kiss of electricity (masculine) – electricity innervates and galvanises matter into life (masculine) with explosive light, heat, and expansion including electromagnetic energetics (masculine) and all this induces motion…..all to awaken (masculine) materiality into its endless forms. This is the masculine centrifugal force, and actuates arousal to the inanimate (in-animation is the feminine).

Interestingly and curiously, the physics of the inanimate must inevitably attract the attention of these masculine energetics – masculine forces as already outlined  – these energetics, though fundamentally everywhere and aimless; as is the light and the heat of the Sun, are brought into focus and control when they come upon matter – matter is potentially inanimate as already mentioned.  

Indeed this masculine energy grants life, motion, and purpose, because it now has a target to power-up everything that is of material origin (feminine). The mundane (material feminine) becomes organised therefore, with its different proclivities.  Each needing the other - masculine and feminine, to create and to manifest.  For anything to exist, it must be paired – male and female.

Einstein: Imagination (masculine) is greater than knowledge (Feminine).
Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world.

Take the Subject of Medicine - so Basic to the Health of us homo-sapiens

Medicine, dominated by the present-day scientific method – the scientific method that is actually a feminine gender approach to health because this standpoint must identify, name, codify and then execute its findings in the form of protocol transmission usually applying drugs and/or surgery……and it unhappily relies on the actions of brainwashed eminent professors to execute these medical schemes and tactics.  

These imperious doctors, most of whom are devoid of imagination, dictate to the rest of humanity how it should heal itself. Since the vast majority of present-day humanity is sick in body, mind and emotion, then this so-called arrogant progress in medicine as put forward to us by these professionals has to be a half-truth if that. This is not good enough since every medical professional has agreed: ‘To Do No Harm’ to their patients.

So many eminent doctors have become sycophants because they, ‘running the show’ are in the thrall of the pharmaceutical companies, and huge sums of money are involved.  Of course, there are those medical professionals who do possess integrity, humanity and religious values, but they are relatively small in number, even so, these truly good physicians do their utmost in saving patients and/or at least offering sound advice.

The masculine gender aspect of medicine is witnessed in the intuitive and in the realm of seeing the panoramic view of what illness is, and healing that illness.  It is a shame that the old Lexicon meaning of the word physician: He who is skilled in the art of healing has almost completely vanished - there ain’t much of that going around!

The virus driving the recent pandemic, was no doubt a contrived bio-weapon, and nobody yet has been brought to book as to its fiendish propagation around the globe, but and however, in truth, you are better to be infected with it. The interior body pharmacy that we all possess in varying degrees is primed into action, and as the controversial Anthony Fauci recently once said in a lucid moment: ‘you are better going down with it as your body produces the best immunity’.  Or words to that effect.

The masculine approach to healing, and because we have to appreciate this wider spacial viewpoint (masculine), with emphasis on the spacial: which is a finer and a more diaphanous energetic puissance……practising medicine to heal most general illnesses is intuited by the physician of natural medicine as lowered vitality and the interior vital organs of the patient being out of balance with one another.  Restoring vitality within the patient and bringing him/her back into balance physiologically as much as possible, is the modus operandi of the physician of natural medicine. He or she employs many different techniques as well as plant/mineral substances to attain success in curing or at least ameliorating the disease in question. Cleansing the whole soma is essential in many instances.

Of course, both ways of healing: Yin and Yang or Female and Male approaches have their place in the Alpha and the Omega spectrum of medical disorders. 


Rumi: Behind every atom (Feminine) of this world, hides an infinite universe (masculine).


Put another way: the masculine approach is to envisage the panoramic view and the consequences of actions undertaken now – it is more long-term and wiser in vision.  Also it takes into consideration the nature of the patient to determine the kind of treatment to administer.

The feminine approach is to apply data to find the immediate solution to the problem regardless of consequences. It must follow protocol. This is action without much forethought, but is still necessary in the scheme of things.  


This next example reveals the nature of Parliament (Upper & Lower Houses) and their inherent polarities as that of masculine and that of feminine where division in doctrine (different political affiliations) are played-out.

The House of Commons (Feminine) holds the dominant political and executive power and in doing so represents a feminine aspect of creation. This is because the political decisions made, ostensibly for the nation, have to rely on collected data rather than true judgement. An essential ingredient of true judgement is vision (masculine). Even so, the parliamentary debates as to solutions to problems and problems of the moment as well as to matters of State are generally dealt-with by the necessary following of protocols (feminine) previously laid-down.  This enables order, precision and legality to prevail.  All essential in a civilised society.

This is generally very good, but many errors are made because Members of The House of Commons are dependent upon data that is nearly always contradictory in nature: their conclusions as to the actions required for a given subject requiring legislation, in reality, conducts the near impossible – the near impossible because Members are under pressure to keep to policy as well as to try to maintain happiness and balance within the nation. Curiously, these policies executed, eventually have to change because they were wrong or defective in the first place, and nobody was or is happy and that usually includes the politicians themselves.  

The House of Lords (Masculine) in its secondary political role exists to examine the effects of the laws being passed into legislation as engendered by The House of Commons.  The House of Lords will be more objective in its judgement as it sees the longer term effects and is therefore masculine in its viewpoint (wider and centrifugal in its motive power). It sees the bigger picture (masculine) and the consequences of legislation or at least should envisage the consequences. The Members of The House of Lords are meant to possess as well as to offer longer sight as to the repercussions to the laws the Lower House (Commons) wishes to impose and to apply to the nation. The wisdom of the Members of the Upper House (Lords) is employed to examine closer not only the National effects of legislation but also the international effects of legislation at Home and abroad.

With those Members of The House of Lords, we may safely state that most are beyond the age of 60 years. That means at its best, Members have: ‘Done That - Been There’ meaning: ‘They Have Seen It All Before’ and they know the pitfalls and the failures and the weaknesses of mankind.  Therefore, their judgements are more sound. Wisdom and foresight usually comes of age! 


My personal thoughts on this, if brought into being, would turn parliament on its head. The House of Lords should have the executive power that is normally within the domain of The House of Commons.  I think we should witness fewer errors in judgement and therefore within legislation.  Most of those Members present in The House of Commons only  have their self-interests at heart (and why not? They are making their way in the world: To-Struggle is man’s lot?), and in the almost Godless Society in which we live, results into the present chaos we are all experiencing at Home and Abroad in this present epoch.


Bismarck: Laws are like sausages (Feminine) – you really do not want to
see how
they are made (Masculine - the bigger picture)!



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