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Case Study: Soul Harmony Creams can Reduce Pain and Balance the Chakras

by Sarah Williams(more info)

listed in mind body, originally published in issue 177 - December 2010

author with client
Sarah Williams (right) with client

This 50 year old female client is a college lecturer who had been married for 22 years with two children but had recently been divorced. Her blood type was O. She took no regular exercise other than walking to work daily (20mins each way).

Medical History

  • Tendency to High Blood Pressure (not medicated);
  • Warm hands and feet;
  • Right knee swollen and painful;
  • Right elbow painful;
  • Blocked feeling in left ear;
  • Headaches (stress related);
  • Upper abdominal pain(acute)....especially at night. (Gall bladder investigations by Dr);
  • Hay fever in June;
  • Occasional IBS symptoms;
  • Eczema on left hip (stress related);
  • Emotionally low.

When we met for the first treatment (consultation and hands-on session), the client had been signed off work for two weeks by her doctor, with a suspected post-viral disorder and gall stones (these would be investigated in due course). She was feeling very drained and tired, had a cough, and was suffering acute abdominal pain over the gall bladder and liver area (mainly at night, often waking her). She suffered occasional bloating. In addition her right knee was swollen and painful, making exercise very difficult. Her right elbow was painful and her left ear felt blocked. She was talking ibuprofen for the pain, but it didn't seem to be having much effect.

Emotional State: She was unhappy at work; her mother had passed away a few years ago, so she was feeling a burden of responsibility with her father, who was very needy. The recent divorce was not her choice and she was harbouring deep angst about her situation with regards to this.

Reason for Treatment: Client wanted to be pain free and to boost her self-esteem.

Treatment plan: After the initial consultation I was lead to believe that her anxieties were to do with low self-worth, bitterness towards her ex-husband and suppressed anger, I suggested three weekly aromatherapy massages which were designed to make her feel pampered and nurtured, as well as provide an opportunity to use a blend of essential oils which I thought would help her on each occasion. I would be working with the balancing of all of her chakras to enable her healing but would be focusing on Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat.

Treatment 1
I gave her a 90minute body massage, including back, neck head and shoulders, legs and feet, and also did some work on realigning the sacral area. The essential oils I used in the massage were all selected for their relative properties as follows;

  • 3 drops Bergamot (to improve self esteem/uplift mood/balance adrenals, balance Solar Plexus chakra which is all about self-esteem/worth);
  • 3 drops Tea Tree (to give her an immune boost and balance the thymic chakra which is connected to self-protection issues which can manifest in persistent coughs);
  • 3 drops Lemon (also anti-viral and balances the solar plexus connected to low self-esteem);
  • 3 drops Cypress (helps with cleansing, detoxifying and the grieving process);
  • 4 drops Marjoram (assists digestion and balancing throat chakra connected to communication or lack of the ability to communicate);
  • 2 drops Rose Geranium (to help balance adrenals and the heart chakra which is connected to forgiveness and unconditional love, including of self);
  • 10mls Arnica Phytol (to treat bruising - both physical and emotional);
  • 40mls sweet almond oil (carrier).

After Care
After this first treatment I was able to assess that her sacro-iliac joint was misaligned and the energy of her sacral area was not balanced, as there was a very cool feel over her solar plexus, indicating a blockage of some kind. Emotionally, she felt rejected and had very low self worth.

I connected the painful knee to the emotion of being flexible in moving forward in her life, and feeling slightly stubborn in her thought patterning. And the right elbow is connected to feeling 'elbowed-out' or trying to ungracefully 'elbow her way in', related to her recent marital break up.

I suggested she apply some Organic Aromatherapy's Gall Bladder Support cream to her abdomen twice daily until the next treatment. The cream works by sending a cocktail of essential oils directly to her gall bladder which is said to hold the emotion of 'bitterness' and 'letting go'. I believed the cream's regular application would help her release her bitterness and move on, and in so doing allow the gall stones to disappear.

Treatment 2, 1 week Later
The client reported that her lower back area seemed more comfortable. Her right knee wasn't so swollen and painful although the right elbow was still sore. Her emotional state was still quite low. She had received a scan of her gall bladder at the hospital and was awaiting results.

I gave her a back, head, neck and shoulder massage including a pampering facial massage. Both these were again designed to make her feel pampered and nurtured, and also provided the opportunity to provide support to her system through the following essential oils.

  • 3 drops Grapefruit (to improve self-esteem, uplift mood, help balance digestion, detoxify and balance Solar Plexus chakra);
  • 3 drops Bergamot (also improves self esteem/uplifts mood and balance adrenals, and Solar Plexus chakra);
  • 3 drops Sandalwood (to provide some grounding and calming and also to balance Sacral Chakra which is connected to parenting/responsibility issues);
  • 3 drops Orange (this is good at aiding digestion and helping with self esteem /mood issues as well as balancing adrenals and Solar Plexus chakra);
  • 2 drops Marjoram (for assisting digestion and balancing throat chakra);
  • 2 drops Rose Geranium (to balance adrenals and heart chakra);
  • 40mls sweet almond oil (carrier).

Facial Blend

  • 1 drop Jasmine (excellent for facial skin and balancing to heart and sacral chakras);
  • 10ml Hazelnut oil (carrier);

After Care
I suggested the client continue to use the Gall Bladder support Cream so it could carry on helping her to release bitterness. In addition, I suggested she apply some Solar Plexus Chakra Balancing Cream twice daily to her wrists, as I believed this would help improve her self esteem as well as help her digestive issues. I also gave her some Liver Support cream which contains essential oils known to help release suppressed anger because the liver is said to hold onto anger.

I also gave the client some Pancreatic Support cream because the pancreas is said to connect to the emotion of 'not feeling able to give of the sweetness of the self' as well as any 'mothering' issues which had been indicated due to her recent divorce, and her relationship to her mother and the mothering of her own children.

Treatment 3, I week Later
The client reported that her right knee had continued to improve and her right elbow was now pain free. She said she felt emotionally uplifted clearly had more self worth. Her left ear had also become unblocked and her bloating and digestive pains, while still there, were much reduced.

I gave her a 60 minute reflexology treatment because the client expressed her preference for this kind of treatment which didn't require her to undress. I agreed, as the technique still permitted me to opportunity to assess the whole body. I chose to use essential oils which would also help in the balancing process. Oils used:

  • 1 drop Bergamot;
  • 1 drop Black Spruce (very grounding and restorative);
  • 1 drop Marjoram;
  • 1 drop Ravensara (a real immune boost as well as balancing the Thymic chakra);
  • 20mls sweet almond oil (carrier).

After Care
I suggested the client continue the Gall Bladder support Cream as well as the Solar Plexus Chakra Balancing Creams, as both were clearly helping her symptoms by allowing her to release angst and bitterness.

In addition, I suggested she use some Base Chakra Balancing Cream which I felt would help her to feel safe, secure and grounded and to further support the knee..

Treatment 4, 3 weeks Later
The client reported feeling much lighter in spirit and generally much happier. Her knee felt better and was nearly pain free. Her digestive pain had virtually gone and so she was sleeping much better.

She had received the scan results which showed that gall stones were present. Her doctor had recommended an operation to remove them, and had placed her on a national health waiting list. She wanted to continue her treatments with me as she enjoyed the relaxation, and felt they were beneficial.

Again the client expressed a preference for reflexology so I gave her a 60 minute treatment using the following oils:

  • 1 drop Cypress;
  • 1 drop Black Spruce;
  • 1 drop Juniper (detoxifying, cleansing, restorative);
  • 1 drop Carrot Seed (cleansing);
  • 1 drop Rosemary (stimulant);
  • 20mls sweet almond oil (carrier).

After Care
I suggested the client continue using all three Gall Bladder support cream, Base Chakra Balancing Cream and Solar Plexus Chakra Balancing Cream, all twice daily.

Subsequent treatments: This client continues to have monthly reflexology 60 minute treatments to maintain her wellbeing.

13 weeks after beginning to use the Solar Plexus Chakra Balancing Cream and Gall Bladder support cream, the client had ceased to experience pain or bloating. When she was called in for her operation to remove the gall bladder, she was re-scanned her and discovered that she had no sign of any stones at all. She was then asked if she still wanted the operation. She declined!

All original ailments have now disappeared. She got herself a new job, and a lighter, brighter outlook on life. Her self -esteem and self- worth are both clearly restored. She reports that she is much more relaxed, fulfilled, and handling all life throws at her with a renewed ease and calmness. Her children are amazed at how happy and young she looks.


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About Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams ITEC MGPP AC is a professional lecturer, holistic therapist, researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness, multidimensional light weaver and works with  frequency and vibration, accessing new paradigms of energy and matter. She has been working holistically with energy, since 1997 as a therapist having woken up in 1994. She stepped away from her “hamster wheel job” when her daughter was born and into aromatherapy and body massage. Since then she has been furthering her knowledge/ skills and accesses the realms of the shamanic, angelic , ascended masters and Christed galactics with a team of 22 guides. She has been teaching raise your vibration classes (to 7 levels )and courses working within the realm of psychoneuroimmunology( body/mind connection) and was guided to manifest/channel the soul harmony balancing creams working specifically with 18 chakras and the 4 bodies ( physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). 

She also shares the wisdom and vibration of the munay ki rites of passage ( the heroes journey) to enable her students to step into their light bodies and evolve their life experience enabling them to manifest entirely new life experiences, as luminous creators, a process taught for centuries by our indigenous ancestors which can facilitate  stepping into the true enlightened version of the self-accessing the “law of one” and the Akashic records that includes wisdom from races of highly advanced beings that we share earth and space with. The Golden thread that weaves her work together is the science of Ascension – a solar-system-wide transformation that elevates earth and humanity to a higher phase of spiritual advancement. Sarah’s message is one of unity and love, encouraging people to live a life of goodness and harmony. She is a cosmic healer and soul guide in the Ascension timeline and drama.

Personal treatments: Sessions may include any of the following aspects, depending on your requirements, or what comes up for you on the day of your session: Spiritual coaching, Raising your Vibration, Chakra Balancing, Energy Cleansing, Energy Flow, Cord Removal, Card Readings, Clearance of old Miasms, Shamanic Cleansing (Mayan), Psycho-Neuro-Immunology, Vibrational Upgrades (4 bodies), Enhancing Connections with your Guides, Sound and/or Crystal Healing, Readings Related to Past Lives and/or Current and Parallel Life Frequencies.

Sarah may be contacted via

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