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You Wouldn't Be Normal if You Didn't React in an Abnormal Way!

by Robert D Dangoor(more info)

listed in mind matters, originally published in issue 168 - March 2010

The Introduction

What is 'normal' ? It is different from what is usual. But normality is unusual that you have to react in a negative way to make any sense. Some people choose to be abnormal, while some people are made abnormal by other people. A lot of these people usually have a mental disorder. People are wary of these people because they are unpredictable.


Those with a mental disorder depend on medical staff, as well as themselves to get better. However, they are also dependent on the people who have perpetrated these deeds. They rely on these people when they need someone's help the next time, it's addictive. As far as the disturbed people go, they don't necessarily imagine the thing that they experience.  Most of it is based on fact, although the imaginings might be exaggerated.

They don't talk about their experiences until they see a psychiatrist or nurse, as they trust these professionals, to a certain extent. People take advantage of these disturbed people so many times, that they have to take revenge, even though it does not warrant it. A lot of people with mental disorders are depressed. Once you get depressed, then it becomes a catalyst, it's a vicious circle, one leads to another.  You go by what has happened to you before.

Reality seems to be unreal and so unpredictable that people under pressure cannot tell the difference.

One Liners

  • Your life is in your hands, but sometimes obstacles get in your way and your hands then become tied.
  • If I was expecting a friend to help me out in a difficult situation, I would feel very disappointed if he let me down at the last minute and would think twice before asking someone again.
  • If I ask a friend to do a DIY job in my flat and I pay him and then he asks me to lend him money, which he never returns, I would feel let down.
  • If you know someone who is also known to your family, you have to tread carefully so that you do not upset your friend, who may report back to your family.
  • When a group of friends get together to enjoy themselves, there is usually one who upsets the apple cart.
  • In a pub when a group is making a lot of noise and being a nuisance, the publican tends to pick on the one with the least resistance.
  • One is wary of people who react to what you look like rather than what you do.
  • Giving advice is hazardous as it could be seen as interfering, but it is simply passing on the benefit of experience.
  • If you give too much appreciation to someone, he might test your support next time.
  • When someone crosses the road and his feet are run over by the wheels of the car, then he would be wary of crossing the road again, without taking care that it didn't happen again.
  • Passengers in an aeroplane which has to force land, would find it a traumatic experience and next time they would check which airline had a safer record.
  • If I ask directions and he sends me the wrong way, I will tend to try to read a map rather than depend on someone else.
  • A shopkeeper who is repeatedly given forged notes, has to check that the notes he now gets are genuine.
  • If I confide a secret to a shopkeeper, and he tells other people that I know, I would be less likely to tell anyone else a secret.
  • You usually can only go into a shop once or twice in a short space of time, because familiarity breeds contempt.
  • One can be wary of giving too big a tip in a restaurant because the waiter might think that you are after something else.
  • You have to be careful of adverts, which do not always live up to their promises.
  • I went on a long and stressful journey by car and hyperventilated, developing such a phobia of escalators and heights that I haven't travelled by tube for over ten years.
  • A soldier who has suffered post-traumatic stress disorder from a war, may well have a traumatic reaction to a loud noise long after he is out of the war zone.
  • A person who is abused as a child might find it difficult to lead a normal life.
  • If the bus is full and you cannot get on with a wheelchair, you must wait until a bus comes along which has enough room to accommodate the wheelchair.
  • If you are involved in a punch-up in a queue because it is thought that you queue-jumped, you will feel vulnerable in a queue.
  • Instead of thanking you for trying to make someone give up a bad habit, the addicted person blames you for causing him to take up the habit.
  • A drinker who sometimes cannot hold his alcohol might be wary of having one drink too many.
  • Someone who wants to save money and get fit at the same time, might think twice about riding a bicycle if he has been hit by a car.
  • In a penalty shoot-out, the penalty taker is fast and accurate with his shot, but the keeper saving the goal and also the match, is a genius.
  • Be careful if a friend turns against you when he is with another person.
  • If you are usually wrong about things, it is difficult to convince people when you are right.
  • If you are charged £5 for something twice, and you are charged £4 the third time, should you be grateful for the discount or complain of being overcharged on the first two occasions?
  • A comedian practising a joke for a long time will be disappointed if the joke falls flat on its face.
  • If a car is stationary at a green traffic light, do you cross the road or wait until the car has gone?
  • On a park bench, do you ask a well-built man not to smoke because the smoke is getting into your eyes?
  • Standing behind a difficult and awkward person in a queue, I would wonder how I would be treated as the next customer.
  • If an athlete sacrifices all his spare time training for the marathon, he will disappointed if he does not complete it.
  • When renting a flat you will be very upset if you are charged by the agent as well as the landlord.
  • With fruit machines you learn the hard way that it is not what you get out, but what you put in.
  • How do you feel after queuing up for a long time to obtain a certain item to be told when you reach the counter that the item is sold out?
  • Or you rush across town to catch the last train... to be told it has already gone?
  • And are you not very annoyed with the policeman who stops you to check your car and your driving licence when you are late and rushing to get somewhere?

The End

There's good in every one, you just have to get the goodness out of the bad.
Although love can be entwined with hate, but usually it's temporary


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