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Letters to the Editor Issue 72

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listed in letters to the editor, originally published in issue 72 - January 2002

More Comment: The Desktop Guide to Complementary Medicine by Prof Ernst

I would also like to say how good I found your review of The Desktop Guide to Complementary and Alternative Medicine by Prof Ernst (see book review Issue 68). I agree with your views entirely. However, the encouraging thing is that people are increasingly voting with their feet, despite books like The Desktop Guide.

I am now busier than I ever was, and the bulk of my clients are either those who don't go to their doctor in the first place because their experience has been that the doctor doesn't really know what to do, or I am getting people who have been to all the specialists without getting any results.

Still, as you say, it is a shame that a chance has been wasted to give a fair view of complementary and alternative medicine…
I hope you are well.

Kind regards
Vera Peiffer

EU Supplement Directive

I have read your articles in the press. I'm writing about an EU Directive which may take effect in the UK in only 18 months. The EU plan to restrict the sale of vitamins in the UK to tiny almost useless amounts.

NOT for safety reasons but to 'harmonise' with Germany etc. Every few weeks new studies show that vitamins can reduce the risk of stroke etc. Last month Vitamin D in Cod Liver Oil was found to reduce Type 2 Diabetes by 80%. Anti-oxidant vitamins were reported in The Lancet to reduce macular degeneration of the eyes by 25% in those at high risk. But the EU have prepared a list of 'allowed' vitamins and if your favourite supplement is not on the list you won't be able to buy it.

Details from: Consumers for Health Choice Tel: 020 7222 4182, 9 Old Queen Street, London SW1H 9JA Fax: 020 7222 4192;

Or Ralph Pike, National Association of Health Stores PO Box 1455, Sheffield S7 2YD. Tel: 114249 5345.

'Recommended Daily Allowances' are minimal amounts which are only enough to prevent serious deficiency disease such as scurvy. It makes no sense to allow cigarettes and alcohol, which kill thousands, to be freely on sale, yet restrict beneficial vitamins of all things! Alcohol causes innocent victims of road accidents and violence but there is no talk of reducing alcohol content. Taking a health supplement is a personal matter affecting no-one else.

We would be grateful if you could consider writing about this. Vitamins are proven over 1,000 times safer than prescribed medical drugs. Medical drug adverse reaction is now the 4th most common cause of UK death. Please can you help raise awareness of what is going to take place?

Ann Wills,
Ruislip, Middx

The Editor Replies

Yes, and in fact we have commissioned a forthcoming feature about the EU Food Supplement Directive by Mike Abrahams which will be published in Issue 74. You can play your part in protecting our freedom by accessing the following website:

Sandra Goodman, Ph.D.


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