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  1. Letters to the Editor 14

    by Sandra Goodman PhD

    The real cause of BSE!! + Bodily wear and tear + Not so Bizarre Bazaar!!

  2. Letters to the Editor Issue 100

    by Letters

    AIDS: Scientific or Viral Catastrophe? + No Freedom, Thank You, We're French! The Proposed French Legislation to 'Medicalize' and Ban Psychotherapy + The context and current situat...

  3. Letters to the Editor Issue 101

    by Letters

    Yorkshire Man Ready to Take on European Union + Codex Alimentarius – Optimizing Nutrient Intakes

  4. Letters to the Editor Issue 102

    by Letters

    Silent Spring Revisited + The Killer Vaccines: An Honest Physician Warns of Serious Dangers

  5. Letters to the Editor Issue 103

    by Letters

    Healing, A Labor of Love: 100 Stories of Gratitude + Distant Healing Offer + International Advocates for Health Freedom (IAHF): Breaking News: Codex, EU FSD + Cholesterol Drug Warn...

  6. Letters to the Editor Issue 104

    by Letters

    Seeking Asthma and Epilepsy Patients for New Biolight Treatment + Aromatherapy Consortium Seeks Lay Members + Symposium re Brain Function and Dysfunction + The Role of DHA upon Vis...

  7. Letters to the Editor Issue 105

    by Letters

    Hazel Scade Breast Cancer Update + Codex Update + The French Prohibition on Words Related to Healing + Patrick Holford Comments on Lancet Antioxidant Cancer Trial + Lancet Meta-Ana...

  8. Letters to the Editor Issue 106

    by Letters

    Jane Jones, Campaign Director, National Pure Water Association 1938 – 2004 + Lavender Essential Oil Production in Devon + Nutrition and HIV: Losing Rights to Choose Dietary Supplem...

  9. Letters to the Editor Issue 107

    by Letters

    Vitamin E, Heart Disease, and Mortality: Doctor Murray’s Newsletter

  10. Letters to the Editor Issue 108

    by Letters

    Benefits of Coffee Enemas + Obituary + Vitamin E Study Misleads Consumers

  11. Letters to the Editor Issue 109

    by Letters

    EU Supplement Directive Court Challenge + Response to Johns Hopkins article on Vitamin E by Neil Levin. Is Vitamin E Dangerous in High Doses?

  12. Letters to the Editor Issue 11

    by Letters

    Book review – Aromatherapy for Health Professionals + Acceptance – the cure for all allergic reaction! + Slipshod Homework + Vivienne Bradshaw Writes

  13. Letters to the Editor Issue 110

    by Letters

    Michael Lever Replies to Alexander Tennant's letter in Issue 108 Feb 2005 + Reader's Comment re Healing Energy. The Power of Intent + Steve Gamble Replies to Mary + Regulation and ...

  14. Letters to the Editor Issue 112

    by Letters

    Reader Seeks Help re Dog Vaccinations + Scandalous Refusal to Accept Success Rate of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) + Safety of Complementary Medicines: Health Risk Statistics + New E...

  15. Letters to the Editor Issue 113

    by Letters

    Global Battle Erupts Over Vitamin Supplements + AIDS Orthodoxy Shaken Up By Maverick Physician

  16. Letters to the Editor Issue 114

    by Letters

    Latest: EU Food Supplement Directive: The tide is turning… + Surprise Move Sees Controversial EU Directive Upheld + Natural Gallstone Removal + Pitfalls of a Vegetarian Diet? + Fur...

  17. Letters to the Editor Issue 115

    by Letters

    Obituary: Michael Gearin-Tosh: 16 January 1940-29 July 2005 + Have You Recovered From CFS?  + European Food Supplement Ban Avoided By Mutual Cooperation  + Study: Beta Blockers Don...

  18. Letters to the Editor Issue 116

    by Letters

    Obituary and Tribute to Michael Endacott: 1935-2005 + The European Council for Classical Homeopathy (ECCH) Critique of the Lancet Paper: Many Questions are Unanswered + Critics Say...

  19. Letters to the Editor Issue 117

    by Letters

    More Comment: Tribute to Medical Herbalist Ann Warren Davis + Milk Revealed As Main Cause Of Osteoporosis + Persecution of Alternative Practitioners Treating Cancer in the UK In de...

  20. Letters to the Editor Issue 118

    by Letters

    Niacin (Vitamin B3) Lowers High Cholesterol Safely + Health Canada Regulations to put Organic Herb Company Out of Business

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