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Subtle Energy Fields

by Chris Lovelidge(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 212 - February 2014

My personal journey of discovery into the mysteries of Subtle Energy Fields (SEF) began in 1975 when I had a Near Death Experience (NDE); it frightened the life out of me. At that time there was no information available about these transcendental experiences. I concluded that I had developed a psychosis and my next step was the funny farm. Unknown to me at that time, Dr Raymond Moody, a  psychiatrist investigating this phenomenon,  published his findings in a book entitled Life after Life. Fortunately for me I heard the book being reviewed on the radio; I purchased it and read it in two days. The information in the book was startling and very healing. First I discovered I was not mentally ill (a great relief); secondly I was not the only one who had had an NDE (an even greater relief). But significantly I decided I had to discover just exactly what had happened to me, how and why. 

You may be wondering what the connection is between an NDE and Subtle Energies; stay with me on this one.

There are references to the SEF or Prana field in several ancient texts. The most well-known is probably the Ayurvedic Yoga Kundalini Upanishad,  written between 1400 BC and 1000 BC. The texts refer to the chakras and this is the origin of this word used to describe the rotating energy centres in the body. Below is a scan showing the shape of the chakras on one person. The shapes and sizes appear to differ from person to person depending on their physical and mental, even spiritual condition.


The Chakras as they really look

I was introduced into SEFs in the UK by a man who had developed a very interesting system that appeared to have the ability to reveal an energy field around people. Not only around but through and not only people but animals.  Amazingly, there were even indications this field was associated with all life.  Even red blood cells have one.

It seems the SEF contains some quite amazing data; here are a few:

  • It is in constant motion through and around the body;
  • No edge or limit has been found, suggesting there isn’t one, further suggesting the SEF is disseminated throughout the universe;
  • Blockages or congestion in the flow or movement have been shown to relate directly to either disease, injury, past or present, and can be a pre-cursor to disease;
  • The SEF can exist in cohesive form free of and independent of the body;
  • The field can be altered by thought alone;
  • There is no field where there is no life;
  • It is speculated the SEF can or does exist outside of the space-time continuum.

Here’s a question: if blockages in the flow relate to disease,  and where there is free flowing energy there is no disease,  does it follow that removing the blockage will relieve the disease? If that is so and one can alter the field by thought alone, this suggests you can remove the blockage with  your own  thoughts  and heal yourself. It works.  I’ve done it.

There are over 150 different modalities of energy healing in use throughout the world today and all appear to operate in a similar manner. The healer requires loving intent to heal and be able to focus on that intent  by invoking assistance either from the higher levels of consciousness or some greater power.  Many healers can actually feel the blockage in the flow as either warm or cool areas on the body; a few others can actually see this field as vague colours.  Apart from using hands for healing, there are other modes that use various equipment or items such as crystals.  Below are scans of a quartz crystal before and after healing.  The changes in the centre of the crystal and surrounding field can be clearly seen. Note the presence of reds and pinks in the first scan and greens and blue in the second signifying the change in density of the fields.


This is the crystal before being
The crystal after being energized


Bad Back

This is a scan showing the state of the Energy
field before a healing session. Note the large
area enclosed by the red Indicating congestion
in the upper lungs and high cellular activity
leading to a denser field.

Good Back

This is a second scan of the same man after healing. Note the
change in the shape and colour of the field. The Green indicates
balance and absence of  cellular activity.


Different modes of healing appear to achieve the same result. Here are scans of someone before and after receiving acupuncture  healing.


Subtle energy image Subtle energy image


Again, notice the changes in the shape and colour of the SEF, particularly the enhanced green area indicating a balanced field.

The scans can detect quite fine details of the field and its density. Below is a scan of a girl with a head cold.

Subtle energy image

There are several areas of interest here: the throat area has an enclosed area of red, indicating infection and high cellular activity where the body’s immune system  is highly active. An enclosed area also shows the energy is motionless. This also applies to the red areas on the sinuses on the forehead and cheeks. 

So, how does energy healing work?  How can intent or laying on of hands change anything?

There is now clear evidence that thought has energy or is energy, and it is this energy that has the power to manipulate the field.

One of the foremost researchers in the field of Subtle Energies is William Tiller PhD Professor Emeritus at Stanford University.  His seminal work has brought the SEF into mainstream science or at least the open-minded form of science. He has published many papers on the subject which he has named Psychoenergetic Science.   He quotes “We humans are much more than we think we are; Psychoenergetic Science continues to expand the proof of it”.

There have been many experiments on the subject of thought having energy including one undertaken by Prof Tiller where he was able to alter the pH balance of water up or down simply by thought or intent. The experiment has been repeated many times and is therefore considered empirical.

A second, more famous experiment was done by Masaru Emotos using  the formation of ice crystals. He discovered that by projecting positive thoughts at water as it was crystallizing, the crystals formed beautiful cohesive patterns. If negative thoughts were projected the crystals were chaotic. This experiment also has the advantage of being repeatable.

Another scientist involved in subtle energy fields is Prof Rupert Sheldrake but he has named them Morphic Fields and the physical changes relating to these fields Morphogenesis. He suggests that animals, particularly dogs, have an innate ability to know not only when an owner is leaving work to come home but when the owner decides to come home.  This is telepathy in animals; he suggests that telepathy in humans is normal rather than paranormal. For information to be transmitted from one person (or dog) to another requires energy; it must be thought energy. What I find so interesting is how the dog appears to be ‘tuned in’ to its owner. The dog does not get excited when anyone else leaves work to come home.

Now that the existence of the SEF has been revealed and established scientifically, we now have something tangible to experiment with. One of the dilemmas we now encounter is the nature of the SEF.  It seems it is neither thermal, atomic nor electromagnetic.  The nature can only be determined by further experiment.

From what we know of the field it is an energy form, and to quote Einstein “energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one to another form”.  It seems then the SEF must be eternal.  The indication that the field can exist in cohesive form was taken from a scan of a cadaver in a morgue. The scan revealed an energy field hovering above a body of a man who had died in a road accident very suddenly about 18 hours previously.  Did this field come from that body? It cannot be proven, but I believe it did. 

Ghosts appear to be subtle energy in human or other form. I say that because of personal experience. I came face to face with a ghost some time ago. It was on board a cargo ship and I was laying on my bunk reading one afternoon. I looked up and saw an East Indian man looking at me about 5ft away. He was transparent.  Now there is a method to determine if a ghost is real or hallucination, if you have the presence of mind. I did. I looked at the ghost and crossed my eyes. The reason for that is by crossing the eyes anything you look at will become double. Anything being imposed on the visual cortex from another part of the brain (as in hallucination) and does not pass through the eyes and optic nerve will not look double. Yes, my ghost looked double and no I was not scared, after all it was only energy.

With the data amassed on the SEF we can now make some hypothesis. It is clear the SEF is a mysterious and ineffable form of energy. If this energy were conscious, aware and sentient it could explain many strange phenomena.  Perhaps it could incorporate our own thoughts, memories, likes and dislikes, all we are. If this is so it would explain ghosts, telepathy, out of body experiences and yes, the Near Death Experience.


  1. Carol Robertson said..

    HI Chris,
    Thank you for your really down to earth article with very clear imagery. I work with the subtle energy fields using an instrument called the Acmos Lecher Antenna. With this tool distortions in the energy fields are easily measured whether someone is present or whether they are a great distance away. In the Acmos Method we measure 3 fields which give information about energy blocks in the body and energy. The bigger the distortion of symmetry in the field the bigger the block.
    Perhaps the out of body field seen in the scan taken in the morgue shows the ultimate separation of the energetic aspect from the physical body resulting in the 'death' of the body whilst the energy persists.

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About Chris Lovelidge

Chris Lovelidge learned his research and investigation skills during the 35 years he was an insurance claims investigator.  The reason for his interest in Subtle Energies come from the Near Death Experience he had in 1975, it frightened the life out him - (joke). Chris decided then and there he needed to know just exactly what happened to him, how and why. He visited many places and met many amazing people over the years but much of his information came through the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS). He was able to discover what happened and why, at least to his satisfaction and from that he turned to research into Subtle Energies because he believes they are intimately connected with the NDE, OOBE and other transcendental experiences. Chris may be contacted via

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