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My Story - Mercury Amalgam Filling Removal

by Kerry Burrows(more info)

listed in dentistry, originally published in issue 45 - October 1999

To do it or not to do it, that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous mercury and amalgam or take arms against a sea of harmful vapour and by a dental operation, end them?

Well I chose the latter. I got all of my 16 mercury and amalgam fillings out of my mouth, and instead I now have shiny white composites.

Musician, writer and artist Kerry Burrows found her health improved greatly after having her mercury and amalgam fillings removed. She is pictured with a 'Puppet Theatre' she made for her nieces

Kerry Burrows image

Musician, writer and artist Kerry Burrows found her health improved greatly after having
her mercury and amalgam fillings removed.
She is pictured with a 'Puppet Theatre' she made for her nieces

Their removal nearly three years ago ended my long-term depression. It did not cure me of my chronic physical pain, the cause of which is uncertain but seems to be related to osteophytes in my right shoulder, and neck compression due to postural problems, aggravated by many years of classical guitar practice. However, what has changed is that I am now able to maintain a positive attitude – something I was previously incapable of.

It's also nice to have teeth that look like teeth. I love my white composites and I really take care of them. I hated the ugliness of the mercury amalgams and somehow I feel that was not just about vanity. It was about what those fillings represented to me; unnecessary dental treatment. My teeth feel and look so clean now.

I was in a hurry to get the job done, after doing quite a lot of research into mercury. I did apply to the NHS but the wait was so long that I got the job done privately. Eventually, the NHS found me to be allergic to both mercury and amalgam. If I'd waited, I would have saved myself £1500! But at least it's done and I know I saw good practitioners.

My suspicions that the mercury and amalgam in my mouth could be causing a part, if not all of my health problems were first awakened in June 1996 when I saw Dr Rodney Adeniyi-Jones in London for a consultation, trying to find the cause of the pain in my face, shoulders and neck, and my depression.

After taking numerous kinesiology tests he concluded I was suffering from mercury poisoning, advised me to see a specialist and gave me the numbers of several people who excelled in the field. Dr Adeniyi-Jones, by the way, is a brilliant practitioner as many patients will testify. He is also expensive. My consultation cost £90.

His results coincided with those of my homoeopath, Vivienne Bradshaw in Lincolnshire. Her initial diagnosis of £30, came to the same conclusion.

For further tests, I chose Dr Jack Levenson, a kinesiologist in London. He confirmed I was in the sensitive category and after an 'electrogalvanic evaluation' with a kinesiology machine was able to tell me which quadrants were giving me the greatest amount of trouble. The consultation, tests and detox medicine he gave came to a total of £145. I had spent £235 before even getting to the dentist but at least I was sure that I was going in the right direction.

What follows is my mercury amalgam removal story, including dates and costs. It is some times traumatic, but in hindsight, it was well worth what I went through. My head feels clearer, it is easy to include positive mental training in my life and emotionally I also feel better. The results I had hoped for in the physical arena (apart from increased energy) did not completely happen but I am able to cope much better with the physical pains I have.

I believe mercury is toxic and I cannot personally see how it would be good for anyone; however, I accept that some people seem to be capable of handling the harmful vapours that are released while others cannot. A person may be anything from mildly sensitive to extremely allergic.

It is simple enough to take a blood, kinesiology or skin patch test to discover if there is a sensitivity. In my case, it was a sensitivity so extreme it is called a 'true allergy'. In such a case, the fillings must go to ensure improved health.

Previous to my investigations into mercury, I had seen a long list of practitioners over a period of about three years. They included an acupuncturist, oesteopath, chiropractor, herbalist, psychic, homoeopath, therapist, cranial oesteopath, naturopath and Alexander Technique teacher. In most cases I went to about 10 sessions but in the case of Alexander Technique I went three to five times a week for six months. I can't possibly recall how much money I spent – perhaps I don't want to! But nothing eased my depression or anxiety until the removal of my fillings.

June 13, 1996

I had a consultation with Dr Robert Hempleman of the Brompton Dental and Health Clinic in Earls Court. We discussed the various options and I concluded I wanted to replace all my fillings with a quartz crystal compound. It's durable, smooth, and looks great. Dr Hempleman's advice was to have all my teeth filled with a temporary substance of zinc phosphate (zinc is destroyed by mercury so this recharges the body), giving the nerves a chance to settle. After two to three months, the zinc could be replaced with the crystal compound.

Replacing the fillings with a temporary substance first and then putting in a permanent one later naturally costs more than putting in a permanent substance straight away. It made sense to give my teeth some of the zinc they'd been missing out on and to go easy on my nerves but I had limited finances. We came up with a compromise in which I'd have some of my fillings replaced with the quartz crystal compound immediately while the majority would be filled with the temporary zinc phosphate and replaced at some stage in the future. The consultation cost £30.

June 18 and 26, 1996

I felt nauseous before the first removal and was reminded by a nurse that going to the dentist can be a traumatic experience and re-surface unpleasant memories. She assured me that what I was feeling was perfectly normal.

Dr Hempleman inserted protective equipment into my mouth to safeguard me from any mercury vapour that would be released from my mouth during the drilling. First, the clamps were inserted onto the teeth. Maybe I have overly sensitive gums but it really hurt. A rubber dam was stretched over my mouth increasing the tension. A nose piece was put on as well and damp gauze over my eyes, and finally an air filter.

Thankfully, it only took him about 15 minutes to remove the bottom right quadrant of fillings and even less time to put in the temporary fillings. This cost £125. A week later I had the upper right quadrant done and replaced with the quartz crystal compound, which cost £400.

July 3, 1996

All the fillings on the left side of my mouth were done in one session. They were replaced with the temporary zinc phosphate at a cost of £225.

All up the dental treatment came to £780.

July 8, 1996

I saw Dr Adeniyi-Jones for a follow-up treatment. I was still very depressed. He said it could take up to 18 months for all the mercury to be released and tests showed there was still a lot in my system. He said that taking extra nutrients and homoeopathy could help with the clearing process. I needed to save some more money before I could buy the suggested supplements which would cost £80.

August 8, 1996

I bought the supplements and saw Dr Adeniyi-Jones again. I was weak and needing to rest frequently, often unable to stand up for more than 15 minutes at a time. The two follow-up treatments with Dr Adeniyi-Jones cost £188 which I paid off over the next two years.

I had planned to replace my temporary fillings with a permanent substance within six months after saving more money, but I did not have enough to return to Dr Hempleman to complete the job. A year passed by and I still had not replaced them. Now my teeth were hurting more than ever. I went to several NHS dentists for advice and they said I had to replace them immediately as the holes were getting deeper and might even require 'caps'.

My teeth were so sensitive I couldn't eat foods that were a little hot or cold and I knew the situation would get a lot worse. My mother had already been generous enough to give me £700 toward the costs and I did not want to trouble her further. Thankfully my younger sister who was living in Swansea, Wales, at that time, told me of a fantastic dental practice in her area. I went for a consultation and learned they would be able to complete the job well and cheaply, much more cheaply than anyone in London.

July 29, 30 and 31, 1997

What a relief it was to find the dental surgeons at RS Johns and PA Norman in Swansea. Their job was huge, their time limited, their work immaculate. Over three consecutive days, Mr Johns replaced all my temporary fillings in the three quadrants with a permanent white composite. The first cost only £95, as did the second, and the third, £85. Mr Johns was a gentle, patient and kind dentist and I found his practice more relaxing and re-assuring than any I have been in before. The bill – a total of £275. Other practices would have cost closer to £800.

The restoration was now complete and I still felt weak, irritable and in pain. It had been a year since the removal so I hoped the next six months would show an improvement. I took homoeopathy to detox myself of not only mercury but all harmful substances that had ever been in my system and began drinking nearly two litres of water a day which seemed to increase my anxiety. Also at this time I had my wisdom teeth removed due to chronic infections in my mouth. I was now in serious praying mode, suffering panic attacks and unable to leave my flat. At one stage I didn't eat for three days due to the intensity of the pain.

I was almost hallucinating.

I often phoned my homeopath, Vivienne Bradshaw, who ensured me my panic attacks were all part of the process and that I was getting better. After another six months, I was over the worst of it.

Previous to the removal of my fillings, I had hoped a course of treatment would cure me of all my ailments. But now, with my new `clear' head, I became aware that the only logical option was to take control, on a daily basis, of my own health matters. This meant becoming involved in practices which I could administer myself. I studied reiki (levels one and two), and began yoga and qui gong classes. I took up regular swimming and made my own self-hypnosis tapes to relax myself. For the first time in over a decade of trying, positive affirmations actually began to work for me. I continued to take homeopathy and to see only the practitioners whose treatments I genuinely enjoyed – massage for instance. By late 1998 I had recovered from depression.

But that's not all – something quite amazing happened, a miracle in many ways. I began to write music I was happy with. I have been a musician for over 10 years and my perfectionism and self-criticism had prevented me from enjoying my own compositions. No amount of awards, praise from family or friends or any other outside encouragement could persuade me to believe in myself.

But now I was creating music I was proud of and liked to listen to. I even attempted to fulfil a frustrated ambition of wanting to sing. My guitar playing was less tense and more flowing as I stopped censoring any ideas that came forth. Ideas that were abandoned years before were united with new fresh melodies, blending together as though they had been written at the same time. I also started to draw and paint and produce art work which I was very excited about. I have always been creative but never before had I been so pleased with the results.

And somehow, all the work joined together in magical ways. A novel began to practically write itself, once again joining together past stories with present ideas, making sense of what was once only perceived as disastrous and traumatic. The discarded drafts took on forms of their own. I boiled them, added glue and made papier maché art pieces, the main one being entitled 'I am a legal alien' which depicts a small alien dressed in a suit, ready to join the world. I did the same with my 'morning pages', at least three pages of my thoughts written each morning. It amounted to quite a lot of paper which was all recycled into papier maché containers, frames and whatever else I could think of.

I still struggled with physical pain but to have the mental and emotional anguish removed at long last was a great relief. Having my mercury amalgams removed was not the end of my health problems but it was the beginning of my recovery.

October 12, 14 and 16, 1998

At long last, I am attending an appointment at the Middlesex Hospital Dermatology Department through the NHS to see if I am allergic to mercury and amalgam, that is as far as the NHS is concerned.

The only acceptable test according to the health authorities is the skin patch test and it requires I be available for three days of the week and that I not bathe or shower for that length of time.

It is Monday morning and the first step is to have 46 samples of different metals and other materials taped on to my back. I ask the nurse if anyone ever shows as allergic to anything. She says about 30 percent.

By Tuesday night my back is itching like mad and I feel sick in my stomach. The tinnitus in my right ear, which I've had for years, is now extremely noisy and the inside of my ear is painful. My left foot is so itchy I can't possibly not scratch it. I feel like ripping off the test patches but I manage to compose myself until Wednesday afternoon.

A nurse removes the samples and jots down the ones which I have reacted to. She calls in the doctor – I've reacted to mercury and amalgam. But what's this? I need to wait until Friday for a further investigation. So if my back is completely clear, they will conclude I'm not allergic at all.

On Friday morning, Dr Natasha Kapur explains that if my skin is irritated for a short time it is a reaction but not a `true allergy'. She takes one look at my back, deep red where the mercury and amalgam have been and announces that a true allergy is exactly what I have. The spots weren't to disappear for another two weeks after that. She also told me that very few people ever get to the stage of being tested.

It occurs to me that it would make far better sense for everyone to be tested at the dentist before they underwent any treatment. Then patients would know what materials were safe for them before the whole problem started.

It is also interesting that of the three types of tests available – blood, kinesiology and patch test that the NHS chooses the one which is by far the most demanding on the patient. This apparently is the best and the most thorough test. Yes it might be, for the doctor, but if a patient can't take a shower for a week because of it maybe it's time to accept other options.

April 11, 1999

I have a follow-up session with Dr Richard Groves, Senior Lecturer and Consultant Dermatologist, at the Middlesex Hospital to see how I am going. I tell him my depression is gone but I still need to address my physical problems, osteophytes inside my shoulder. Several surgeons have suggested I have an operation to remove them and I am now capable of handling surgery if I decide to go ahead with it.

I ask Dr Groves what percentage of people are tested allergic to mercury and amalgam within the NHS. He says he doesn't have such figures but would describe it as "not rare but uncommon."

As far as he knows, the NHS is unable to help with the actual detoxification itself, but after nearly three years of homoeopathy it is more than likely that any harmful levels of mercury and amalgam are gone.

As you can see, it's a long road but depending on how bad a person feels, it is one avenue that can not afford to be overlooked. I am now able to live a much more active and happy life and if that's not worth £1500, then what is?

Contact Information

Dr Rodney Adeniyi-Jones, Flat H, 21 Devonshire Place, London, W1N 1PD, Tel: 020-7486 6354.
Vivienne Bradshaw-Black Cert Ed DipHerb(SNHS). She may be contacted via
Dr Jack Levenson, 26 Rivermead Court, Ranelajh Gardens, London SW6 3RU, Tel: 020-7736 4145.
Dr Robert Hempleman, The Brompton Dental and Health Clinic, 221 Old Brompton Rd, Earls Court, London, SW5 OEA, Tel: 020-7370 3132.
RS Johns and PA Norman, Dental Surgeons, 65 Walter Rd, Swansea, SA1 4PT, Tel: 01792 476714.
Dr Richard W. Groves, Senior Lecturer & Consultant Dermatologist, Department of Dermatology, The Middlesex Hospital, Mortimer Street, London, W1N 8AA, Tel: 020-7636 8333.


  1. David said..

    Hi Kerry, Thank you for sharing your story. Curious: Was the Tinnitus situation in your right ear, dealt with? I have had a severe case of Tinnitus in both ears, for 10 years. I am seeing a dentist in a few days, to discuss complete removal of my amalgam fillings. Thank you for your thoughts, David

  2. Fiona said..

    Hi Kerry. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I'm certain I have mercury intolerance as I am constantly getting oral lesions and after all, it's a very hazardous poison. What gets me is that it's regarded as hazardous before it's in one's mouth, and after the fillings are removed they are treated as hazardous waste, yet, they are magically non-hazardous when they are in our mouths??!!

    Ha! I would like to tell you that edible clay (eg: Bentonite) can be a great help in detoxing the body of heavy metals,poisons etc. is a good place to start looking or just Google bentonite and edible clays.

    Also, had some detox recipe with regard to mercury poisoning which included coriander (or cilantro as the Amercans refer to it). Hope this is useful to you and your readers, Best wishes, Fiona

  3. Martina Schmidt-Reimer said..

    Dear Kerry,

    I know it's unusual, but I wonder if you took part in an student exchange with Germany in the end of the 80's. Because I'm looking for my former exchange student also named Kerry Burrows.
    I know, this article is very old already, but if it's still possible to get in contact with Kerry, please help me.
    Thanks and greetings from Germany


  4. jillian warom said..

    April 2013 - have had to fight all the way to have my mercury in my amalgams diagnosed as the reason for my symtoms/feeling so ill i felt i was physically dying. Started 2 weeks into feb with sore mouth. rapidly progressed - fine rash over fash, nech, arms and back, mouth so sore i could not eat - my whole mouth also felt like it was burning- even my lips. throat very sore and throat glands very enlarged - chest very sore - breathing difficult. GP' s had no idea. Had to do all research with my husband and pay privately for 2 Association of Health and Toxicoly Dentists + Vega Test with another Natural/Herbal and Nutitional Expert. Also had to pay for "Melisa" Test privately which my GP took and was recommended by first AOH&T Dentist - though this test not always conclusive - as mercury "morphs" in the Body. An EXCELLENT PRACTITIONER OF VEGA TEST (MR. STEPHEN MACALLAN OF CREWE, CHESHIRE TOOK MINE) - all i can say is: look up work of Dr Jack Levenson, Dr Gareth Rhidian and all mercury free dentists who are AOH&T Members. I found my symptoms (+ i was itching all over) on the USA OFFICIAL POISON HELPLINE SITE ON PAGES 6 & 7. DO NOT GIVE UP - KEEP GOING UNTIL YOU GET THE HELP YOU NEED. I AM AFRAID YOU WILL HAVE TO GO PRIVATELY - BUT IF YOU SUSPECT THAT YOU ARE MERCURY AND/OR AMALGAM ALLERGIC - AND YOUR GP REFERS YOU TO YOUR DENTIST - WHO USES AMALGAMS - DO NOT GO - THE MERCURY VAPOURS ON THEIR GLOVES AND IN THEIR ROOM - WILL MAKE YOU SICKER. A & E IS NOT GOOD EITHER. THE nhs DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO RECOGNISE THIS, RELIABLY TEST FOR IT - OR HOW TO TREAT IT. IF YOU WANT ANY HELP try Lyn Rennick AMPS Society website, (hope i've remembered here helpline correct or e-mail me:

  5. Will said..

    The cause of your pain may be TMJ TEMPORAMANDIBULAR DISORDER which causes a myriad of symptoms like neck and ear pains, stuffy ears, depression, shoulder pains etc. Or your c1 or c2 in your upper spine might be misaligned.

    Look up TMJ disorder.

  6. Henryk Jarzyna said..

    Hi Kerry

    I have a dear friend who is currently recovering from Chronic Mercury Poisoning which she initially self diagnosed using a holistic approach called Oil Pulling... An old Indian practice. Although she is highly intelligent and very wealthy... I get the impression that she may be being ripped off. She researched the illness and decided to use a dental clinic near Malmo who also have a mobile unit in the UK at Bedford. Tests, analysis, results and what she calls life saving surgery amounted to £7,000. This is how she described the dental surgery to me when I asked her what was involved:

    Henryk, it was indeed. I had very skilled surgeons and God’s grace blessed us all during those days. I had mercury amalgam removal (8), in fact all metal (often found in porcelain crowns and other dental work) in anything… e.g. for me two crown replacements. The removal of all root-filled canal teeth (4) as well as 4 cavitations – all back molars for me - (the going into the jaw where teeth have been previously removed and cleaning out infections resulting from the inadequate extraction technique – more common than you’d imagine!). All very intensive, so that the mouth and jaw bone are “clean” and do not leak anymore poison (metals and toxins e.g. from anaerobic bacteria) into the body via the circulatory system. Then you have to chelate out the mercury that has been stored in all body tissue. So, basically a two-stage process of cleansing (and maintaining as best health as you can) before rebuilding the body in terms of strength and fitness/vitality. Whilst cleansing and then rebuilding total body health, extracted teeth can be replaced temporarily with non-metal partial dentures. These stabilize the remaining teeth and allow functionality to be maintained. It is very important to use the teeth to chew rigorously (not only for nutritional purposes) since it affects bone density in the jaw and also each tooth is attached to a meridian which needs to be stimulated through the biting/grinding of food. See the link below if you are interested in learning more. It is amazing that there is metal is in most dentures, within the very fibre of what appears to be acrylic as well as in any metal clasps. So holistic dentists work with designers and labs which specialize in non-metal dentures/crowns etc. It is very important to NEVER chelate when any metal is in the mouth. And for those very sensitized to metal it is very important never to have metal (for any length of time) in the body or mouth orifice again. After the body is returned to optimal health and resilience, there are choices as to how you can rebuild the mouth architecture. Any missing/reduction of bone can be augmented by grafts and teeth can be replaced by permanent full/partial dentures or by implants. Implants are by far the most desirable (for many reasons not simply aesthetic) but caution must be exercised in choosing the correct materials, “Zirconia” being the best option for metal sensitive types since it is the most biocompatible. The exact positioning (meridian issues) of the implant in healthy bone tissue is key as is the continuing after care to ensure that infections do not result. This means a nutritious diet as well as disciplined cleaning of teeth in the correct manner thereafter. That’s it… comprehensive but in a nut-shell. God bless you, Mia Sent: Friday, June 14, 2013 2:20 PM

    Mia is extremely fit and leads an exceptionally healthy life style and has great knowledge on nutrition and wellness topics in general. What alarmed me is the Clinic told her that her body contained enough mercury to have killed 5 normal people and only her healthy life style and strong immune system had saved her. She has chosen DMSA chelation therapy to remove the mercury from her body and then DMSA in conjunction with Lipoic acid to remove the mercury which has crossed the blood brain barrier... Yes she has mercury on the brain.
    What do you think... Brave or Misguided?



  7. Bk said..

    Hi Kerry! I have 3 mercury fillings in my mouth
    1 big one lower back molar
    1 on upper molar left small
    1 on upper molar right small

    Im pretty sure this is what is causing me to have problems on the left side of my neck. I stretch n massage occasionally and practice good posture but I feel this shit is poisoning me! The thought of it in my mouth is horrible and it looks unpleasant. Im gonna remove the big one and my tooth altogether because my back lower molar is broken a tad and the filling is exposed.. Its only a matter of time til it starts hurting me like hell! Abcess' are a humans worst enemy! I dont care how tough you are an abcess will own your ass!
    I enjoyed that staory and it really enlightened me! I wish you the best for your health and Im gonna look to building funds for this operation and to see if I am too allergic to mercury. Im quite creative but I feel like I hold myself back from time to time and suffer anxiety once in a blue moon for next to no reason!
    If you too are reading this article please share this with friends and get searching. If you wanna chat or help me out vice versa whatever give me a shout yo!
    Peace bk east london!

  8. Dawn Stemmer said..

    Hello everyone, just got diagnosed with Linchen Planus Mucosus.
    I am a Complementary therapist working 7 years in Cancer care and private practice.
    2001/2 viral attack on my CNS
    2003 total shut down of Thyroid, full blown menaposal same time.... Given thyroxin /refused HRT
    Trained to be Shiatsu Practitioner and began my clinical training in Complementary therapy, clinical Aromatherapy and Reflexology.
    2006 symptoms and other auto immune problems, server body pain, muscle fatigue and wastage.
    2007 MRE took hold and finally needed to give up my day job. Diagnosed with dry eye syndrome.
    2008 continual nerve disruption and cogagnative shut down, dementia like symptoms at it's worts and very scary. At this time found NO HANDS MAssage Training and began to heal myself, I took up a post in a large Manchester Cancer hospital and supported patients and staff, this gave me a life line and a purpose in my life. I still had boughts of deep anxiety and panic attacks as well as a wide range of debilitating physical issues.
    2009 lost my hearing in right ear, tinnitus and signs of Rhumatoid set in.
    20011 more Neuralgia symptoms and 30% muscle weakness now in right side of body... But still I continues do to fight this un known alien in my body.
    2012 saw another viral attack which left me with loss of smell, has returned but now altered aroma identification.
    Updat just been diagnosed yesterday with Linchen Planus Mucosis.... Now I'm going to run my show and design my own health car and medical team.
    I have spen the last 7 years teaching people how to take back control of their health struggles, I teach mindful meditation for Post Trauma and Depression as well as researched therapeutic body massage...
    I am willing to work with NHS, but I will be totally I lightened and will be updating you on my progress to first removing all known poisons out of my body...
    Just to add, I stopped taking any form of prescriptive medication some 6 years ago, apart from my thyroxin medication, each time I took a pain tablet I had a serious black out, fit...
    I am a hypnotherapist and work on my own self hypnosis for pain management and other such Cognative and phycological improvements.
    Keep you up dated

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Kerry Burrows is a musician, artist, and a freelance writer. Health problems led her to focus on writing therapeutic music and other self healing practices. She is due to release her first solo CD as a singer/songwriter early next year.

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