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Addressing the 4 Pillars: Toxicity, Nutritional Deficit, Allergy, Mental and Emotional Blockage

by Ronnie Turner(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 240 - August 2017

The essential tests most alternative practitioners miss...


After 40 years full time practice as an alternative practitioner it has become clear to me that most practitioners are just blindly following whatever system they're in, and missing out on the information that would really get their patients back to health.


Regardless of how skilled you are in whatever specialty you follow, the fact remains that good health depends on FOUR PILLARS, and if  you're not addressing them, you and your patients are missing out. 

Here are the four Pillars I mean:

  1. The Toxicity Level: i.e. the sum total of toxins, infections, viruses parasites etc. that the person's immune system is trying to cope with. (In all of this I'm assuming that the cases we are dealing with are  not better taking conventional medications).  The toxicity level is best dealt with by homoeopathic nosodes, specific to the person's requirement. 
  2. The  NUTRITIONAL  DEFICIENCY LEVEL? Unless the subject has adequate vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the body, how can they replace damaged or worn out cells and return to health? 
  3. The ALLERGY LEVEL: Your food becomes a poison to you if you are allergic to it! The allergy level regarding foods is also a measure of how good your digestive processes are. And as you get older, the digestive juices in your stomach get weaker and the enzymes produced by your pancreas and liver get weaker.


  4. 4. The  EMOTIONAL LEVEL of Blockage :  All human being have a level of blockage on the emotional level. For some however, it's severe. All traumas, especially encountered in the developmental years, leave vicious hidden energy field, which impact severely on a person's wellbeing.

Ask yourself:  Are you addressing each of the above 4 pillars in your daily practice!

These four indices must be addressed to restores wellness.


In my practice I have worked with many methods of judging the factors  involved in each case, mainly German inspired ‘bio resonance’ machines such as the EAV machine of Dr Voll, the Vega machine and now, my own evolutionary device, the Kinesiometer!  See for details. 

But technically you can use any testing method you know or which appeals  to you to work around the Four Pillars. A skilled pendulum person is going to be just as good as the practitioner working some very expensive electronic pendulum devices,  with all the flashing lights, costing thousands of pounds.

Of course there may be a thousand and one other factors, e.g. Spinal Imbalances, Joint imbalances, Organ slippage etc. etc.

You can refer to the following Factors Chart to make sure you're not missing anything! See


These diagnostic charts are designed to guide you, with the help of the Kinesiometer, to a proper , thorough analysis of your subject's imbalances. 


FIRST, to deal with the toxicity level and compile the Prescription: 

You get yourself the prescriber test set of the BC's (Blood Cleansers ),a very comprehensive set of powerful nosode complexes.

You test over these with whatever method you are using. 

If you use the Kinesiometer, the nosodes that respond with a Blip, when you test over the bottles, identify the key toxins affecting the subject.

So the remedies chosen tell you what the top layer of infection, poison or virus actually is. You make up the composite prescription in a 30 ml bottle, shake and succuss and the patient takes 10 drops morning and night. Works like a charm.

IMG 3493

For the emotional blockage you need the Emo test set from ...Choose an Emo remedy for the emotional blockage. Each chakra has a number of associated Emo remedies. (EMO's Test Set of 30 remedies). Stick to the recommended associated remedies.

A TYPICAL SESSION testing with the Kinesiometer...

  1. Find the vitality level (i.e. immune system level)
  2. Find the dominant focus of disturbance
  3. Find the nosodes needed for dominant toxins.
  4. Supply prescription (30 ml. dripper bottles). Knock out top layer of toxins.   
  5. Find the nutritional deficiency level 1 to 10. Test over nutritional chart. Supply the needed supplements.
  6. Find the allergy level 1 to 10. Test over allergy chart or test set.
  7. Find the level of emotional blockage 1 to 10. Go to Mind Chart at  for further guidance.
  8. Print out report of findings with the report writer.


Then , check if you can find more blockages…

1.Open Bio-Resonance "Code" site. It’s at

Test over the flowcharts to refine your analysis. E.G. NUTRITIONAL CHART, ALLERGY CHART, MIND CHART etc. etc. (or use test sets for these areas)

Identify The Real Causal Chain

2. Scan Factors Chart (general view) and follow the flow, through Mind, Issues, Imbalances etc.

Trauma Code ( Using the Kinesiometer to pinpoint the Traumas and Trapped Emotions )

3. If you find a level of Blockage more that 50% on the Emotional Scale, use the Trauma Code. You deal with typically two blockages in a session. Test with the Kinesiometer to find the Initial Sensitizing Event. You should find a positive between year 0 and 7 on the subject's time-line.

So first you ask the person’s age, write it down, e.g.  0 ------65. That’s the time line you’re going to scan.

(Then start at O and before. E.G. Past Lives, Family Tree, Inherited, Ancestral, Conception Energy of Mother and Father, In the Womb, Womb Twin, at birth, Year 1, Year 2 etc. until you get a response.

So say you get the first ‘bump in the road’ for the person at age 4. Write that down and then open the Emotions Chart in

Test over the main headings and then narrow it down even more.

Find out which emotion got stuck. Write it down.

When you find the first, just count on, up the timeline, until you find the age of the second blockage. Then…Find the age of the second blockage, and note the trapped emotion, before you start any therapy.

Apply Therapy: (EFT, NLP, Matrix Energetics etc.)


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About Ronnie Turner

Dr Ronald J Turner Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and Homoeopath, is the founder of the Turner Clinic of Alternative Medicine in Dublin. He trained as an acupuncturist in Australia in the 1970s, then studied homoeopathy in Germany, with such notable doctors as Dr Voll and Dr Helmut Schimmel. He founded the Turner Clinic of Advanced Alternative Medicine in 1975 which has been offering the best of Alternative Therapies, including Bio-DNA Testing, Allergy Testing, Heavy Metal Testing, Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Chiropractic.  He has studied chiropractic and cranial osteopathy extensively. In 1996 he founded the Irish Guild of Chiropractic, mainly for Irish GPs interested in chiropractic. He may be contacted at the Turner Clinic, 4 Kilmacud Road, at the Stillorgan Shopping Centre, Co Dublin Ireland on Tel: 003531 2893147; 

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