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The Incredible Dream Oracle

by David Melbourne & Dr Keith Hearne(more info)

listed in mind matters, originally published in issue 46 - November 1999

Here, the authors explain an amazing and completely new way of getting important messages from the unconscious mind, via dreams, yet requiring no interpretation. The method, now becoming known all over the world, is described in their new book titled The Dream Oracle. Respected dream researcher Hearne states that it is the most significant advance ever concerning dreams.

Dream image

The Alphabetic Dream Code

The difficulty with conventional dream interpretation is that each individual has their own particular associations to items that are presented in the dream, so interpretation is complex. 'Dream Dictionaries' are not particularly helpful because they often give contradictory meanings. The results are usually very uncertain.

However, this totally new method, devised by David Melbourne and presented jointly with Dr Hearne in the book The Dream Oracle, actually establishes a universal and fixed set of dream meanings based on the letters of the alphabet. Thus, A=Avarice, B=Brevity, C= Consequence, D=Divinity, E=Envy, F=Faith, etc. The words were selected to cover any human situation.

Firstly, you read the alphabet-code meanings. Each word has several different aspects to it, so that, say, E (Envy) refers both to the dreamer possibly being envious, or causing envy in others by flaunting good fortune.

That establishes the alphabet-code in your unconscious mind. (You may even want to learn the letters, which is fine.) Of course, you cannot identify any dream message until your unconscious mind knows – beforehand – the alphabet-code.

Then, before sleep you ask your unconscious mind to provide advice on one specific problem – preferably an important thing, like should you marry a particular person, or should you change your job?

What happens then is absolutely remarkable. You are very likely to experience a dream in which just about every object you see begins with the same letter - for instance, there may be a baby, balloon, bus, bicycle, bridge and so on. Not only that, but your unconscious will then actually wake you so that the message is made clear! Recognition of the communicated letter will be instant, and you can then peruse the book again to read the text. The specific aspect that is relevant will 'jump out' at you.

The method is superbly efficient. It has been found that in about eight out of ten cases of people reading The Dream Oracle, an alphabet-code dream happens that first night.

Messages From Within

The usual method of letter-presentation in the dream is where many objects have the same initial letter (visual initial letter presentations):

Female (30s)

'I read The Dream Oracle meanings. That night I dreamed the same dream, and woke from it, three times. I was working in the coffee shop with 16 year old Jason, who we call the Boy. We were busy when suddenly a whole load of bagels turned up. I didn't know what to do. I turned to the Boy and said "Shall we bin these?", but he said even though we were really busy, we had to put them on sale. So the Boy and I stood there buttering bagels in the busiest period of the day. It was so obvious on waking that the letter B was important. When I read again about B (for Brevity), the words jumped out of the page. It mentioned being decisive and not letting another opportunity slip through my fingers. The dream made me decide to go ahead and move into another type of work. Everyone's looking for answers, but this has really worked for me.'

Male (50s)

'I attended a talk given by Dr Hearne. He read out a shortened list of dream alphabet meanings. That night I had a dream in which I was in a cave. I was thinking "this is crass". I came out of my body and saw several chairs dancing. I thought "I must tell Carol" (I don't even know a Carol). Then I awoke suddenly and immediately understood that the letter communi- cated to me was C for Consequences. In fact, I realised that the dream was important and next day went through my list of projects and made various adjustments. Definitely, The Dream Oracle worked well.'

Female (30s)

'I live on the Isle of Hoy in the Orkneys, and I was one of the first people to try out The Dream Oracle's alphabet-code technique. I was feeling despondent. There is hardly any employment on the island and I had long attempted to make a living as a writer. I thought I was competent but lacked confidence and was about to give up writing. I read the set word-meanings and asked my inner-self for guidance. A dream occurred in which all of a sudden a page of a book was shown to me. A very large letter F, in old Victorian, flowery style, and taking up the whole page, was before my eyes. It was quite a shock and I awoke. Immediately, I thought of The Dream Oracle code. F referred to Faith and that was a very meaningful word to me at that time. It was telling me to have faith in myself, trust in my abilities to succeed and believe in myself. I have since gained much success. My unconscious knew, beforehand, that I could achieve it.'

Female (30s)

'Very shortly after reading the book, I was in a dream in which I was in a bar drinking Sangria (something I would never drink in reality). I went into a corridor and saw stacks and stacks of sugar. Then someone came and took several stacks of sugar up the staircase. I seemed to be aware of several things beginning with the letter S. Then I woke up. When I later recalled that S meant Sloth, it had a definite link for me, because I have had a long-lasting problem with procrastination.' Sometimes, apart from visual initial letter presentations, clever sentences heard in the dream reinforce the message using verbal initial letter presentations:

Female (40s)

'I read The Dream Oracle meanings. That night I was in a boat on the ocean, and the word ocean went through my mind. I saw an octopus, and then I fell overboard. My husband was looking over the side at me. He said "The onus is on you to get yourself out of this one." Then I woke up. It was so obvious to me that the letter O for Overuse was being repeatedly given to me. It fitted precisely. I had been really overdoing things. It was a timely warning.'

It has also been noted that occasionally two letters may be presented simultaneously – as if of equal importance in the message.

One person reported several items beginning with both K and W (Karma and Will). A synthesis then occurred, when the well-known British comedy actor Kenneth Williams (KW) suddenly appeared in the dream.

In a few cases, a single letter is presented (phonetic initial letter presentation):

Female (20s)

'I read The Dream Oracle text for the first time, and went to bed 'incubating' a helpful dream on the topic of an ongoing financial problem. That night, in a dream, I was walking along a pavement and saw a man coming towards me. Suddenly, he stepped out in front of me and said "I". I reacted by saying the same thing back to him – then I woke up instantly. It was clear to me that it was an Oracle letter. I re-read what the Oracle said about Ire and realised that the money situation had made me very angry – although I had not really been aware of that. I can see that I need to channel that negative feeling in a more positive way.'

Female (50s)

'I had a dream in which someone kept saying the word "Why" – then I woke up. In fact, I saw at once that it was an alphabet-code dream – Y for Yesterday. It is very true that I am focused too much in the past.'

Independent Testing

Various independent media people have shown an interest in The Dream Oracle and subjected the technique to their own tests. For instance, in January 1999, well known South Africa FM radio presenter John Richards, in his programme Total Exposure, spoke with David Melbourne. Richards had read The Dream Oracle before the interview and that first night experienced a dream in which there were reels, research, reading and a whole variety of things beginning with the letter R. He awoke instantly from the dream and noticed the links. He told Melbourne that the theme, Repentance, applied to him in a most meaningful way. Richards highly recommended the book to his vast listening audience.

In England, journalist Angela Cooke gave the book to several people she knew – including her hairdresser, local shopkeeper, and colleagues. They all had alphabet-code dreams. An article written by her in the Sunday Mirror's Personal magazine (25th October 1998) reported the success of her trials. For instance, one woman realised that she had been too curt and dismissive with her husband. The article gave a shortened version of the alphabet-code meanings and many people wrote in with alphabet dreams that they'd experienced after reading the piece.

The Process

What is the process by which The Dream Oracle produces its important messages? There is extensive evidence for the existence of an unconscious mind, which is our friend, guide and adviser. It is highly knowledgeable, and has access to consider- able information – constituting a powerful wisdom, of which we have no conscious awareness.

Its problem is that it cannot easily communicate to consciousness. Messages are attempted in ordinary dreams, but the message becomes garbled in being transformed into visual language and can only be decoded with difficulty.

Unexpected behaviour sometimes gives away a warning message from the unconscious – a person might express an inner truth by, say, a slip of the tongue, so that a princess might get the name wrong of her prince at her wedding. Little errors which represent powerful statements of objection from within.

As we have seen, alphabet-code dreams come to most people reading the book just once, but some people may wish to 'incubate' a letter-dream along the lines of the ancients – who would cleanse, fast, and sleep in a special temple in order to receive a significant dream. The effects of such psychological expectation can strongly influence the mind – as witnessed by, say, the placebo effect in medicine.

Therefore, we established a set of six levels of incubation in order to elicit alphabet-code dreams – involving an increasing amount of ritual. The final level involves sleeping at an ancient site.

Once the alphabet-code has been read, the unconscious can, in fact, produce a message dream at any time subsequently. This is a particularly useful function because emergency messages of warning or encouragement, say, can manifest spontaneously and provide exactly the right advice for the individual when needed.

The Dream Oracle is so named because it is a way of receiving dream messages from 'elsewhere' – not perhaps from the gods (as the ancients believed) but from the unconscious. But it is more than that. The ancients accepted that what we would now term paranormal information came through the Oracles. There is today considerable and accumulating evidence – to anyone who is unbiased in science – that the dream state is particularly conducive to the reception of such information, and so the book title accommodates the possibility that some messages may come from extra-sensory sources.


It is anticipated that the new Dream Oracle method will be of vast assistance to people requiring guidance from their wise unconscious mind on such matters as relationships, finances, employment and other major life decisions. Several people who have used the technique have already made major life-changes, confident of the quality of the advice from deep within them. It is only sensible to look for one's inner voice when, say about to consider marriage, a move or a new employment.

Therapists, too, will benefit considerably from The Dream Oracle. By administering it to their clients they will obtain crucial and accurate information – from the source of self-truth – which can be used in relation to diagnosis, treatment, and feedback on the individual's progress.

It is noticeable that the unconscious almost joyfully puts its messages across in its two-stage manner of presenting the different alphabet-code items and then waking the dreamer. It is as if it is pleased to be given a voice after having been ignored and neglected for too long.

The wider perspective is that this new method of internal communication, from the individual's wise part to the individual's conscious part, is likely to change the world in a most positive way, by enabling the unconscious to play a greater role in decision making. And when the world's leaders use the technique, a saner planet will be the bountiful outcome.


The Dream Oracle (£9.99) is published by New Holland Publishers. It may be ordered by post from 24 Nutford Place, London W1H 6DQ or by calling 01903 828800.

A web-site providing further information about the two authors and their work is at


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About David Melbourne & Dr Keith Hearne

David Melbourne has been analysing and interpreting dreams for over twenty years. He developed a cross reference flow chart method of dream interpretation, and pointed out the significance of a 'trigger effect' which deliberately awakens the dreamer (counter to Freud's belief) when an important message has just been communicated in the dream. Psychologist Dr Keith Hearne (the 'father of lucid dream research') is an internationally known psychologist. He made many major discoveries in his sleep-laboratory research in the 1970s, and invented the 'dream machine'. He is the Principal of the College of Past Life Regression Studies (01189 320829), and the European College of Hypnotherapy (07071 228497).

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