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Letters to the Editor Issue 88

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listed in letters to the editor, originally published in issue 88 - May 2003

Comments from Gregory Pawelski (widower of Ann Pawelski)

The great chefs of the world would probably say the key ingredient for their exquisite food has to be 'presentation'. You certainly have 'presented' the information I have gathered (facilitator) over these last three years. (See Ovarian Cancer – Death by Side Effects of Treatments Issue 84 January 2003). I have already purchased a dozen copies of Positive Health to pass out to a number of doctor-friends of mine who were eagerly awaiting their arrival. I have a number of other people who would love to read the magazine, as well as the article.

A postscript to the article is in-store: Why, after 24 years, had ovarian cancer cells proliferated inside her diaphragm? Her presentation of a left Deep Vein Thrombosis and PE in 1972 enabled the doctors to find her ovarian cancer at its earliest stage, where surgical oncology alone is over 93% curative. Her postoperative chemotherapy was among the slowest acting and least toxic of the alkylating agents whereas the depression of the immune system was slow and reversible, allowing it to regenerate and contribute to healing her cancer. Plus, she was only 40 years of age.

My wife had been taking Premarin for over twenty years. The National Institutes of Health had published articles about two large studies indicating the increased risk of ovarian cancer linked to Estrogen Replacement Therapy. For women who used estrogen for 20 years of more, it was increased by more then 300% (3-fold) compared to women who had never taken it. And from The North American Menopause Society, "it has been known for many years that estrogen therapy is also associated with an increase in DVTs and pulmonary embolism". As one repondent to my email to them about this said, "Well that's interesting. I wonder why they didn't choose to let us in on it"!

Thanks again for the wonderful presentation.
Gregory D. Pawelski


Lacey JV, Mink PJ, Lubin JH, et al: Menopausal Hormone Replacement Therapy
and Risk of Ovarian Cancer. JAMA. Jul 17; 288(3): 334-341.
[ current/abs/ joc20074.html]. 2002.

Reflexology success

I had my first reflexology treatment recently and I told the practitioner that my feet were essential to me because they were my main form of transport. I had been feeling a lot of pain in my feet and I asked her if she could relieve it. She explained the grammar of reflexology enabling me to understand how one can relax different parts of the body by treating different reflexes. After she did the usual techniques I didn't feel any twinges and all the pain I had experienced evaporated. I felt I was walking on air.

I thanked her. I told her that I had felt certain reflexes in my head but I explained that there was only one part of the body that was more important that she had reached. She asked me, "Which one was that?" I replied, "My heart, of course!"

Robert D Dangoor
Fax: 020-7399 0850

New Tinnitus Treatment Method

Tinnitus (ringing, whistling, buzzing) in the ears is a very common problem. We all have tinnitus but for the most part it is not noticeable. 10% of the population suffer from 'noticeable' tinnitus. Other people may occasionally get temporary tinnitus after loud music, say from a disco or concert.

If you go into a quiet room it is impossible to hear silence; the auditory nerve cells are always busy trying to fill in the silence with something. These nerve cells are located between the brain and the ear. The name for these nerve cells is the eighth nerve. The eighth nerve is a very sensitive part of your body. When damaged or the input to is impaired, it can become over stimulated, which in turn notifies the brain that there is a sound when in fact there is none.

It is vitally important that the patient has been to a doctor and Ear Nose and Throat specialist. In most cases tinnitus is benign but in some cases, especially that of pulsate tinnitus (the patient hears beeping in time with their pulse) it needs to be checked in case it is a tumour (although extremely rare).

When someone first gets tinnitus, one of the most common reactions is panic. It's natural; we all panic if something strange is happening to our body. A lucky few accept the sound over a period or months/years. Others unfortunately have sleepless nights and in a lot of cases end up taking anti-depressants or sleeping pills. One effective means of silencing the tinnitus is via a masker sound; this can give temporary relief and help habituation over the long time. Examples of these are on my web site

The main treatment is TRT (Tinnitus Retraining Therapy). The treatment involves, in a very simplistic form; (please refer to the website for more information) explaining to the patient what Tinnitus is, counselling and helping them obtaining masking devices that fit around the ear. It isn't a cure, but helps habituation (getting used to the sound) My own ideas tested on a group of Tinnitus patients is split into three phases. It is a very different complete therapy to anything else available.

I begin by the discussing the patient's health, wellbeing and how the Tinnitus affects them, how it started, drugs they are taking and a complete discussion of the realities of hypnotherapy (rather than the mystique produced unfortunately be the immoral use of stage hypnotism). Once the patient is happy we go onto the most exciting part of the therapy. This is based in part by research by Dr Herta Flor and her team at the University of Heidelberg's (reported in New Scientist) To sum up, patients were trained two hours a day over four weeks, after which they reported, on average, a 35 per cent reduction in their tinnitus.

These patients were trained by playing exactly the same tone they heard in their head, both in pitch and sound wave, and then a contrasting sound. When the sound was played, many patients reported the tinnitus sound disappeared throughout the duration of playing and for a small period of time afterwards. The word for this is called Frequency-Matched Residual Inhibition. This works because the subconscious becomes aware of the sound and relearns to block it out or calm down the part of damaged eighth nerve. It isn't a cure – more something to help control and reduce the sound (although a cure for some does happen).

Two hours a day over four weeks is a very long time for anyone. What I was after in hypnosis was to emulate the technique but reduce the training period and increase its effectiveness. The mind is best at learning in small chunks. I emulated the sound heard by the patient on my computer, put it on a CD to take home and then with the now taught self-hypnosis technique, play the sounds to the patient whilst giving the subconscious instructions to the mind. Now it has a sound context to base it on the mind can learn to filter it out.

Results are good. Most patients have never been to a hypnotherapist and as such find this non-aggressive technique very simple. At the minimum, this therapy helps patients relax after years of tension caused by the tinnitus. Once this has been dealt with, controlling the volume of the sound is much easier. It's a wonderful feeling when a patient does not need to take sleeping pills or anti-depressants anymore (obviously with consultation from a doctor). This isn't a cure – just something that can help.

I listened to the CD for 15 minutes while in trance. My Tinnitus level went down to a 2-5. (level 2 means I have to search for it) and stayed like this for approximately 60 minutes. My Tinnitus gradually went back to a low humdinger over the next couple of hours. I literally walked in through the door, sat down and heard the CD and the level of my Tinnitus reduced by approximately 50%. Adam

I find that with the help of Self Hypnosis and the CD combined, this terrible intermittent high pitch sound gradually reduces. I still take a sleeping pill to help me fall asleep (I haven't the full confidence yet) but after a short while, I awake to my sound again and immediately put on the Earphones and CD and help is at hand very quickly; it doesn't seem long before I fall back asleep. Sid Schogger

Charles Vald,
Member, British Institute of Hypnotherapy

Reader's Comments re Natural Approaches

I look forward to reading your magazine and 'heaving' (reading) articles from 'like-minded people'.

Although my training initially was in a conventional, allopathic setting at Manchester Royal Infirmary, I was brought up in very natural surroundings, right out and away from the cities and pollution. My parents believed in herbalism, and organically produced food on our smallholding, where chickens also roamed free and were fed organically.

When I heard about homeopathy thirty years ago, I followed it up, and as a nurse was allowed to attend the doctor's course at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. I have attended an International Homeopathic Conference at Sussex University with doctors/homeopaths from all over the world, attended a George Vitoulkas Seminar in Glasgow and enjoyed reading his book on energy medicine.

When Reflexology first came to London, I studied with Mrs Bailey and Dr Nicola Hall, and later 'converted' to the Inge Dougan's concept of Reflexology on the Meridians in the feet. Last year I was delighted to attend a one-day conference, then later a three-day session in Manchester with Inge Dougan.

I still retain my interest in and use of herbs (tintures) and regularly (daily) juice organic apples with organic carrots. Mother tincture of Echinacea, Milkthistle and Arnica 30 travel with me daily in my handbag.

I've just read Sandra Hillawi's article Detoxification and Emotional Balancing for Optimum Health (Issue 86).

It reminds me of my reflexology approach of treating body, mind and spirit (or emotions); the emotional impact and healing is quite profound. With one person who was suicidal and opened up verbally, I referred him to a trained psychotherapist in conjunction with reflexology treatment from myself which he enjoyed.

Sometimes people cry throughout a first session and their anxieties and grief surface as though it is a relief to share them with someone.

In order to carry on working which I enjoy at seventy-two years of age, I have regular acupuncture/shiatsu, dietary herbal advice from Dr Lu Hua, every five weeks and benefit on all levels of body/mind/emotions from this Chinese approach.

Regarding moves to have herbal remedies registered as one has to do with conventional drugs (which do have side effects) and the programme 'Horizon' claiming homeopathy is a placebo (used by royalty etc). I sent two pages from a practitioner of Bach Flower Remedies to the Queen and received a reply, that she sent it to the Minister of health, making him fully aware the Queen, who supports natural medicine, had forwarded it.

Sylvia G Mellor
SRN, MSSCh, MBChA, Assoc MFHom, Assoc LMHI, Chiropodist & Reflexologist

UK Health Authority Approves Chelation!

Historically, the Arterial Disease Clinic had gained National Health Service funding from 29 Health Authorities from 54 we applied to, for chelation therapy for various cardiovascular diseases.

However pressure from the government to hit national targets on expenditure on 'proven' treatments led to a loss of patients getting NHS funds and only those with own their private finances could attend our clinics.

Having fought through the NHS appeals system we have overturned the decision of the Wiltshire Health Authority to deny one of their patients funding to our clinics.

The lady had both heart and aortic surgery over 10 years ago and the vascular surgeon had been reluctant to perform further surgery, even though he could not detect a pulse in her feet.

Eight years ago she came to us, had 20 EDTA/Antioxidant infusions as per ACAM protocol, her ankle pressures were increased to 70 ankle/brachial ratio. Since then she has attended regularly for a top-up infusion every 3 months, whilst taking our Arterial Health Formula daily (see Her peripheral pulses are still good and her regular check up at the NHS hospital confirms that surgery is no longer required.

After initially funding her for 6 years the NHS stopped claiming no evidence that chelation was effective.

For the last 2 years we have pursued the case.

Finally the NHS appeals ombudsman has accepted that the lady has got better as the result of our chelation treatment. He has ruled the Health Authority must pay for the past 2 years treatment and future treatment as long as she does not deteriorate.

We are now proceeding to raise the issue with many other cases. The fact that the NIH had agreed to fund a study was a deciding factor. Please let your colleagues in chelation know.
Regards from ADC in England.

Dr Grag, Dr Perry, John Buckley

FTC and Health Canada Action against Dr Hulda Clark

Due to recent Federal Trade Commission action against DR. Hulda Clark Health Canada (HC) has taken steps to remove our medical class licensing for these products:

1. Silver Pulser
2. Bio-Tuner
3. Zapper

The letter HC has sent to us is one of the most absurd documents we have ever seen. It appears that HC is trying to revoke our licences on technicalities and labelling issues. We know that HC is only trying to position themselves politically with the FTC, and have zero interest in allowing any kind of medical licence for our products. In fact, HC feels political embarrassment in the eyes of the FTC for having even granted us a licence in the first place.

We have tried to work in the spirit of cooperation with HC for almost 2 years now. All we have ever got back from HC are roadblocks and barriers. We look for solutions, and HC looks for ways to eliminate us. HC is manipulated by self-proclaimed 'watch-dog' Terry Polevoy (in Canada). HC bows down in ignorance and stupidity to this individual. We know that first hand.

So, until further notice we cannot sell the Silver Pulser, Bio-Tuner, and Zapper to any Canadian customers.

In spite of all this, our 60 person clinical study is now underway, and we hope to conclude it within 6 months. It has been one of the most difficult things to get off the ground. Sorry for the delays. I did promise we would disclose the results of the study, and I stick to that promise. I just need to wait until the study concludes.

By the way, SOTA funded the study 100% without ANY financial (or other) help from anyone including governments. In other words, we used our own hard-earned money to pay for this study and did not run to the government for a hand-out. The clinical results will be ours and ours alone. No one, nor any government, will be able to take that away from us.

So, in view of current events soon you may not be able to purchase or have access to these revolutionary products. Not a good picture. It's wearing us out folks. Please wish us luck.

Russ Torlage
SOTA Instruments Inc.
Source: Kallie Miller

Side Effects from Doctors' Errors

Largely because of doctors' errors, older outpatients in the United States have about half a million preventable drug side effects each year, ranging from nausea to life-threatening kidney failure, a study suggests.

About 20 per cent of the side effects are caused by patients' mistakes, said the researchers, who studied about 30,000 people on Medicare in New England. But most of the preventable drug reactions result from doctors' errors. 'It's obvious that it's a major issue, a major problem,' said Dr Jerry Gurwitz, the lead researcher and a professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Source: Lindsey Tanner, Canadian Press March 05, 2003

Further Information
You can read interesting articles at Friends of Freedom – Advocates for Democracy & Justice . Friends of Freedom, PO Box 22099, Belleville, Ontario Canada K8N 5V7, Tel: 001 613 968-2613, Fax: 001 613 968-3215,


Dr Das Cancer Treatment

There is one treatment which is not very well accepted, although research by Dr Das in India looks pretty good. He has published his results for twelve years without any refutation in leading journals. His theory is that in the free radical theory of ageing, the polyunsaturated fatty acids in the cell walls oxidize due to free radicals normal to our metabolism, and from lifestyle problems like irradiation, pollution. This oxidation hardens the cell walls-making them less permeable to nutrients going in and waste products going out. Eventually the cells die as this process continues. In the free radical theory, antioxidants destroy free radicals, protect the cells, and extend their life.

Dr Das uses this process in reverse to put polyunsaturated fatty acids into the cell walls of cancer tissue and then not using antioxidants. Originally he did this by injection directly into inoperable cancer that was localized, and had an excellent survival rate of about 50%. Later he found that for metastasized cancer, the same treatment worked but at a lower rate. It is like chemotherapy, in that the rapidly growing cancer cells absorb a larger share of the fatty acids, and because the antioxidants in that region are used up, the cancer cells are aged more than the healthy cells. He used gamma Linoleic acid to start, because it seemed to work better. If this is not readily available, probably another unsaturated fatty acid would also work.

Elwood Richard, Now Foods

Cranio-Mandibular Symmetry Eases Asthma

I refer to the recent article (Issue 87, pp 31-33) by Mr Mohammed Amir on the risks of dental extraction, and would like to offer my personal testimony as to the effectiveness of his treatment methods from the field of Cranio-Mandibular Symmetry, alluded to in the article, and their benefits to health.

I became a patient of Mr Amir about 4 years ago on the recommendation of a friend. I had been suffering for many years, and increasingly so, with sporadic bouts of asthma (triggered by weather conditions, house dust, atmospheric pollution, hay fever), and was becoming more and more dependent on a salbutamol inhaler to ease the acute symptoms of asthma. I was also aware that there could be undesirable side effects of long-term use of this medication and was in search of a cure.

Following a thorough examination I was fitted with my first brace to correct for a significant misalignment of teeth between the upper and lower jaw. I also received instruction in simple procedures (a breathing exercise, for example), to assist in this process. It was clear to Mr Amir at the outset that my symptoms of asthma would respond well to his treatment and indeed, within a few months I was having fewer and less severe attacks, to the point right now when I cannot remember the last time I had one, or had to use the inhaler – it is certainly well over a year ago. Symptoms of hay fever have likewise reduced (in the rye grass pollen season, June to mid-July). Last year I was hardly affected at all.

His success in the various other areas of health I can well believe, judging from the experiences of some of Mr Amir's other patients I have spoken to – relief from irritable bowel syndrome, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, ME for example – and I am convinced that Cranio-Mandibular and Skeletal Symmetry is an important and highly effective methodology for health care and deserves a much wider utilisation within the dental profession. Mr Amir is a pioneer in this regard and, I should add, a dentist of consummate skill. His work should be taken seriously by all dental and medical professionals. I do hope it is – for the sake of all of those whose health and well being are at stake.

Graham Barnett, BSc, PhD


  1. Dr Sibia said..

    Ww took training in chelation therapy from Mr. John Buckley and Dr Tarsem Garg. Since we introduced Chelation Therapy in India at Sibia Medical Centre, Ludhiana, in 1994 we  always considered it as a patient proven therapy that has insufficient double blind controlled studies. Our experience of probably over 100,000 intravenous infusions stands testimony to it. We believe that it is near impossible to have such a trial. Even double blind studies in bypass surgery and angioplasty are rare. The mental block against chelation therapy lies in it appearing to be such a simple solution to a complex problem. We welcome anyone to contact us on mb +91-9814034818 to visit us with an open mind and interview our patients. We have several patients who had no option due to being unfit for surgery, recurrence after bypass, failed bypass and those who could not afford bypass who have responded well to chelation therapy. Specially important is the zero mortality during the procedure. Dr Sibia

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