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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 197

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 197 - August 2012

The Dove Clinic - The Olympic Flame Lights Up Winchester

One bright spot this summer has been the visit of the Olympic Flame to Winchester on July 11 when the sun managed to appear for a couple of hours.  Just outside of Winchester, in Twyford, is the Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine, which has been treating patients with chronic and life threatening illness since 2000. And there is a link between some of the supplements which the Dove Clinic recommends and supplements which are beneficial to athletes.

The Olympic Flame

The Dove Clinic doctors use supplements which provide support to the immune system.  One of these supplements, ImmiFlex, was the subject of a recent study which investigated the effects of respiratory infections in marathon runners .  The study into Wellmune, the 1,3 1,6 beta glucan which is the key ingredient in ImmiFlex, was presented at the American College of Sports Medicine in May of this year.

The double-blinded study involved 182 runners who completed the 2011 Livestrong Marathon in Austin, Texas. The participants included 96 men and 86 women with an average age of 34 and an average finish time of 4:00 hours. Participants were given either 250 mg/day of Wellmune soluble, Wellmune dispersible, or a rice flour placebo to take for four weeks following the marathon. Subjects taking Wellmune soluble experienced a 45% reduction in the number of days that they reported both general health problems and URTI symptoms while subjects consuming Wellmune dispersible reported 34% fewer days of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI) symptoms, for an average reduction of 40%. These results were statistically significant compared to placebo (p<0.05).

 “The study confirms previous clinical research showing that Wellmune WGP’s support of the immune system has real health benefits for individuals under physical stress,” said Rich Mueller, chief executive officer of Biothera, the manufacturer of Wellmune WGP. “This applies to both elite athletes as well as recreational athletes.”

Continuing the athletic theme, another of the supplements utilized by the clinic to achieve a better PH balance for the body, Basica (in its Sports format), has also been the subject of study for athletes. A 2002 study (Oopik et al) concluded that better performance in a 5km race was achieved by the citrate group when compared to the placebo group.

Further Information:

Please contact The Dove Clinic on Tel: Tel: 01962 718000;


Apricot Kernels

Why do many people now take these apricot seeds to help prevent serious illness and restore health?

The use of certain fruit kernels in the treatment of serious ailments, even cancer goes back to the Emperor herbalist Shen Nung in the 28th century BC and “Bitter almond water” features in the writings of the physicians of ancient Egypt, Arabia, Rome and Greece and others, who all used preparations made from the seeds of bitter almonds, apricots and peaches.

girls working

The Hunzas are a cancer-free society in the Himalayas who are known to consume up to 40 kernels as a snack!. They are also regarded as some of the healthiest people in the world.

Ernst Krebs PhD, an American biochemist proposed that cancer was a deficiency disease and he identified a missing substance as amygdalin, found in bitter almonds, apricot and peach seeds. As a toxin, amygdalin is in the Class 1 and 2, therefore virtually non-toxic, whereas chemotherapy is in Class 6 - super toxic.

Other virtually cancer-free peoples are the Hopi and Navajo tribes who also have an amygdalin rich diet.

Naturelle UK imports these apricot kernels direct from the Himalayas, where they grow at altitudes of at least 6,000 ft; no pesticides or fertilisers are used. The fruit is first dried, then the kernels are broken open and the seeds removed. The harvesting and preparation of these apricot seeds brings much needed added income to the local villagers.

It is recommended that you take 5-7 seeds spread over a day and more for those suffering from serious conditions, building up the quantity slowly.

Further Information

Please contact Naturelle UK via


Soul Harmony Creams™

Sarah Williams is an holistic therapist and teacher who originally trained in aromatherapy and body massage. She began channelling these beautiful aromatherapy creams in 1995, starting with creams to balance the first seven chakras. Since then this unique range has expanded to 16 chakra creams and 16 organ and physical support creams, made by hand on the south coast of England. The creams maintain a high vibrational frequency carrying the energy of ‘love and gratitude’. All ingredients are carefully sourced, as organic as possible and parabens free.

Balancing Creams

All 32 Soul Harmony Creams in the Organic Aromatherapy range are now being used by a growing number of holistic health practitioners, ranging from Reflexologists to Kinesiologists. The creams are vibrational tools which enhance and amplify any treatment. You can see an example case study on Positive Health online at

Claire Snowden-Darling is one of the head lecturers at the London School of Kinesiology in the UK, training many new therapists.

“I am thrilled to have discovered these creams.  I met Sarah at a health event in 2010 where she encouraged me to try her creams. At first I was sceptical. As a Kinesiology practitioner I muscle test for the correct solutions for my clients health issues, if the body doesn't want it, the item won't test. To my surprise the creams tested positively. I bought 18 creams that day and I immediately started to use them in my clinic; my clients loved them. I also recommend that my students add them into their practice, as they simply and effectively balance the electro-magnetic energy fields of the body…“ 

Claire Snowdon-Darling  AAMET ABNLP ACHO Cert Ask FHT  Balanced Wellness Health Practitioner and Kinesiology Lecturer

With Claire’s encouragement, Sarah developed a professional test kit of all the creams, which makes it easy to muscle test clients.

Further Information

As an added service, Sarah can ‘tune in’ to anybody and give the first chakras that need unblocking …all she needs is a name. Thirty minute readings/clearances over the phone are also available. Please contact  Sarah via

All products are available online at


Blue Herbs - the Very Best in Detox and Healthcare Products

Blue Herbs, offer one of the widest ranges of Health, Beauty and Wellbeing products available on the Internet. For over 7 years, Blue Herbs have dedicated and focused themselves into providing only the very best in detox and healthcare products.


Blue Herbs supply colon cleanse and complementary herbal health products, vitamin supplements, acai berry and much more. They are stockists of the renowned organic Colon Cleansing Kit & Internal Cleansing Kit by Blessed Herbs. Their goal is to help people improve their health and well-being by harnessing the power of nature, using only the best herbal supplements and health products available. The Colon Cleanse kits have been voted the Best Colon Cleanser Kits for the past 3 years and are used by over 200,000 people worldwide. To further complement the colon cleansing kits and colon cleanser products, Blue Herbs stocks a range of associated health products.

Blue Herbs are always committed to quality, both with their service and  products and operate a strict 100% Money Back Guarantee on all products. If you find any of their products cheaper anywhere else on the web or the high street simply let them know and they will refund you the difference.  This is in addition to their Best Price Promise:  if you are able to find any product elsewhere cheaper, Blue Herbs will refund you the difference.

Blue Herbs are an ethical company, treating both their suppliers and customers, only as they would want to be treated ourselves. Before a product is listed, it is always fully tested and evaluated in-house. This is to ensure the Blue Herbs name and approval is never given to a substandard product simply to increase our product range!

Further Information

Please contact Blue Herbs on Tel: 0203 488 3839;


LifeMel Range of Specialty Beehive Supplements

The LifeMel range is a unique set of beehive supplements produced in Northern Israel.


The range is the result of 30 years of research into honey. The researchers discovered that bees feeding on plants with medicinal properties would produce a honey containing healing benefits. Furthermore they realized that when a bee process' nectar into honey the active ingredients present in the feed are intensified, making them more effective and readily absorbed by the body.

Each variety of ‘functional honey’ in the LifeMel range is designed to help different conditions, and is made by feeding bees a specific and unique blend of medicinal plants and herbs. The active ingredients of these powerful botanicals then enter the honey the bees produce, resulting in tailored natural supplements containing the combined health benefits of the individual herbs.

There are currently six varieties of these unique beehive supplements available in the UK, including the world famous LifeMel.


Designed to help boost and support immunity before, during and after chemotherapy. LifeMel is 100% natural and has been shown in a significant percentage of people to improve low white blood cell count.  It is produced by honeybees in Israel, which are fed on a specific diet including selected herbs such as Siberian Ginseng, Cats Claw & Echinacea.


Eases the symptoms of digestive discomfort including IBS, indigestion and stomach aches. GastroMel is also believed to have a natural antibiotic effect which kills the bad helicobacter pylori bacteria which cause stomach ulcers and gastritis – and a higher level of the good bacteria is maintained. GastroMel also contains propolis, the strongest antiseptic found in nature which is believed to help release tight muscles caused by nervous bowels, effectively relieving constipation. The herbs in the feed for the GastroMel bees include Alfalfa, Bay Leaf, Sage, Angelica, Hydrangea and Indian Fig.


Designed to boost and maintain energy levels. Gives an all-round boost to those of us leading busy, stressful lives, helping to improve resilience and stamina and prevent fatigue. Also beneficial for people recovering from illness as it helps support and speed up the healing process. The botanicals in the feed for the EnergyMel bees include             Panax Ginseng, Broadleaf Plantain (Soldier’s Herb), Siberian Ginseng,            Scabwort and American Spikenard.


Helps to balance the body, stabilise sleep patterns and ease the mind. The bees are fed a special diet of powerful herbs and produce a honey product which incorporates the active ingredients from these herbs which then act to balance the body, calm and balance the nervous system, stabilise sleep patterns and ease the mind of worries and tension. The herbs in the feed for the RelaxMel bees include Passion Flower, Lavender, Oats, Agnus castus and Golden hop.

LadyMel Day and LadyMel Night

Helps to soothe menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes during the night and day. The bees are fed a diet of healing botanicals designed to soothe the whole spectrum of unpleasant menopausal symptoms – the active ingredients of the plants then enter the honey they produce which combat, amongst other symptoms, hot flushes, restlessness and unease as well as acting to balance hormone levels. The herbs in the feed for the LadyMel bees include Alfalfa, Red Clover, Agnus Castus, German Chamomille, Siberian Ginseng, Peppermint, Purple Passionflower and Common Hop.

Further Information

All products are available from health food stores nationwide including


Lightarian Reiki

Reiki is a gentle, loving art to heal ourselves and others, brought to us through Mikao Usui in the early 20th century.  Mikao Usui was a devout Buddhist and Master in Martial Arts and was believed to be an allopathic doctor. Reiki was originally devised by him to heal oneself and only after much practice and meditations were you able to heal others.


Christine Johnson.
Christine Johnston.

Reiki has within its vibrations different bands of resonance. When you reach level 3 in Usui based Reiki you have been attuned to the first vibrational frequency of the Reiki Ray energy. Higher vibrational Reiki frequencies have been discovered and we now describe these in Lightarian Reiki. There are many different styles of Reiki today, many channelled by Reiki Masters, such as Karuna, Shamanic, Tera Mai, etc. Currently Lightarian Reiki frequencies are open to all Reiki Masters.

The delivery system for Reiki healing energies is a combination of the basic vibration level of the energy being delivered and the ability of the channel (healer) to handle that level of energy.  The quality and clarity of the teacher/practitioner’s thoughts and intentions determine one’s ability to be an effective channel for the healing energies.  Developing this clarity as a ‘conduit for energies’ is a crucial step along the way towards mastering the use of energies as a Reiki practitioner. As you raise your vibration through Lightarian Reiki and tap into higher and higher aspects of the Reiki energy spectrum¸ you naturally become a clearer and better channel for the Buddhic healing energies.

Usui based Reiki is the vibrational frequency base (First band) that initially ‘plugs’ you into and connects you to the broader spectrum of Reiki Ray energies.  After you are attuned to the Usui levels and work with those energies for a while, you may feel compelled to move beyond this introductory stage.** 

Lightarian Reiki is a system of attunements, each taking you to a higher vibrational  level.  The first attunement, the Buddhist Boost, brings an Usui Master up to the vibratory level required to start the ‘Lightarian Reiki’ series of attunements; however this is not necessary for Karuna Reiki Masters as they have already received this band of energy.

Lightarian Reiki levels I and II are received in the same attunement, as they occupy the same vibrational frequency band and you also learn the majority of the principles and philosophy of Lightarian Reiki.  30 days are given between each attunement allowing for full integration into one's own energy make up. Levels III and IV are then given in separate attunements, with levels V and VI combined into one further attunement.  Throughout this series of attunements a student will deepen their relationship with Ascended Master Buddha, opening to his love and guidance.

** taken from the Lightarian Reiki Handbook

Further Information

Please contact Christine Johnston via or John Chate via


Elena’s Nature Collection

Elena’s Nature Collection is celebrating 25 years of successfully helping people who may also be prone to eczema or psoriasis. Elena spent twelve years of research working with her clients and her Routine was perfected. Reduce the itch with Trinity Soap/ Shampoo, lubricate the dry skin with Ultimate Body Oil and repair/ restore the red, fragile, hot skin using Day Cream Special and Night Cream Extra.


The passion behind it all is Elena herself, a nurse (RGN) and skin specialist (ENB 264). Once she saw the wonderful results on her patients’ burns and skin grafts at the Queen Victoria Hospital there was no going back. People also prone to eczema or psoriasis found their way to her and working together with her clients her products evolved. All the finest ingredients were used in the correct quantities according to the manufacturers’ instructions to achieve the desired effect. They are unique, pure, natural, organic, soothing and regenerating; all the products are handmade in Elena’s laboratory in Burwash, East Sussex.

Elena’s Nature Collection has become a natural answer to skin issues - non steroidal, no colourings, perfumes, bleaches, lanolin or petroleum by products. Safe and suitable for people prone to Eczema or Psoriasis, indeed any skin problem with natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Elena’s range is also used in Beauty clinics and for beauty in general because of the therapeutic value inherent in all the products. Safe and suitable for women, men, children and babies.

Elena’s Nature Collection is available on prescription at your GP’s discretion. There is no guarantee; it is a privilege not a right to obtain a cosmetic organic handmade range on prescription. Elena’s Nature Collection has been known to the Pricing Prescription Authority (PPA) for 9 years. 11 products have their own PIP code. This enables the G.P and the Pharmacist to find the products easily.

Sign up to receive Elena’s newsletters and get 10% of your order via the website. Prompt service level and 1st class delivery.

Further Information

Please contact Elena’s Nature Collection Ltd on Tel: 01435 884090; Daily helpline 9-5pm 01435 882092;


FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser - Continuous Passive Motion

Continuous Passive Motion [CPM] equipment has been used by Osteopaths in treating backs since the 1970s, reducing inflammation and easing pain by encouraging the flow of synovial fluid between the discs, supplying nutrients and oxygen to the tissues, and helping to expel toxins that arise from inflammation.

Surge of Chi exerciser

CPM utilizes oscillatory motion in a way that mirrors techniques in therapies such as Shiatsu, Trager and the harmonic hands-on work of Osteopaths themselves. These manual techniques aim at releasing tension and inducing relaxation. Research has shown that the high incidence of back pain can be largely attributed to a chronic inability to relax, physically and/or mentally; a rocking motion is known to help synchronize brain waves and calm the nervous system.

The Japanese devised a simple machine 20 years ago aimed at replicating this harmonic motion. Designed for home use and focused more on the concept of energy stimulation than the specific back care aspects targeted by the West’s sophisticated CPM equipment, these became hugely popular consumer items in Japan and elsewhere in the Far East. The original Japanese model had a relatively fast speed of 145 beats per minute (RPM), and was later marketed in the West under the trade name “Chi Machine”. Ironically its Western distributors emphasized this high speed as being crucial to the perceived benefits, failing to realize how useful the concept was in relation to back care.

The FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser was introduced 10 years ago with the aim of combining the stimulating features of the Japanese devices with a better capacity for providing back care, postural realignment and tension release. The user is lying down, allowing muscles to relax with minimal resistance. All that is required is for the user to ‘let go’ mentally to the rhythmic sideways motion - easier said than done at higher speeds. Built with a heavy-duty motor that provides a smooth ride and precisely adjustable speeds (including a gentle starting speed of just 80 RPM), the FlexxiCore is suitable for users of all ages and fitness levels.

This adaptability has encouraged health professionals in many disciplines to use it with clients, and a series of trials [reported in Positive Health issues 125, 141 & 177] resulted in a portfolio of case studies demonstrating a diverse range of conditions that respond well to treatment.

Whilst the original CPM equipment is practice-based and expensive, the beauty of the FlexxiCore is that the therapeutic benefits are accessible - in terms of price, portability and storage - to ordinary users as well as professionals.

Further Information

Please contact Energy for Health on Tel: 08456 120 129; Fax: 08721 154406;


Welcome to Hawkwood College!

Hawkwood College near Stroud in Gloucestershire  is an independent centre for adult education whose purpose is to provide an educational programme within a holistic, sustainable environment that encourages people to develop their full potential through social, artistic, and spiritual exploration.


The College offers short courses to people of all ages and from all walks of life.  A recent visitor said of Hawkwood that it “combines heart, mind and soul with curiosity and fun.” The attractive Grade II listed country house and converted stables set in 42 acres provides a welcoming context for learning something new and meeting like-minded people. Topics include:

  • Health, Well Being and Life Skills;
  • Creative expression;
  • Arts & crafts;
  • Nature & Environment;
  • Spiritual Exploration;
  • Music & Sound Healing.

There is a friendly, informal atmosphere and no qualifications are needed to participate.

The beautiful, peaceful setting includes 10 acres of woodland, an organic community farm, a Victorian half-walled garden growing fruit, herbs, flowers and vegetables for the house; a silent meditation space; an award-winning pond and wetlands system; mature ornamental grounds with a magnificent sycamore and a constantly flowing natural spring. All the land is under biodynamic management.

All meals are home cooked and delicious  - organic, fair trade and / or local ingredients are used as far as possible. Accommodation for up to 50 is available in 29 comfy bedrooms. There are six meeting rooms of different sizes.

The 2013 course programme is in the pipeline. “As well as nourishing our relationships with existing colleagues, we are keen to collaborate with other organizations in developing courses and events in sustainability, the arts, nature and the environment,” says principal Alicia Carey, who was formerly in Arts Management at Dartington Hall Trust.

When founded in March 1948, a main aim of the College was to bring Rudolf Steiner’s educational impulse to a wider audience.  This thread continues and is in evidence in a course on Biodynamics (October) and one on Rudolf Steiner’s agricultural and artistic approaches (November). The educational programme coupled with the beautiful and easily accessible Cotswold countryside location, gives Hawkwood a uniqueness which must be experienced to be appreciated.

Further Information

Hawkwood College, in Stroud, Gloucester may be contacted on Tel: 01453 759034;


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    Breakthrough in ADHD Treatment

    New breakthrough clinical evidence has demonstrated that the natural EPA and GLA essential fatty acid supplement Vegepa E-EPA 70 is an effective co-therapy treatment for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) who have been resistant to methylphenidate, commonly known as Ritalin. The double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial published in the Journal of Child Neurology, recruited 94 children clinically diagnosed with ADHD, who had been on Ritalin for six months or more and standard behaviour therapy, but had no reported improvement in behaviour or academic learning.


    Further information: Vegepa E-EPA 70 is available from independent health food stores and


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    International Training Seminars (ITS) have a brand new training venue. From 1 September 2012, all ITS programmes will be held within The Academy situated at The London Kensington Forum. The Academy offers excellent facilities and is located in the European flagship Holiday Inn Hotel in South Kensington. Upcoming programmes include: NLP and Neuroscience Practitioner Certification Programme in Sept; Coaching - The Next Generation in Sept and NLP Master Practitioner Certification Programme in Feb 2013.


    Further information: Please contact ITS on Tel: 01268 777125;


    Vitamin D for Dementia

    Dr Andrew McCaddon MD, a full time GP in Wrexham, North Wales, has had a research interest in B vitamins and dementia since the early 1990s and discovered raised blood levels of the amino acid homocysteine in Alzheimer patients in 1998. This has since been confirmed worldwide. In 2006 he collaborated with an American Company to develop Cerefolin NAC which is now widely used throughout the US to treat patients with elevated homocysteine and mild cognitive impairment / early dementia. He has developed and launched a similar product for the UK called Betrinac as a food supplement, comprises high doses of vitamins B12, B6 and folic acid.


    Further information:


    Stop Eating Your Heart Out

    Daniel Benor wants to tell Positive Health PH Online readers about a great new book called Stop Eating Your Heart Out: The 21-day Program to Free Yourself from Emotional Eating by Meryl Hershey Beck. Meryl has developed a tried-and-true process for finally breaking the cycle of emotional eating and dissolving its hold over you. Experts have given Meryl permission to share some of their best material with you.


    Further information:


    Free & Easy New ‘Free From’ Range

    The Free & Easy range is a ‘free from’ range of food and drinks designed for those living with food allergies and intolerances. Designed to cater specifically for those living with

    Dietary intolerances and allergies, ‘free from’ brand from Free & Easy has unveiled an exciting range of foods and drinks to help home cooks create delicious and nutritious dishes for the whole family, whatever the dietary requirements. They are free from wheat, gluten and dairy, nuts, celery and mustard, but are bursting with full-on flavour and made without artificial additives and preservative and are low in salt, sugar and fat. They are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Free & Easy products are available for supermarkets, health food stores and fine food retailers.


    Further information:


    Green Genes

    Green tea has been touted as a natural way to aid weight loss with Nutritionists and celebrities alike. A new study has looked at animal models of obesity and found that as expected, when given green tea, they put on less weight than when compared to controls. If you are bored with everyday green tea, try Natur Boutique’s Green Tea Diet Blend, which combines green tea with rare and exotic Java tea (Orthosiphon stamineus) which is a powerful antioxidant and aids the body with removal of unwanted waste molecules. The blend also contains Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) offering a diet friendly sweetness to the tea. The company also does Lotus Green Tea which has a unique taste produced by infusing the tea with lotus flowers.


    Further information:


    CNM Diploma Courses

    CNM is holding Diploma courses in Manchester on 16 July, London 18 July, Brighton 19 July, Birmingham 1 August, Bristol 1 August, Edinburgh 7 August and Belfast on 8 August. It also has a short course in London on 11 September. The courses are on a variety of subjects including: Nutrition for Everyday Living, Herbs for Everyday Living, Homeopathy for First Aid & Common Ailments, Reflexology (ITEC), Holistic Massage (ITEC), Indian Head Massage, Kinesiology, Natural Skincare, Fertility & Pregnancy and Homeopathy for Babies and Children. They are also giving free health talks across the country.


    Further information Tel: 01342 410 505  


    Seagreens® Range Available from Bestcare

    Bestcare is in the Seagreens® range and Seagreens® is in the top 2 most searched ingredient on Innovadex®, the most powerful search engine in the Life Science, Chemical and Food and Beverage industries. Seagreens® is sustainable wild harvesting and are uniquely certified in Europe and the USA in line with Demeter Biodynamic® and Organic Standards. Nothing is added or extracted. Seagreens® are free of contaminants, toxic metals and microbial pathogens, irradiation, GMOs, manufacturing incipient, wheat, dairy, gluten and other known allergens.


    Further information Tel: 01342 410 303;


    Kiwi Herb Insect Repellent

    Now that Summer has finally arrived look out for Kiwiherb’s 100% natural Herbal Insect Repellent. This is a pleasant smelling, DEET-free insect repellent which combines Chaste Tree extract with Lemongrass and Fennel essential oils, all clinically proven to provide comparable insect-repelling results to the commercial insect repellents, but without the downside of applying chemical ingredients to your skin. The product wards of mosquitoes, fleas, gnats, midges, biting flies and other annoying insects.


    Further information: Kiwiherb Herbal Insect Repellent is available from health stores nationwide or Tel: 01455 556 281;


    Working with Mindfulness

    Working with Mindfulness a new CD from Mirabai Bush, a key contributor to Google’s Search Inside Yourself course. Mirabai is co-founder of the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society and is a long-time mindfulness Meditation Practitioner, Teacher and organizational management expert. The CD includes one hour of guided exercises. Mirabi’s mindfulness training for the workplace are based on traditional Buddhist practices to help reduce stress, increase productivity and encourage creative problem solving.


    Further information Tel: 001 413-587-0818


    Bowen Therapy - BTPA

    BTPA is the Bowen Therapy Professional Association, an autonomous non profit-making organisation run by Bowen Therapists for Bowen Therapists. Committee members are all practising Bowen Therapists who understand and appreciate the needs and concerns of the members. It is the only independent professional organization that is dedicated to Bowen Therapists, providing a constitution, standards, organization that is dedicated to Bowen Therapists, providing a constitution, standards of professional excellence and a code of ethics for the benefit of Practitioners and clients. Student Members get free membership for one year.


    Further information Tel: 01789 293 565


    Teff - Gluten-Free Grain from Tobia

    Teff is the smallest grain in the world and supplies more fibre-rich bran and nutrition germ than any other grain. It also packs a high mineral content that boasts 17 times the calcium of whole-wheat or barley and is also high in protein and complex carbohydrates. It can be used as a grain or ground to a flour. Teff flour can be cooked as porridge, added to baked goods such as bread and cakes as a wheat flour substitute, or even made into ‘teff polenta’. Due to its high iron content, it is particularly recommended for those participating in sport and pregnant women.


    Further information:


    Wilderness Sanctuary

    Wilderness has announced that the Sanctuary will be returning to the festival for a second year. Curated by Claire Hamilton and Michelle King, the co-founders of Yoga retreat company Adventure Yoga, the Sanctuary will offer festival-goers a haven to relax and rejuvenate at Cornbury Park from 10-12 August. The Healing Herb Garden will form the main part of the Sanctuary area and will be an idyllic wild English country working herb garden to serve tea. The garden will also include The Healing Zone offering Massages, Reiki, facials, Hot Stone treatments, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Thai Massages, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Tarot Readers and Clairvoyants, Homeopathic and Herbal Medicine and a herbal first aid tent. There will also be The Bliss Done, The Workshop Space, The Yin Reflective Tent and The Yang Reflective Tent.


    Further information:


    Good Fats Help Beat the Blues

    New research has revealed that ‘good’ fat cells could be used to help people suffering from Depression. Scientists from the University of Texas have found that these cells release a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar, bread down fats and beat the blues. BioCare Mega EPA is an award-winning high strength supplement containing naturally concentrated fish oil. It is free from detectable contaminants and contains antioxidant vitamin E. It has no added vitamin A or D meaning it is suitable to be taken during pregnancy. Pukka Herb Hemp Seed Oil is a rejuvenating oil with nutty flavours and a balance of nourishing essential fatty acids and is renowned for containing a balance of Omega-3, -6 and -9 essential fatty acids.


    Further information: Available from independent health food stores and


    Happiness Project

    The Happiness Project has several upcoming events. Robert Holden will be presenting a 5-day certificated program in New York City on 14-18 November called Coaching Success. I Can Do It! – Australia takes place in Melbourne on 18-19 August and Sydney on 26 August. Robert Holden will be giving his Shift Happens! Keynote at both Melbourne and Sydney Conferences. I Can Do It! – UK takes place in London on 22-23 September and Glasgow on 15-16 September. Ben Renshaw will be presenting his work on Coaching Leaders in London on 31 October-2 November. Love, Magic, Miracles will take place at Findhorn on 29 September-5 October. Enneagram Workshops: Happiness & The Enneagram takes place in London on 7-9 December and Love & The Enneagram on 8-10 February.


    Further information Tel: 0845 430 9236;


    Natural Remedy for Snoring

    Helps Stop Snoring spray and throat rinse has been shown to reduce snoring in 4 out of 5 users. This is based on a clinical study that questioned the partners of snorers using the products, of which 80% said snoring became much more bearable with the use of Helps Stop Snoring. The products work through the use of a blend of natural essential oils that help tone the soft tissues at the back of the throat, snoring often occurs when these soft tissues relax and vibrate as we breathe when sleeping.


    Further information:


    The Alexander Lowen Foundation Events

    The Alexander Lowen Foundation is featuring some events for 2012. TRE: Level II Training takes place on 10-12 August in Wisconsin USA Tel: (970) 948 5154;  Bioenergetics Workshop takes place on 13-16 at Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico Tel: +52 (871)711.3955;   and Practicing Bioenergetic Therapy – a symposium sponsored by NANZIBA, the North American and New Zealand Institutes for Bioenergetic Analysis on 26-29 October in Massachusetts USA.


    Top Tips for Avoiding Travellers’ Tummy

    Travellers’ tummy is probably one of the most unpleasant conditions you will get whilst abroad, but unfortunately, it is also one of the most common. So here are some top tips to help prevent it.  Drink bottled water only; shower with your mouth closed; try Iodine tablets; avoid ice in drinks; be careful with street food, choose clean restaurants, take a travel prebiotic – try ProVen Travel Probiotic, available at Lloyds Pharmacies, leading health food stores and at

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