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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 288

by Mike Howell(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 288 - August 2023

Key to a Strong Immune System – A Healthy Microbiome

by Clare G Harvey

Everyone has an entirely unique network of micro-biota that is originally determined by one’s individual DNA. We are first exposed to micro-organisms during the birthing process whilst being delivered through the birth canal and then acquire more through the mother’s breast milk Later on, diet and environmental exposures diet can change one’s micro-biome to be either beneficial to health or place one at greater risk for disease.

Our microbiome consists of trillions of microorganisms (also called micro-biota or microbes) of thousands of different species. Both helpful and potentially harmful microbes, (pathogenic promoting disease), but most are symbiotic where both the human body and micro-biota mutually benefit from the co-relationship. These include not only bacteria but fungi, parasites, and viruses. In balance, these “bugs” coexist peacefully, and the largest numbers are found in the small and large intestines but also throughout the whole body. The microbiome is considered so important in the role that it plays, in supporting so many of the key functions that promote the smooth daily operations of the human body.


MCT Coconut Oil


A balanced microbiome is essential to our overall health as the bacteria it contains in that it not only helps digestion and break down potentially toxic compounds in our food, but regulates our immune system, protecting against other bacteria that cause disease, and produces vitamins including B vitamins B12, thiamine and riboflavin, and Vitamin K, which is needed for blood coagulation. Disturbance in that balance can be brought on by infectious illnesses, certain diets or pathogenic organisms enter the body through drinking or eating contaminated water or food. or a prolonged use of antibiotics or other bacteria-destroying medications Dysbiosis occurs, stopping these normal interactions and as a result, the body may become more susceptible to disease.

Relive Greens is a powerhouse of vegetables, fruits, pre-biotics, and pro-biotics uniquely blended to work synergistically to support and balance a healthy microbiome and immune system. Relive Greens is a ketosis-creating proprietary blend of organic, all-natural green super-foods, dark leafy greens, fruits, and pre-biotic fibre that supports the body’s natural ability to cleanse and rejuvenate while boosting our metabolism. It encourages healthy blood sugar levels, modulates a stronger immune system, enhances the metabolism, and activates the pre-biotic and pro-biotic pathways

Relive Greens: contains a propriety blend of Inulin, Green Banana Flower, Apple Fibre, Spirulina, Bacillus Coagulans, Wheat, Barley Grass, Alfalfa Leaf, Flax Seed, Psyllium Husk, Chlorella, Broccoli, Kale, Spinach, Green Cabbage, Parsley, Aloe Vera, Cayenne Pepper, Blueberry, Pomegranate Seed, MCT Coconut Oil. Organic, Green and Clean, taken daily, as a reviving green drink or added to a smoothie, this carefully orchestrated formula has proved to be an essential health maintenance “Must” and vital sustenance for a healthy gut/brain balance!

How Microbiota Benefit the Body

There, the microbiota helps to break down these compounds with their digestive enzymes. but more complex carbohydrates like starches and fibres are not as easily digested and may travel lower to the large intestine. The fermentation of indigestible fibres causes the production of short chain fatty acids (SCFA) that can be used by the body as a nutrient source but also play an important role in muscle function and possibly the prevention of chronic diseases, including certain cancers and bowel disorders. Clinical studies have shown that SCFA may be useful in the treatment of ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and antibiotic-associated diarrhoea.

Microbiota stimulate the immune system, break down potentially toxic food compounds, and synthesize certain vitamins and amino acids,  including the B vitamins and vitamin K. For example, the key enzymes needed to form vitamin B12 are only found in bacteria, not in plants and animals.

Further Information

There is a distribution Hub in the UK and other regions




Clinical Education Upcoming Events 2023

Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice(AFMCP) – 22-23 Sept

IFM Advanced Practice Modules (APM) GI, Europe 17th – 19th November 2023

Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice(AFMCP) Europe brings functional medicine training to our corner of the world. AFMCP Europe will be a blended online and in-person course with a required two-day session in London, England, happening 22-23 September. The online cohort begins on 20 June, and clinicians will need to complete the first three chapters by 3 September prior to attending the live sessions.

AFMCP gives you the skills to diagnose, assess, and effectively treat patients using the functional medicine framework. Clinicians will learn how to apply various clinical tools and interventions to target the underlying causes of disease and develop individualised treatment protocols. Functional medicine can be applied in a variety of clinical settings, and clinicians from all backgrounds can benefit from taking this course. AFMCP Europe will connect you with leading functional medicine educators and other clinicians in your community to gain new perspectives on approaching care.

Clinical Education Members receive a discount on tuition. Clinical Education regional discount $1820 (full price $2600) – saving $780 dollars! 

At IFM’s AFMCP Europe, you’ll explore the latest clinical research and learn new strategies to enhance patient care, including:

  • The evidence base for the functional medicine paradigm, principles, and practice.
  • How to design dietary, nutraceutical, and lifestyle interventions to improve patient engagement in treatment and their resulting outcomes.
  • How to integrate assessment tools to evaluate and diagnose patients using a functional medicine approach.
  • How to apply key elements of the functional medicine model in clinical practice.
  • Effective strategies for establishing a mutually empowering partnership between clinician and patient.




IFM Advanced Practice Modules (APM) GI, Europe 17th – 19th November 2023

Functional Medicine Advanced Practice ModulesTM (APM) GI, Europe 2023 – Clinical Education

Restoring Gastrointestinal Equilibrium: Practical Applications for Understanding, Assessing, and Treating Gut Dysfunction

Today’s Landscape

Modern science has validated what ancient healing traditions have known for centuries: the GI tract has a central role in chronic, systemic disease. From intestinal pathogens and allergens, to intestinal permeability and imbalances in colonic microbiota, gut dysfunction compromises a patient’s health and diminishes vitality. It is often the first place to start in improving overall health.

IFM’S GI Advanced Practice Module

This Advanced Practice Module takes a whole systems approach to evaluating and treating not only local gastrointestinal disease, but many systemic diseases that are linked to GI dysfunction. This course will supply you with the foundational background, insight, and in-depth clinical thinking to confidently work up and treat patients who may present with conditions, signs, and symptoms indicative of gastrointestinal dysfunction. We will discuss in detail the important laboratory evaluations to be considered, the appropriate clinical connections that must be made, and the treatment approaches that should be used.

Clinical Education is offering Regional Pricing for this module – save up to $700!

Further Information

For Information regarding Speakers, Price, Schedule and booking, please visit



Soma Chakra and Kundalini Activation

by Sarah Williams ITEC


Soma Chakra and kundalini energy are very connected. 

When the chakras are balanced clear and flowing, the serpent of kundalini energy is free to rise up the spine and flow into our auric fields empowering us to step into the world of 5d and beyond. (Joy, bliss love)


Soma Chakra + Soma Cream


Somatic Healing

The SOMA Chakra vibrates in the magenta realm of ultra violet. It is not as well-known as the other chakras, veiled in the shadow of the ‘Third-Eye’ and supporting the crown, positioned at the hairline / widows peak, are important and worthy distinctive forces.

Colour: Ultra violet/Pure White

Location: Slightly above the Ajna in the centre of the skull/widows peak

Planet: Moon

Crystal:  Phenecite, diamond, Preseli Bluestone

Keyword: Divine Nectar, Spiritual Connection Clarity, Completion, Expansion

The ‘Soma’ is also known as Amria Chakra – which means ‘the Nectar of the Crescent Moon’. It provides the framework for the ‘A-KA-THA’ – the inverted triangle, symbol of feminine energy, and the great seat of Shiva & Parvati consciousness. This impelling energy represents the realization of our inherent animation to create, preserve and dissolve; the foundational embryos which lay dormant within the First (base/root) Chakra.

Think of the merkaba .. 2 pyramids interlocking and connecting. 
The Shiva / Parvati union is the expression of three aspects of consciousness: ‘Knowing, Feeling & Doing’; the emanation of truth, beauty and goodness. The realization that these forms existing, within all expressions of life, is the expression of the highest state of living. To incorporate them into your life is the highest state of realization.

Symbolically, Shiva provides the stimulus to awaken the Shakti and draw her wisdom into union with him. When first awakened she is a furious serpent whose breath is fire. She proceeds upward from her nest within the root chakra via the path of ‘Sarasvati’ and soon the ego subsides. Sarasvati is the goddess of eloquence and transcendent-knowledge . She is depicted as a graceful woman, holding a lute (sound), a book (wisdom), a rosary (mantra prayer), a conch (pronouncement utterance). a bell (transience), a plow (cultivation) and a bow (determination).

Soma Healing

Healing is a restorative process that re-kindles the essence of the Divine in every aspect thus liberating us from the suffering caused by painful experiences of life on the physical, emotional, mental, and / or spiritual plane of existence.

Soma means healing nectar. This healing nectar is generated in one of the energy centres of the Chakra system of our bodies known as the Soma Chakra.

The Soma Chakra is activated using touch, the Soma Chakra cream, meditation and mantra therapy. The flow of soma is directed to wherever one desires to experience healing.

The Power of Polarity: How Masculine and Feminine Energy Shapes Our World!

The fully awakened ‘Soma’ is the ultimate union of Shiva and Shakti within which non-dualistic realization is achieved. Such potency is pooled physically, within us, in the energetic union of two brain glands; pituitary and pineal.

The pituitary governs the stuff of physical incarnation (method). The pineal, establishing transcendent (spiritual) awareness/awakening (wisdom).Being governed by a shadowing planet Rahu it is ignored by lots of healers and Yogi's this is the most powerful of the lot.

Soma Chakra governs the whole body. This chakra is situated in the forehead. It has twelve petals and is Ultra Violet in colour, with residing male energy is Shiva and the female goddess Kalratri. Meditating on the Soma Chakra clears the negativities and brings clear visionary powers to transmute. And it corresponds to all the organs of the body.

Positive Potential (Balance)

  • Fully aware and conscious.
  • Rejuvenation, bliss, immortality 
  • Physical awareness/character: union of male/female energies (Shiva/Shakti) within the spiritual plane. Active kundalini energy. 

Signs of Imbalance 

  • Cut off from spiritual nourishment and connection
  • Attachments: Lost souls and ‘walk ins’
  • Accelerated ageing, dryness of skin, dehydration of the body or drying up of one's spirituality

Physical connection: Pineal and pituitary glands

  • Metal: Silver
  • Sound: Aum

Soma Healing

Healing is a restorative process that re-kindles the essence of the Divine in every aspect thus liberating us from the suffering caused by painful experiences of life on the physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual plane of existence.

Soma means healing nectar. This healing nectar is generated in one of the energy centres of the Chakra system of our bodies known as the Soma Chakra.

The Soma Chakra is activated using touch, the Soma Chakra cream, meditation and mantra therapy. The flow of soma is directed to wherever one desires to experience healing. 

Further Information and to Purchase

Please contact Sarah Williams on Tel: 07710 994432;



Ayurveda – Ancient and Science-Based System of Medicine;  The College of Ayurveda UK

Ayurvedic Medicine, based on the Vedic wisdom expounded by the ancient sages, is the most ancient system of medicine known to mankind It emerged within the Vedic culture that arose on the foothills of Himalayas and along the banks of the great rivers of India.

Ayurveda is a science-based healthcare approach that treats illness and promotes wellness by focusing assessment on biochemically-unique aspects of each patient, and then individually tailoring interventions to restore psychological, physiological and structural imbalances. Ayurvedic medicine not only recognizes the uniqueness of the individual but also the oneness of all creation and how this translates into human health on all levels. There has been a worldwide surge of interest in Ayurvedic medicine as people seek health and well-being.


College of Ayurveda Image 2 from Prospectus


The College of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy is the premier educator for individuals seeking to make a difference in the world through a career restoring the natural balance of body, mind and spirit with the wisdom of Ayurveda. This mission has been the central driving force of the College since its inception. The College of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy is the only institution in the UK that offers a complete Ayurvedic programme comparable in content to the B. A. M. S. (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery) degree course taught in India.

The basic principles upon which Ayurvedic medicine/healthcare operates are:

  • Biochemical individuality based on genetic and environmental uniqueness;
  • Dynamic balance of internal and external factors;
  • Web-like interconnections of psycho-physiological processes;
  • Health as a positive vitality – not merely the absence of disease;
  • Promotion of organ reserve through psycho-neuro-immunological processes;
  • Patient-centred rather than disease focused healthcare.

Using these principles, Ayurvedic healthcare practitioners focus on understanding the fundamental physiological processes, the environmental inputs, and the genetic predisposition that influence every person’s experience of health and disease. A person is considered an integral part of the Universe which is governed by natural laws. Ayurveda works primarily on human constitution called Dosha and Prakruti through lifestyle counselling, herbal preparations, nutrition, massage, yoga and Panchakarma all used to bring about balance and harmony in the body.

The College, which promote the values of a tolerant and democratic society and the ideals of scholarship and the benefits of life-long education and training, aims to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive Ayurvedic medical education. It works to develop and support educational programmes and select a student body of such a size that every student has a quality and relevant educational experience, and provide students with clearly defined academic programmes, competent teaching, a caring and supportive academic structure and an attractive and facilitating environment.

Further Information

The College of Ayurveda is now accepting applications for the 2023/2024 cohort; please fill in the appropriate application form at

For further information or a prospectus please contact the College of Ayurveda’s Administrator Ione Ashmore at or visit their website at



International Cancer Research and Drug Discovery Conference (i-Cancer Congress)

Welcome to the International Cancer Research and Drug Discovery Conference (i-Cancer Congress), a gathering of medical professionals, researchers, and patients dedicated to advancing the fight against cancer. This year's conference will take place on March 22, 2024 at London, UK and will feature talks and presentations from leading experts in the field.

Our goal is to foster a collaborative environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and insights, and ultimately leads to improvements in medical practice.


i-Cancer Congress Banner

i-Cancer Congress will cover a wide range of topics in the field of cancer research—clinical trials, basic research, and translational research—in order to better understand cancer and find new paths for shaping and delivering the best, most effective cancer treatments. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest advances in oncology, and to network with other professionals and patients.

i-Cancer Congress will provide you the opportunity to attend keynote speeches, workshops, and panel discussions led by experts in their respective fields. Our line-up of speakers includes some of the most prominent researchers, doctors, and patient advocates in the field of oncology. They will be sharing their insights and expertise in a series of presentations and panel discussions, providing attendees with a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in cancer research and treatment. . We will have a diverse range of healthcare professionals and researchers from all over the world, making it an excellent opportunity for companies to connect with potential clients and build lasting relationships.

Whether you are a physician, nurse, researcher, or healthcare administrator, you will find valuable insights and networking opportunities at our conference. 
Register now to secure your spot and take advantage of early bird pricing. We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

Further Information:



Jan Kuśmirek (1946 - 2023)

RIP Jan Kuśmirek

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Jan Kuśmirek, Founder of Fragrant Earth. We will remember him as the kindest of men and the most brilliant of thinkers. His love of beauty extended way past his tireless pursuit for excellent quality in aromatic ingredients into perfumery, music, poetry, history, and stories of Glastonbury’s Ladies of the Lake.

His brain was rich with curiosity, adoring the quest for knowledge. His astute mind analysed, assessed, and saw to the truth of so many situations, medical, cosmetological, political and otherwise. His understanding of how fixed oils affected the skin was unparalleled and he remains one of the foremost authorities on the biome and how environmental factors may influence disease. And yet, alongside his scientific and rational brain, he possessed the most glorious imagination able to create stunning word pictures that drew his listeners in.

Jan knew, (put very simply), a great many things.


RIP Jan Kuśmirek


Over the years, he scattered teaching seeds far and wide, generously casting them and carefully watching where they fell. When a sapling mind burst forth, he was there to nourish and support them, always for the good of the industry that he loved so much..

He was a teacher, a creator, a builder, and a great friend. Myriad projects have been made better by his input and while he created many wonderful things, he has probably nurtured equally many things for other people that no-one talks about.

Jan was the most honourable of men. A man of great vision, and a visionary man. He wandered through the streets of Glastonbury, dapper in his suit, as all the finest gentlemen do, smiling at hippies in floating dresses and men in steam punk hats waved back, familiar and accepting of everyone, as he always was.

He will be missed by his life partner, by Glastonbury, by his family, by employees of Fragrant Earth, by his friends and by a much wider aromatic family worldwide. His humility perhaps prevented him from knowing just how important his presence was. We know how much he was admired and respected, but sometimes we wonder if he did.

So please, we’d ask you to join us. Close your eyes for a moment and bring to mind some of the ways he touched your life. Perhaps it was feasting over great food which he adores, listening to his soft spoken teachings, or listening to him chuckle, chortle, or guffaw.

He did like to laugh, did our lovely Jan, Or maybe simply, it was being able to open a bottle of essential oil and trusting it as the best quality, beautiful version he could source for you to enjoy. Of course, that legacy lives on and will always do so through Fragrant Earth.

This has been a terrible shock for all of us. So, if, like us, you are not quite ready to let go yet, perhaps peer up into tonight’s inky sky. Search for the star that scintillates brightest and imagine that mischievous twinkle in his eye. Maybe light a candle as we have and watch as the flame flickers like his cheeky smile when he’d said something and waited for the penny to drop. For us, it will continue.

RIP Jan Kuśmirek (1946 - 2023)



Tribute Obituary Thrity Engineer:  1942-2023

by Meher Engineer – Daughter of Thrity

Born Nov 1942 in Mumbai, India; Died 8th March 2023 (also in Mumbai).

Thrity Engineer, founder of the Supercoherence System and co-creator of the Supercoherence Return To Love Frequencies was born in 1942 in Mumbai, India and died on 8th March 2023, also in Mumbai.




It was a blessed passing. She had just travelled back to her place of birth- Mumbai, India after not being able to travel for over 3 years. She was delighted to be back, having had an unexpectedly lovely trip from London, where she had lived and worked. After spending a beautiful day with her loved ones, filled with joy, warmth, good food, and even better company, she retired for the night. In the early hours of the following morning she awoke, went to tell her cousin that she couldn't breathe (although without displaying any signs of distress), then sat on an armchair and took her leave. It was all so quick, so painless and full of ease and grace.

Of course, we were shocked and terribly upset....for ourselves! But the beauty and perfection of all that unfolded was not lost on us, her family and friends. Thrity herself had often referred to physical death as a "change of cosmic address"- a phrase coined by a client of hers many years ago, and one with which she resonated based on her own experience, particularly in relation to her work.

Thrity was an explorer, a pioneer and entrepreneur, and author of two books – Supercoherence - The 7th Sense and Supercoherence The Return To Love; as well as being the founder of the Supercoherence System and creator of the Supercoherence Frequencies, amongst other things. She worked very closely with her daughter Meher right until the end. (Meher is committed to the task of continuing and growing the work they did together).

Thrity touched very many lives in the course of her life in profound and often magical ways. Being highly sensitive and intuitive, she would often pick up the phone and call a loved one just when they needed it. Her words of wisdom, forthright but generous counsel, and tender loving care and attention are very much missed by family and friends alike.

Perhaps her greatest gift and legacy to us all was to have been a living example of the power of following your dreams and living your own truth fearlessly, of the transformation that is possible for us all as humans, and the ability to come to/ from a place of unconditional love when we have the awareness, willingness and appropriate tools for the job.

Her dream, vision and heartfelt desire was to help ease and break the age-old cycle of human suffering. In her death as well as in her life, she remained true to that.

Further Information

You can read more about her life's work and service- which was also her great passion and raison d'etre in this life-hood- here and here   Please view Thrity Engineer's Author Profile with a list of her published articles on PH Online.



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    Why Sports Improving Health

    Prevention is Better than Cure. Join us for the 2023 Improving Health and Increasing Activity Conference. The Royal Society of Medicine, London. 12th September 2023. Agenda    Book Your Place    Register

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    UK’s Mental Wellbeing Festival

    Nutritionist and author Rose Millen AKA Miss Nutritionist, teams up with leading health and fitness experts to launch Go Mental in association with World Mental Health Day. Go Mental is the UK’s First Mental Wellbeing Festival, to be held in London on Saturday 7th October from 10 am. Go Mental has brought together a powerful selection of mental health professionals, doctors, authors and survivors, who are all ready to share their stories and experience on how to make our mental well-being journeys easier.  

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    Goodnight to Restless Legs

    Celebrity Personal Trainer Sarah Lindsay @roarfitnessgirl says Goodnight to Restless Legs with BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Lotion, a fast-acting natural remedy clinically proven to provide a better night’s sleep. Contains active ingredients including magnesium chloride, lavender and chamomile, to slow sensory activity and quieten the mind. BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Lotion can be applied  before going to sleep, to stop leg twitching and improve sleep.

    Further Information: BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Lotion is available from Holland and Barrett, Ocado, online at and from all good health stores

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    Tridosha Therapists Graduates

    Congratulations to the eight incredible first cohort of students who successfully completed the transformative Tri-Dosha Breathwork Course for Therapists! We invite all of you to stay connected by signing up for the Tri-Dosha newsletter at  to receive updates on upcoming course dates and exciting developments in the world of breathwork!

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    AIHM 2023 Conference

    Building Bridges to Whole Health Annual Conference October 5-8 2022. Paradise Point Resort & Spa, San Diego. Attend in-person or virtually. Immerse yourself in an enlightening journey on the road toward seamless healthcare.  Come learn more about Salutogenic Science, and the reasons why we should retrain focus to the factors that promote health and well-being rather than those that cause and perpetuate disease.

    Further Information: For more information please contact AIHM via


    The Gonzalez Protocol

    I recently had the pleasure of presenting about The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation at the IHCAN Summit in London, U.K. - an Integrative Health Conference for nearly 400 health practitioners. Here is a short 15 minute video where I share the story of why we founded our non-profit research and education foundation and how we are now helping heal people all around the world from cancer and other degenerative diseases. 

    Further Information Click to Watch the Video  To learn more about the non-profit Foundation please visit


    Launch Rapid UTI Test

    The UK’s leading provider of self-diagnostic tests, newfoundland, has launched a UTI at-home self-test as statistics show doctors spend 8 million hours a year testing patients. The UTI Test is a firm plastic strip onto which leukocyte and nitrites test pads are attached. If the test detects a positive result, the leukocyte test pad should present beige to dark purple, and the nitrites test pad should present uniform pink to red signalling a likely UTI. The results will be available to customers in 1-2 minutes.

    Further Information: The newfoundland UTI rapid at-home test is now available to buy at Tesco and online at


    Children’s Cancer Research

    The final report of the Children’s Cancer Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) is the culmination of a collaborative work that began in 2019, when Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) and The Little Princess Trust (LPT) partnered with the James Lind Alliance (JLA) to identify the research questions that are most in need of answering. Its aim was to produce a list of the 10 most important research priorities in children's cancer, from the perspectives of patients, their families and carers, and the health professionals who treat and care for them.

    Further Information:  For further information please contact the Children’s Cancer and Leukemia Group – CCLG – on Tel: 03330 507654;  Read the full PSP report about the top priorities in children’s cancer research .


    Mind Body Soul 13-15 Oct 2023

    Mind Body Soul is at Alexandra Palace, London on 13, 14, 15 Oct 2023. Booking a stand includes:  Inclusion in our printed show guide; Social media pushes; Opportunity to host a lecture or experience zone session; Listing on our website with a link back to your website;  

    Further Information: To discuss your options and book, please contact Claire on Tel: 01787 220650;


    Neem Researcher Klaus Ferlow

    The Vitality Health Magazine one of the oldest and best known magazines in Canada posted this their website  Neem Researcher – Klaus Ferlow HMH HA – to Speak at Aromatherapy Seminar in France, July 27 to Aug. 5. He will also launch the third edition of his book Neem: Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity; his book editor is Eve Hillary,
    Further Information:


    Amchara Health

    Discover how a juice cleanse could boost your health and energy levels. Would You Benefit From A Juice Cleanse? Juice cleansing can give you a powerful transformation from the inside out.  7 Natural Ways To Reduce Inflammation A closer look at inflammation and what you can do to detox and naturally reduce inflammation in the body. Is Your Gut Health Affecting Your Sleep? An unhealthy gut microbiome could be negatively impacting the quality of your sleep.

    Further Information: Tel: 01823 213111;  Shop Cleanses


    NEW Levagen+ BED

    Focused on helping you get better rest and feel more refreshed in the morning, Levagen+ Bed contains PEA, Magnesium, Vitamin B6 and L-Tryptophan, all clinically tested to aid sleep in various ways: How to fall asleep faster during hot summer nights; How to handle jet lag on your summer holidays; Combatting hayfever symptoms stopping you sleep; Cope with bright mornings – feel refreshed when you wake this summer;  Help to regulate your mornings and evenings – useful for night time workers during sleeping during summer days; Back to school/Fresher’s week – help to regulate your sleeping pattern

    Further Information: For further information  please contact or


    6 Steps to Better Focus

    Neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis has been working to understand the reasons for plummeting concentration and to create actionable steps  o restore their focus. His tips include Movement, Environment, Sleep, Sound, Routine and Supplement. If you want to improve your focus, Pro Plus® Ultra contains a blend of performance enhancing ingredients; from slow-release caffeine for long-lasting concentration, to B vitamins for reducing tiredness and fatigue, and stress-relieving adaptogenic benefits of ashwagandha.

    Further Information: Pro Plus tablets are available to purchase online at or Amazon and supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.


    Buteyko Breathing for Insomnia

    More than a third of adults in the US regularly get by on fewer than 7 hours sleep, and sleep deprivation is becoming a public health epidemic. Worldwide, between 35% and 50% of adults show symptoms of insomnia. A new audio from Oxygen Advantage® founder and CEO Patrick McKeown leads you through guided breathing and relaxation to help with insomnia.

    Further Information: Please contact us at info@buteykoclinic.comGuided Breathing for Sleep and Insomnia YouTube 


    Cytoplan Brain-Boosting Foods

    It is estimated that approximately 39%* of the population experiences brain fog to some degree and following the COVID pandemic, brain fog is seemingly on the rise. Nutritional Therapist & CEO at Cytoplan; Amanda Williams, who pioneered a successful Brain Health Community Programme shares her expert opinion on the positive impact nutrition can have on brain health. Amanda Williams' top brain-boosting foods known to help reduce brain fog  are; Oily fish, Blueberries, Turmeric, Broccoli, Pumpkin Seeds, Dark chocolate, Green Tea, Walnuts, Eggs, Leafy Greens, Avocados.

    Further Information: please contact


    Revivify® Antioxidant Gel

    Revivify® Pro-Vitality Antioxidant Gel been the subject of three abstracts published in the Journal of Investigative Medicine, part of the BMJ Journals. These abstracts demonstrate the potential of our antioxidant gel to support gut health, cognitive function, and immune system activity: Gastroenterology/Clinical Nutrition; Genetic and Molecular Medicine; Rheumatology/Immunology/Allergy – Summary of Abstracts.

    Further Information: For more information please contact


    New Pro-Vice-Chancellor

    A renowned nursing leader who has worked all over the world is returning to Coventry to take up a Pro-Vice-Chancellor role at Coventry University. As well as working in countries such as New Zealand and Qatar during her 30-year career, Professor Ann-Marie Cannaby was previously Chief Nurse at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire.  

    Further Information: For more information please contact Ben Eccleston at Coventry University, on Tel: 07392097332;;


    New Materia Medica Volume 3

    Watkins Publishing publish in the UK and US world renowned homeopath Colin Griffith's The New Materia Medica Volume 3, distributed by Penguin Random House containing 36 new ground-breaking homeopathic remedies, tested over a 10 year period. In Griffith's new guide for Homoepaths, Griffith one of the founding members of the Guild of Homoepaths incorporates the use of Astrology, particularly the placements of the South and North nodes.

    Further Information: For more information, please contact Vikki Scott on Tel: 0203 813 6940;


    Alternative Medicine Trilogy

    The Power of Alternative Medicine Trilogy books by Noah Goldhirsh include The Power of Colors, The Power of Animal Messages and The Power of Flower Remedies for Children. Noah has over 30 years of experience as a natural healer and has compiled all her fascinating knowledge into these 3 helpful handbooks that enable anyone to explore the natural healing that is all around us if only, we knew how to harness nature’s power and its universal messages.

    Further Information: Please contact Sophie via   Autumn Catalogue.


    Launch of The GHS

    Spearheaded by Professor and Physician Sir Muir Gray (more than 50 years in the NHS), The GHS, launching on 26th June, aims to put people in control of their health. Through  weekly online assessments, users monitor their physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being. With the guidance of leading experts, including physicians and psychologists, users can regain lost abilities, reduce disease risks like dementia and stroke, and effectively combat the effects of diseases when / before they occur.

    Further Information: For further information, please contact: Cherish PR on Tel: 020 7467 5823;, The GHS


    Sleeping in the Heat

     Here are 10 top tips to achieve a good night’s sleep  from Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, Physiologist and Sleep expert with 25 years’ experience. Don’t Nap; Stick to your Routine, Keep your Bedroom Cool, Change your Bedding; Have a Cool Shower or Bath before bed, Invest in a Hot Water Bottle, Exercise during the day, Hydration is key, Reduce Alcohol Intake, Try a Traditional Herbal Remedy: Valerian root has been used for centuries as a herbal remedy to improve sleep, enabling the body and mind to relax in the lead up to bedtime. Kalms Night One-A-Night tablets contains valerian root and can promote a nourishing night’s sleep.

    Further Information: Kalms  Night One-A-Night capsules are available in Boots, Asda and online at and at Amazon


    Hydrated and Refreshed

    In the summer heat it is crucial to prioritize hydration and ensure the water we consume is not only refreshing but also free from harmful toxins and chemicals. ZeroWater’s ability to filter water effectively, removing toxins and PFAS (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances), provides clean and great-tasting water that keeps you hydrated and revitalized throughout the scorching summer months.

    Further Information: For more information please contact ZeroWater via


    Awards, Podcasts & More!

    Ian Cameron Smith announces ˜Light of Hope” has achieved the One World Music Award for 'Best Acoustic Single' for 2022! A huge thank you for all your ongoing support and for sending your good vibes my way in the lead up to the 'best acoustic single' announcement!

    Further Information: Contact     YouTube Channel


    Ozone Oil Pills & Capsules

    This Guide will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of ozone oil pills and capsules, offering a valuable resource for your ongoing interest in ozone therapy. If you have any questions or want to discuss any specific points in more detail, please don't hesitate to reach out. Below is a list and little overview of some of the incredible things we have found and touch on in all of our research. I go into more detail into the article which you can read Here.

    Further Information: Please read the Guide


    Stabilized Rice Bran

    Zurvita makes award-winning functional food nutrition with stabilized rice bran as the golden thread in its food-based, clean products.  Stabilized Rice Bran has added health benefits to Zurvita’s top-selling products since the company’s inception. Stabilized Rice Bran has more than 100 antioxidants and is composed of balanced nutrients such as oils, fibers, proteins, and other micronutrients! There are widely demonstrated beneficial effects of rice bran on several diseases, including cancers, hyperlipidemia, and cardiovascular disease. 

    Further Information: For more information please contact Zurvita via


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