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Futuristic Medicine in the Present?

by Siân Ölschläger(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 235 - January 2017

Have you ever wished for a crystal ball in order to be able to get a glimpse of what the future holds in store for you? At some time or other most of us have wondered if we will lead a healthy and happy life. We all want to know whether we will be surrounded by a loving family or will enjoy a successful career and financial comfort. But when we stop day-dreaming, we realize that it is actually a blessing that crystal balls are make-believe and not reality. After all, as nice as it might be to know that good things are just around the corner, we wouldn’t really want advance warning of more troubling events, would we? After all, who wants to know that they are going to be lonely or live in poverty? Even worse, nobody would want to know that they are going to become ill or die an untimely death, would they? On balance, it is much better to live in blissful ignorance. Or is it?

The International Academy for Regulatory Medicine and Consciousness Research INAKARB: From Space to Medical Practice

What if there were a way to predict negative events in order to be able to intervene and prevent them from actually happening? Just imagine how wonderful it would be to receive a warning about potential ill health before it has occurred while there was still time to take action to prevent it before it had manifested! Well, if you think that this scenario sounds just too good to be true, well think again, because it isn’t!

Prof Dr Enrico Edinger

Prof Dr Enrico Edinger

Few people have ever heard of Redox Serum Analysis (or RSA, for short). It is a diagnostic method which has been developed in the field of regulatory medicine and it enables experts to get an insight into the state of a person’s health up to 7 years in advance. This method is just one of several unusual tools used by specialists at a private medical practice at the International Academy for Regulatory Medicine and Consciousness Research (INAKARB) which is located on the banks of the river Rhine, near the German city of Bonn. The academy is run by Prof. Dr Enrico Edinger who is an expert in the field of Regulatory Space Medicine. Prof. Edinger is a qualified neurologist and psychiatrist who previously enjoyed a successful career in conventional medicine before developing a serious illness, himself. When conventional medical methods were unable to help him further he began to look for alternatives. This search and a series of fortunate coincidences ultimately led to a cooperation between Prof Edinger and leading physicians and scientists at the Russian space authority and the subsequent evolution of a unique kind of holistic medicine which specializes in the treatment of a whole range of chronic illnesses.

This field of regulatory medicine itself is another thing which few people have heard of. To put it incredibly simply, regulatory medicine aims to get the body to regulate itself properly. It influences the human organism to regain its optimum functional state, whereby it is once again able to maintain good health and stave off illness. Its roots lie in manned space travel. In the early days of space exploration astronauts and cosmonauts suffered a great many health problems as a result of the extremely stressful conditions to which they were subjected. Existing in an environment with constant high levels of noise, no gravity and no magnetic fields caused massively disrupted biorhythms and hormone release, among other things, which in turn led to further illnesses. In addition, the understandable high levels of anxiety experienced by astronauts and cosmonauts simply due to the risk involved in space travel often led to them developing severe heart conditions, and on a few occasions, even sudden cardiac arrest. Scientific research was subsequently conducted into what could be done in order to improve their health. Indeed, Russian research was so successful that it enabled one Russian cosmonaut, Dr Valery Polyakov, to spend a record 437 days in space in the mid-1990s and then return to Earth in the best of health. Prof Edinger’s practice has developed a unique therapeutic concept which combines the use of several specialised medical systems based upon this research. It uses a mixture of sound, frequencies, oxygen, photons, high-quality nutritional supplements and mental techniques, as well as some selected aspects of conventional medicine, in order to diagnose and treat illness and subsequently restore and maintain health.

But let’s return to our crystal ball, or RSA to be more precise. As I previously mentioned, it is one of Prof Edinger’s most valuable diagnostic tools. Besides various non-invasive tests which are performed on patients who visit his practice, a blood sample may be drawn and then bombarded with synthetic radicals. This functional analysis is basically a concentrated simulation of a process which constantly occurs naturally within the body. Free radicals are atoms or molecules with unpaired electrons. They are very unstable and react quickly by attacking other compounds in order to try to regain stability once again. Sometimes the body purposely creates free radicals in order to neutralise viruses or bacteria. However, environmental factors such as radiation, pollution, toxins and stress can give rise to the creation of free radicals and they can attack molecules which the body does not want them to attack, subsequently causing a chain reaction, as the attacked molecule becomes a free radical itself and the process continues. Normally, the healthy body can cope with free radicals, but if not enough antioxidants are available to it, cell damage, biological ageing and illness can be the result. By observing the reactions which occur when the patient’s blood sample is subjected to the synthetic radicals, experts are able to draw conclusions as to which areas or bodily systems are particularly vulnerable and where illnesses are most likely to manifest themselves. As this all occurs up to 7 years before illness has taken hold, there is still time for intervention in order to strengthen the body, and prevent the anticipated illness from ever actually occurring at all.

At INAKARB, this intervention is carefully planned by the centre’s medical staff and it is based on the individual patient’s test results. A regimen of high-quality dietary supplements is tailored to suit the needs of the patient. This provides the body with the vital nutrients that it needs and is designed to build up energy levels so that the body is able to achieve regeneration capability and to detoxify and de-acidify itself. After all, it is well known that it is acidification which leads to inflammation and illness. Once this has been achieved, regeneration and power may follow, along with improved biorhythm and hormone release and an improvement in general wellbeing. Finally, special psychotherapeutic techniques are applied to assist the patient in overwriting negative thought patterns which have thus prevented personal growth and brain capacity, which are subsequently able to thrive.

Some Diagnostic Methods used at INAKARB

Some Diagnostic Methods used at INAKARB

AMSAT - this is based on the principle of segmentary diagnostics. That is to say that the body is divided into various areas and measured. A minimal electrical current flows between electrodes on the feet, hands and forehead. Conductivity and resistance are measured to indicate organ function.

BIOGRAPH - This is a high-capacity instrument which measures energy via the body’s meridians, which link all of the elements of the body. Measurements show whether there is excess or insufficient energy which must then be corrected.


Heart Frequency Analysis (HFA) - This is a measurement of the function of the autonomic nervous system which allows determinations to be made with regard to individual stress levels. Current scientific findings show that the autonomic nervous system determines all homeostatic processes in the body. HFA recognizes heart frequency, heart rhythm, general physical function, vegetative nervous system and psychological and emotional stress.

Computer-Assisted Kirlian Photography (GDV)

Computer-Assisted Kirlian Photography (GDV) - Readings of the fingertips are taken. During the process, there is a discharge of gas in the vicinity of the core electrode. , When this is brought into an electrical field, there is increased field voltage. Electrons which are present in the air or emitted from the body are accelerated and at a certain speed they ionise the air molecules. This in turn emits photons which occur in the blue and ultraviolet spectrum. This method permits evaluation and analysis of the patient’s bio-energetic state and individual reactions to various forms of therapy, for example.


BIOSCAN - This is a method of taking measurements based on spectral analysis. 200 parameters are measured in just 90 seconds. The frequency and energy of the body’s magnetic fields are measured and compared to the stored resonance spectrum of nutrition and illness. Deviations from the normal range provide important information for the determination of therapy to follow.

Some Therapeutic Methods used at INAKARB


SCIO - This system bio-resonance measurement can be used diagnostically and therapeutically at the same time. Over 8,000 readings are taken via electrodes on the hands and feet as well as on other parts of the body.  Evoked electromagnetic fields enable certain frequencies in a particular intensity to be transmitted to the body. The body’s resonance frequency is shown and compared to reference values and a risk profile for various regulatory systems can be determined and corrected.

NILISA - This non-linear diagnostic system provides information about individual cells and chromosomes based on alterations to the body’s radiation levels. It is the only device which is able to measure the body’s electrons and spin deviation systems. It enables illnesses to be detected years in advance and to restore the natural spin on a genetic level.

Neuro-Perceptive Frequency Therapy (sound therapy) - This works primarily on the brain and its control systems and positively influences them. Certain frequencies from Russian space research which have been integrated into music and natural sounds which influence certain regions or functions in the body and self-healing powers are activated.


TIMEWAVER - This is based on the quantum physical interface of the informational field, which controls material and psychological process. It can find material processes on deeper levels in the form of information which permit insight into the background and connections between vital areas which are usually inaccessible to us. It works with photons and frequencies and enables a targeted therapeutic approach.

ENKI Disconder (an optional extra and also available as a method of remote treatment) – The software of this device, which is worn around the abdomen, communicates directly with the subconscious. Repeated behavioural patterns can result in negative thought patterns which prevent us from thriving. The Disconder can assist us in re-programming our subconscious. The information is entered into the morphogenetic field like radio waves and cannot be perceived by humans. It then influences the biological field and leads to the desired re-programming.

Case Studies

12 year-old girl was unexpectedly diagnosed in August 2015 with cervical cancer. She underwent courses of radiotherapy, intra-vaginal brachytherapy and chemotherapy. Tests showed that she had beaten her cancer. Just nine weeks later she was diagnosed with pneumonia and tests showed dissemination of tumour cells. Palliative chemotherapy was then carried out and the patient was informed that there was nothing further that could be done for her. She approached INAKARB in late August 2016. She arrived here as an introverted child who was depressed and lacking energy and optimism. She and her mother decided stop all conventional palliative treatment and to begin biological cancer treatment here. It is of course still early days, but we are delighted to report that the patient has since gained 3 kilos in weight and is showing an improvement in her energy levels, and in her general physical and psychological condition. She is more active and once again able to ride her bicycle. She has also begun to attend school again.

A male patient approached us in the summer of this year after having heard of INAKARB via a YouTube film showing an interview with Prof. Edinger. He had been suffering from severe neurodermatitis for many years and had sought help from countless doctors and natural practitioners. The young man received regular treatment at INAKARB, visiting the practice every other week, and after approx. 10 weeks of treatment, which included mental techniques to reduce stress and the prescribed regimen of tailored high-quality dietary supplements, he reported a significant improvement in his general medical condition and, most importantly, the condition of his skin. The open wounds had healed a great deal and there was a clear reduction of itchiness. Test readings showed a clear improvement which was able to be confirmed simply by the patient’s appearance alone. The patient recently wrote to INAKARB expressing his gratitude for his improved condition and for the treatment he has received which has done wonders for his quality of life and self-esteem.

INAKARB’s holistic approach observes and treats the patient as a whole entity - body, mind and spirit. By restoring the body’s basic regulation, the immune system may be strengthened and able to work more effectively at eliminating a whole range of complaints and symptoms because the actual cause of the symptoms is targeted rather than just the symptoms themselves, as is unfortunately often the case with conventional medicine. By also influencing the mind and the spirit, negative thought and behavioural patterns can be altered and the patient’s well-being is improved. And if the treatment of the roots of illness as well as relief from symptoms isn’t exciting enough, it should be mentioned that the elimination of biological ageing occurs during this process, making biological rejuvenation a most welcome ‘side effect’!

If you would like to take a peek into the future of your health, why not take a moment to see what else INAKARB is able to offer you.

Further Information

Please visit  and  for more details including a comprehensive, downloadable pdf of diagnostics and treatments.  The INAKARB team can be contacted via e-mail on For further help please feel free to call them on Tel: +49 2228 913450.


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About Siân Ölschläger

Siân Ölschläger BA (Hons)  was born in Southampton, Hampshire. She received her BA (Hons) in French and German studies, University College of Swansea, University of Wales. She  currently lives in Germany with her husband and 2 children.  Her hobbies include travelling, reading, spending time with her family and friends. Siân may be contacted at INAKARB via  and

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