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Dentists Point out Some Bad Habits That Could Be Ruining Your Teeth

by Simon Morris(more info)

listed in dentistry, originally published in issue 264 - August 2020


Dentists firmly believe that you must maintain healthy gums and teeth if you wish to keep dental issues at bay. You must appreciate the fact that good oral hygiene habits including brushing twice daily, flossing regularly, and restricting your overall sugar intake could go a long way in avoiding long-term health problems and exorbitant dental procedures.




Bad Habit No.1: Chewing Ice

Ice is sugar-free and natural but there is no reason to assume that it is harmless. You must avoid chewing on frozen hard ice cubes as that very act could result in chipping or cracking your teeth. If you go about munching mindlessly that could cause major irritation to the soft tissue present inside a tooth. This could lead to frequent toothaches. Excessive cold or hot foods could be triggering sudden, quick, and sharp pain or you may experience a nagging toothache.

Bad Habit No.2: Clenching to Handle Anger or Tension

If you are in the habit of clenching your jaw to deal with tension or anger or even in moments of utmost concentration, it may trigger a toothache and eventually, your teeth would start becoming loose and you would be at the risk of losing a precious tooth of yours over time.

Bad Habit No.3: Indulging in Active Sports without Using a Mouth Guard

Doctors keep reminding you not to participate in any contact sport such as hockey, football, basketball, baseball, etc. without wearing a proper mouth-guard. A mouth guard essentially is a molded plastic item used for safeguarding your teeth in the upper row. In the absence of a proper mouth guard, your teeth could end up getting knocked out or even chipped once the action starts becoming pretty rough. You could have a mouth guard customized by your dentist.

Bad Habit No.4: Opting for Tongue Piercings

Though currently, tongue piercing is very much in vogue you could end up with a cracked tooth. Dentists point out that it is equally risky to opt for lip piercing. Your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria hence; piercings could increase the risk of sores and infections. Moreover, with the practice of tongue piercing, you face the potential risk of accidentally damaging any large blood vessel that could culminate in profuse bleeding. You must discuss all associated oral health risks with a qualified and experienced dentist Dublin Dental Care before opting for lip or tongue piercing.

Bad Habit No.5: Using Your Teeth to Open Things

It could be quite convenient to open plastic packaging or bottle caps with your teeth. But dentists just cannot digest this habit. You simply cannot afford to treat your teeth as if they were tools. Using your teeth as a substitute for tools could have serious repercussions and your teeth could get chipped or cracked badly. Always make it a habit to keep bottle openers and scissors handy.

Bad Habit No. 6: Chewing on Pencils

Are you in the habit of chewing on pencils while concentrating on studies or work? This could lead to chipping or cracking of your teeth. Dentists suggest that you could chew sugarless gum instead whenever you get the urge to chew as that would be triggering saliva flow that is sure to make your teeth more robust and shield them against harmful enamel-eating acids.


You must give up all the bad habits discussed above if you want to protect your teeth from getting wrecked. Avoid some other bad habits too including smoking or having coffee if you wish to safeguard your teeth from staining or discoloring. Practicing proper oral and dental hygiene and care right from infancy and all through adulthood could help you maintain healthy gums and teeth.



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