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Are You More Than You See in the Mirror

by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black(more info)

listed in psychospiritual, originally published in issue 265 - September 2020


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Man thinking in mirror


Children are born with virtually a blank canvas.  They observe and take on board what they see in others, primarily parents and close carers.  This expands to wider circles and peers as a child gets older.  By the time age 6 or 7 is reached this program, installed by others, establishes basic subconscious beliefs and values.  This default program is that of others and not the child’s own.  It serves as a spring board from which children launch their own personality, beliefs and values as they mature to adulthood.

The optimum time to use our own minds to think for ourselves is as soon as possible after the first 7 years of life.  As children, subject to parents, we have to “toe the line” but that doesn’t stop us from forming our own beliefs and goals in life until adulthood.  Older children should be taught how to think analytically, rather than what to think.

For example, if parents have habits a child does not like, he doesn’t need to follow suit and can be of an opinion that he will not be the same when he grows up.  Of course, not many of us at that age, or even as adults, are even aware that our default program is installed by others and not our own, or understand that the subconscious mind housing the default program is different to the conscious mind. 

The Bad News

Society and education generally discourage independent thinking. Combined with shutting off creative individuality via distractions and substitutes amply provided by electronic gaming, mobile phones/tablets and children’s television programs used as baby sitters, a child’s mind is occupied with impersonal cultural programming.

Take this ‘common’ pattern to the third and fourth generation and we have a generation of aimless and even rebellious, unhappy, valueless and ignorant people without resources to cope with hardships, setbacks and tough ethical decisions.  In such people character, which was once a standard of human excellence, has all but gone by the board. 

The lack of initial love, discipline and stability gives rise to ‘the need to belong’ and negatively driven groups like cults, political radicals and religious ideologies have a powerful and persuasive pull on such people to become members.  Without a foundation of rightness, such as that upheld in Common Law, the Magna Carta and USA Constitution, negative influences have no reason for restraint.  This is evident, currently, by infiltration of peaceful protests by anarchists and the current blatant destruction of people, property and attempts to erase history.  Radical left groups promote disbanding the police, arson and free reign of tyranny and violence.

The Good News

As the wheel of history turns, the negative side of life is becoming increasingly over-shadowed by another sector of youth and adults that has arisen in response to awareness of the slide into deep societal mire.  Those who are becoming progressively aware of the political landscape are objecting to anti-social anarchy and destruction and are raising their voices in courage and determination to claim back individual standards and national heritage.  We are no longer conned by groups pretending to be one thing but in reality are totally different animals.  Deception is being unmasked and censorship of those voices by the main stream and social media is not being tolerated.  Alternative social media platforms[2] like Gab, Bitchute and Brighteon are becoming more abundant as are individuals’ video channels.[3]  They make accessible true and suppressed science, encourage analytical thinking, common sense and freedom of speech. 

Spirit, mind and body are integrated aspects of a human being so it is beneficial to look after health in all three areas.  A simple analogy of energy source, direction and end product demonstrates that if one of these is missing, then the result will be partial at best.  A person without a spirit is a corpse.  A person without a mind cannot function.  A person without a body has existed in a physical form but no longer does so.


Spirit Soul Body analogy


Humans are an integrated whole of spirit, soul and body.[4]  Thoughts are based on influences and beliefs and lead to behaviour or manifestation in body and/or circumstances.  What we see in health, life and general society has not just landed on us from nowhere.  Every physical problem has an emotional/mental factor and vice versa.  Nothing in life can happen without a cause.  The cause might be via a third party but causeless events do not happen.  For example, Rickets might be a result of malnutrition, especially Vitamin D deficiency but the cause of that deficiency could be poverty, dietary ignorance or even geoengineering[5] (chemtrails and cloud seeding with toxic substances) blocking out the sun on food, animals and people for most of the year, decade after decade.  Sunlight combines with cholesterol in the skin and makes Vitamin D.

The key to understanding what we see in life, whether in mind, body or circumstances, is realising that identifying the reason is the essential first step.  I say reason because ‘cause’ can be a scapegoat to avoid finding the reason or origin of a train of events leading to the manifestation of problems.  For example, migraine can be triggered by a particular food or drink (the cause).  The fact that migraine can totally disappear when someone changes a negative relationship or job they hate shows that the emotional stress of circumstances can make a migraine triggerable.[6] Adding painkilling drugs to avoid looking for the reason adds toxic chemicals to the problem and a burden to the liver and eliminative organs.  Migraine being triggerable could also involve physical reasons such as mercury fillings, vaccines and other toxic factors which are physical stressors.


Full history


Another major factor in assessing where we want to be in life involves the spiritual status of our thoughts and beliefs.  Many people go through life not understanding the concept of spirit and presume that the spirit of a human being is somehow not relevant to health and only the mind and body are.  Spiritual matters are often ascribed irrelevant to health.  This could be because the human spirit is not discernible with the five senses. Its effects are the evidence of its existence just as we can’t see wind but its effects are evidence of its presence.  In general the medical profession, especially, sees the human body as a collection of relatively disconnected parts and those accredited with the most knowledge and expertise are the specialists in one of those parts.

Acknowledging the presence of the human spirit, and the impact of negative influences on it, could give great insight into the treatment of people in mental institutions.  Practitioners could make distinctions between negative spiritual influences, nutritional deficiencies, correctable learned behaviour patterns, effects of abuse and the effects of toxic substances, especially neurotoxins.  The ‘right tools for the job’ could then maximize each individual’s treatment requirements.

Without recognizing that spirit is the life-energy source of a human being, which we are each responsible for, negative influences can creep in unawares because it is like leaving your house open to opportunists.  How do people abuse, torture and murder children or adults without a shred of conscience?  How do people abuse animals?  The human spirit is neutral and has to be influenced by negative spiritual input to be able to even think of such depravities let alone partake in them.  Other human beings would be appalled at such thoughts and actions.  So what is the difference between the two?  One person has allowed negative spiritual influences, the other has not.  Partaking of such evil activities vicariously, for example, watching prohibited content on social media or violent horror films is also allowing those negative influences in.

Thoughts are like birds flying overhead: we can’t stop them but we can prevent them nesting in our hair.  We give or refuse authority to thoughts which, if allowed, become seeds that germinate in our minds.  The negative influences can also deceive us into thinking that it is we who came up with the negative thought, so that we will feel condemned.  If we understand this deception and reject it, we can be free of it.[7] Strengthened as whole integrated people makes sure our ‘houses’ are secure on all fronts.[8]


We can create reality


Unmasking your authentic self is a key towards happiness, success and peace.[9]  The road to unravelling past programming, which no longer serves your adult needs, might take some courage but the rewards of resisting societal, family and peer pressure where necessary will speak for themselves.  Dr Joe Dispenza, in his wonderfully simplistic video, shows how to reprogram your mind.[10]

Imagination, which can be used positively or negatively, is a wonderful gift of mind to transform or create.  Anything which exists first existed in someone’s imagination, whether it is not yet present to the senses, or whether it be something already present which needs resourcefulness to amend.  The subconscious content is like a computer program which runs on default unless changed by its operator.  It can be resourcefully amended and then what you see in your health and life, just like what you see on a computer monitor, will be according to your conscious choices.


1. Man looking in the mirror - Rights free image


3. Mahyar Tousi video channel – UK news non mainstream

The Bernician news updates.

And We Know

Out of Shadows

Dr Rashid Buttar: already censored for exposing the truth on medical matters but many videos are still available on YouTube, Facebook and he is on Twitter.


Don’t be fooled into thinking anything American is not relevant to the UK and other countries.  The problems faced by today’s society are global in scope.

4. 1 Thessalonians 5:23 (Easy Read Version)

…. We pray that your whole self: spirit, soul, and body: will be kept safe and be blameless when our Lord Jesus Christ comes.


6. Proverbs 17:22

A merry heart does good like medicine: but a broken spirit (sorrow) dries the bones (is a disease).

7. Eph 6:12 (Easy Read Version) 

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

8. Proverbs 25:28 (KJV)

He that has no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down and without walls.

9. Books and videos by Dr Leonard Coldwell and Bruce Lipton contain a great deal of information on ‘how to’ implement changes to subconscious programming and free yourself from destructive stressors.

10. Dr Joe Dispenza - Learn How to Reprogram Your Mind


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