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Feng Shui for Health

by John Bethell(more info)

listed in chinese oriental medicine, originally published in issue 22 - September 1997

All the 8 sectors in the Ba Gua are brought into harmony to effect an improvement on the ninth sector: the Tai Chi, which is the centre section of the Ba Gua (see Diagram 1). The Tai Chi represents the core energy and the health of everyone living in a particular home – literally by taking away the stress (dis-ease) caused by problems, issues and negative chi in each of the other 8 sectors representing our lives. We put ourselves in place to enjoy our lives in good health.

Diagram 1 The Ba Gua

Diagram 1 The Ba Gua

The Ba Gua not only represents a part of our life reflected in a certain part of our home, it also represents parts of the body, so the good practitioner of Feng Shui will take into account any illness problems you may have and investigate the particular part of your home and life these represent (Diagram 1).

Not so long ago whilst carrying out a consultation, the lady of the house complained of having continuous ear infections. These were spread over a period of two years – in fact, ever since they had moved to that house. I inquired as to whether she had changed her job at that time – she confirmed that she had. Looking into the area of water (career), I noticed that she had some pictures of landscapes.

These pictures were of low, flat hills, very much representing Earth energy – which conflicts with Water. I recommended that she replace them with seascapes and pictures of water flowing, representing how she would like to see her life moving. A few days later she did just that and several days after that she phoned me to say that she was changing her job: one had come up that she really wanted to do. Two months later she rang again to say that her ear infections had cleared and showed no sign of returning – and have not returned to date.

Another important factor to be aware of is doors and windows. Ill-fitting doors can cause mouth problems: if it is the main door of the home, to the head of the household; bedroom doors to the occupant of that bedroom.

Six months after they had moved into their new home, I was called to do a consultation by a family. The bedroom door of the eldest son had been turned upside down and cut to try to make it a better fit – but it was still an poor fit. I warned them that this could result in mouth problems. They were very shocked as the son had developed problems with his teeth after moving there that required extensive dental work. They quickly got him a new door and saved on further dental bills.

Diagram 2

(Front Door Facing East to the right of Prime)

5 Ghosts Celestial Nomad Six Curses
Tai Chi Prime
Generating Breath Lengthened Years

The area of Knowledge often creates the deepest of illnesses when out of balance and can also be responsible for accidents. The imbalance to this area is more often in the shape of the house: either with a part of it missing or projection in that area. In nearly every case I have consulted a simple remedy has been effective. It can also be the area that causes stress in relationships, both with the self and others. Whenever I find someone who is – as we popularly call it today – beating themselves up, creating their own dis-ease, I refer to this area. It is the deepest area in the Ba Gua and where we go within to sort out our personal issues. Clutter in this area is unhelpful, not allowing us the freedom to go deep within and sort out these issues, and too much downward (yin) energy can cause us to stay deep within, not allowing us to experience the joy of self discovery.

There are several systems of Feng Shui and all are relevant for health. A system using the direction of the front door in relation to the date of birth of the occupants tells you what portents are contained in the home. You are then able to ascertain the best places for each person to sleep, work and relax (see Diagram 2). This system is particularly useful when building new homes and for companies moving into new premises: it would not be good, for instance, to sleep in an area that would be draining your energy all the time – you would eventually become over-tired and exposed to illness. Using this system I discovered a room in a house where a man who was a depressive used to hide away from the world. Its portents said that it was dangerous for him to spend long hours in it (he called it his "hate room"). He eventually died of a brain tumour. This was an unusually extreme case and we usually intuitively avoid these areas in our homes.

When I used the portents chart above on a company premises, they had a cutting machine in the area of accident and mishap – and already had a long history of accidents surrounding the machine. I recommended they move it to the area of longevity and to date (9 months later) they have not had one accident.

Often I find just changing the colour of rooms and furniture or adding colours can create harmony. Creating a generative, supporting cycle of the elements can take away the conflicts causing illness. To do this I need to know the individual's element and this is found through the year of birth, i.e.

A man born in 1948: first we disregard the 19; then add the two last numbers (4 and 8). This gives us 12. We need to get a number below 10, so we add the 1 and 2 together. The result is 3. Then take the result (3) from ten: the answer is 7.

For a female born in 1956: add 5+6 (11); then add 5 (16); then add the two numbers (1+6) = 7.

Then looking at Diagram 3, you will be able to see what element you are. Both of the people in the above example are 7: Metal.

Diagram 3 represents the generative cycle of the five elements on the outer circle. The inner lines represent the destructive cycle where conflict between elements can occur.

Diagram 3

Diagram 3

The Generative cycle is as follows: Wood feeds Fire; Fire creates Earth; and from Earth we get Metal; Metal when melted runs like Water – so each preceding element supports the next, and each following element drains the former.

The Destructive cycle is as follows: Metal as in the axe destroys Wood; Wood destroys Earth, as in the roots of the tree being torn out; Earth absorbs or muddies the energy of Water; Water douses Fire; and Fire melts Metal.

So as an example:

If our two 7 Metal people sleep in a room that is pink with, say, green furnishings, it is quite likely they will not be well rested in the mornings. Looking at the two cycles of the five elements, we first discover that pink Fire attacks Metal (their personal elements), and they as Metal will be attacking the green (Tree/Wood element). However, should we introduce the element of Earth into the room (brown, beige, cream, etc.), then a harmonious cycle would be created and their rest would be improved. The cycle would be Wood; Fire; Earth; Metal.

Further Information

As a postscript I would like to add that most people already intuitively adopt a lot of the principles I have discussed here. However, if you would either like to know more about Feng Shui through the workshops run throughout the UK or about private consultations, please contact John Bethell at Feng Shui World Wide, 55a Winchester Road, Four Marks, Alton, Hants GU 34 5HG. Tel 01420 562555.


  1. Marjorie said..


    I would like to hyperlink your website to my blog, but your website here doesn't create a hyperlink. Please view my blog:

    I am very interested in Chinese medicine in searching for answers to my badly broken dead teeth. This is from so much malpractice. And this is in spite of my "A plus" dental hygiene. So I wonder if I am meant to learn how to regrow teeth and tell the world how I did it.

    The door to my tiny little bedroom is improperly fitted but it is not my house and I can't fix it. I have hung a crystal over the door but I don't know if this helps anything. The ceiling is low and sloping, and it is a square room with a missing portion: the helpful people/friends portion of the room. But this said, I do have a couple good friends.

    Thank you for your web site.

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