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The Journey of Holographic Breathing

by Martin Jones(more info)

listed in breathing, originally published in issue 176 - November 2010


This article is about my journey discovering Holographic Breathing, how this breathing system works, and how it opens though the holography of our body. In Holographic Breathing our anatomy becomes palpable, sacred geometry, and is reflected in and around us. What better way to connect to the oneness, and interrelationship of everything, other than through our body, and the breath.

I became involved in meditation and healing in the seventies, then in the eighties I founded the Lotus School of Tai Chi and Healing Arts. However, in the nineties my health began to deteriorate, and by 2002 I had to close down my School. I was suffering from overwhelming fatigue, pains in my body and my immune system was down. I caught any colds, flues or chest infections that were going around and took a long time to recover, by which time I had the next infection. After some time I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I owe a lot to the practitioners that helped me through this time.

This illness was the start of a new journey for me; most of the time all I could do was lie on my bed and breathe. After a while I surrendered to these events, and whilst breathing, I let myself drop into the illness. The tiredness would come in waves, and hold through my body. As I breathed, the tiredness would slowly ebb away and in it place would be a lovely energy and light.

At this time I still had some amalgam fillings and felt that this may also have something to do with the fatigue. I had been recommended to an alternative dentist to remove these. On seeing him, I was informed that it was good to remove the amalgam, but on top of this, he said that my maxilla was pulled back, which this was affecting my health. His recommendation was two years of orthodontic treatment. This did not appeal to me. I felt with time and investigation there would be a more natural way to resolve this.


In the picture the maxilla is in pink. It stretches from the roof of the mouth to the bridge of the nose and includes the upper teeth and palate.

It felt natural to me to use breathing to help the maxilla, and I began breathing into this area as if it were a pair of lungs. When I did this something happened that I was not expecting. An energy opened up through the maxilla, and moved into the cranial fluid and brain. As soon as I started breathing in this way this would happen, and when I stopped it would ebb away.

Maxillary Sinuses and Nasal Passageways

As I seemed to have come across something of effect, I investigated the anatomy of the maxilla. My anatomy book opened on the pictures shown and it seemed to me that the maxilla was a reflection of the chest. In the pictures the maxillary sinuses are similar to the lungs, and the nasal passageways similar to the heart. Also the roof of the mouth has the same dome as the diaphragm, and the outside bone of the maxilla reflects the rib cage.

The maxilla is mainly air as the bones are wafer thin, so it reflects the lungs in function as well as shape. It appeared to me that that the lungs and heart had a general energy for the whole body, and the maxilla had a higher energy for the face and head. Also the slightness of the bone structure gave me hope that it could adjust into a more natural position. The bones of the maxilla are very thin, almost transparent. To me they feel quite other worldly.

Lyme disease attacks the brain and central nervous system and is often misdiagnosed as MS or Parkinson's disease. The effect of this breathing seemed to be clearing this and helping my immune system deal with the infections.

I was doing this breathing a lot of the time; it was very engaging, but also I felt it to be a timely gift, as I had been told that Lyme disease was incurable; breathing in this way was helping me recover.

The Start of Holographic Breathing

One night I was breathing in this way and I could feel the energy moving towards something. There was a flash of light and all the energy released down into to my jaw. This energy brought the jaw to life and it started to move. As I was breathing in the jaw would slowly open and as I was breathing out the jaw would slowly close. This motion was contained by the lips being closed and the tongue being on the roof of the mouth. This movement of the jaw was the functional start of Holographic Breathing.

This movement of the mouth with the breath felt amazing. I felt my energy grounding, and rather than just an energetic happening, I could feel my whole body integrating with the breath. It felt like my face, my cranium, and whole body physically started to breathe. It felt completely natural as if I had known this breathing from before and it had somehow come back to life.

I found myself breathing this way a lot of the time. I would even wake up in the night to find I had been breathing in this way in my sleep. When this happened often there also the feeling as if I had been talking with some kind of higher energy. I think a lot of the deep relaxation, and nice feelings in Holographic Breathing is that it connects to a higher intelligence or reality.

On a more physical level I started becoming aware of how this breathing was reflecting through the body. From before it seemed the maxilla related to the heart and lungs, and now I could feel the mouth was relating to the abdomen, and the jaw to the pelvis. The face mirrored of the torso.

I also noticed that the face was now physically breathing in the same way as the torso. On the in-breath the abdomen expands, the diaphragm drops and the lungs open. The face was doing the same thing. On the in-breath, the mouth was expanding, the roof of the mouth was subtly dropping, and the maxilla was opening like a pair of lungs.

As the face started breathing it was reflected in the cranium; the cranium also started to move and breathe. As this happened, my whole breath deepened and I started to feel as if every cell was breathing.

The Holography of the Body and Breath

A system of energies that were previously not available were now coming to life. For a while I was more aware of the lower face, the mouth; this had a dark, grounded energy relating to the lower body.

Then my awareness came more to the middle face; the maxilla, this had a warm and airy energy relating to the middle body; the chest, heart and lungs.
Then the energy rose into the upper face; the eyes and the ethmoid bone which is between the eyes. These had a bright, white higher energy and related to the upper body; the neck and head.
  • The body in Holographic breathing is generally split into three groups.
  • The lower body; the abdomen and pelvis has a deep, dark energy and some of its attributes are grounding, strength, structure and movement;
  • The middle body; the heart, lungs and chest has a lighter more airy quality; some of its attributes are love, feelings and emotions;
  • The upper body; the neck, head and brain has a higher energy; some of its attributes are the intellect and connection to the higher energies.
frontal lobes

The first reflection I saw in the skull was that the jaw was relating to the bone structure of the cranium. I could feel them communicating with each other. They are both to do with strength, structure and grounding. The jaw was acting as the lower body for the face, and the bones of the cranium were acting as the lower body for the cranium.

The maxilla, the central part of the face was connecting to the cranial fluid. The maxilla was like the respiratory system for the face, and the cranial fluid the respiratory system for the cranium and brain. It was as if the brain and cranium were breathing with cranial fluid in the same way the maxilla and lungs breathe with air.

The eyes are the upper body or brain for the face, and were relating with the brain, the upper body for the cranium. They both have a high vibration and related to the intellect and higher energies.

It was at this time that I started thinking of the name Holographic Breathing. In producing a hologram, light is shone through a glass plate with an image in it. Say the image is of a lady. If you break the plate, and take a piece of it, it would still project a whole image of the lady. If you break that part and take piece of that, it will also project a whole image, and so on. With this breathing it seems that it is the same within us, everything has the same energetic make up, just on different levels, like octaves in music.


The energy continued to clear through the brain, which became more alive, until one day amazingly it seemed to wake up. I could see and feel my brain from the inside. I could also see the energies relating back and forth between the face and brain.

In the body the mouth relates to the abdomen and digestive track. In the brain the mouth relates to the encephalon. They had the same grounded, dark energy of the lower body.

In Image 4 you can see the encephalon looks very similar to the digestive tract.

The maxillary sinuses were relating to the two lobes of the cerebellum.

These sinuses are the lungs for the face and the cerebellum looks like a pair of lungs, and was acting as lungs for the brain. It felt like they were breathing cranial fluid.

The nasal passageways are the heart for the face and were relating to the pons - the heart for the brain. These areas both have a warm fiery energy like the heart on higher levels.

The eyes were relating the two lobes of the thalamus. The optic nerve goes directly from the eyes to the thalamus. The eyes are the brain for the face and the thalamus is the brain for the brain; both relate to the higher energies.

I watched the energies moving through the different parts of the brain until they started releasing down through the central nervous system in the spine and out through the nervous system to the organs, arms and legs, which with this new energy and breath, were beginning to light up like different parts of a radio. The organs in turn were energetically communicating back with the different areas of the brain. I felt like these channels were coming to life and this was how we were designed to breathe. I felt there was a tremendous possibility for health and our evolution.

The organs were also fitting together in matrices reflecting the face and cranium. For instance in the sexual organs, the penis and vagina had a deep, dark energy and relate to grounding, strength, structure and movement. They are the lower body for the sexual organs and they were relating to the mouth - the lower body for the face.

The uterus and prostate had a warm red energy of the heart, and relate to love, emotions and feelings. They were the middle body for the sexual organs and were relating to the middle body of the face; the maxilla which has the same qualities.

The ovaries and testes are the upper body for the sexual organs and have a similar quality and look as the brain. They relate to the eyes, as the upper body for the face. These all connect to the higher energies. Everything was starting to breathe and come to life in a new way.

This is reflected in embryology where we start with one cell which divides into two, which divide again. These cells have the potential of becoming any part of the body and also reflect the body. Each has a lower body as the outer membrane and cytoskeleton, its bone structure. The cilia and flagella are its muscles. There are organelles which reflect the organs. A fluid system, which reflects the arterial and lymph systems. They also have an upper body as the nucleus and DNA which is the brain for the cell and its connection to the higher energies.

Each cell eats, drinks, breathes, has an immune system and elimination system. All these various parts communicate within the cell and the separate cells communicate with each other as a physical intelligence.

The face is the first part of the body that the breath meets, and with all the senses and expression the face is very much about communication. As the breath arrives it is communicated through the head and body, to every cell. These in turn communicate back.

My experience was that these matrices were also reflected in the earth and universe, which are already breathing in a whole fashion, and a larger part of the same system.

There is a higher intelligence to Holographic Breathing. And I asked that as this breathing is so simple and natural why was no one doing it before. The answer was it that it was not time before, this breathing is for this age, it is part of evolution.

If you think about it, with this breathing, the face, the cranium and brain start to breathe. This feels totally natural as if we have known this from somewhere before. They start to become more alive and nurtured. At the same time they begin relating to the body and the heavens as audible reflections of themselves. To me, this is not a therapy - more like an evolution, or evolving into our true potential.

This is also one of the reasons on the web site I have Holographic Breathing, One Breath. Because it is one breath, it includes the face and cranium, every cell, the earth, universe and higher energies. All reflected in each other and unfolding together.

I feel completely different, and not surprisingly, if I had not found this, I would probably be dead by now. I feel in-touch with my self and the universe in a way that was not available to me before, and in a way that feels wonderful.

The Lyme disease left and never returned. I have new dentists Lillian and Graeme Monro-Hall - They have now taken several seminars and recommend Holographic Breathing to their clients. Graeme looked at my maxilla and found it in perfect working order. So I can only think it has recovered. It certainly feels wonderful and no longer restricted.

Further Information

You can learn Holographic Breathing in a FREE AUDIO SEMINAR at   There are also Free talks and lectures, and the possibility to move on to further seminars.


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Martin Jones for a long time enjoyed and taught Tai Chi, Meditation and Healing. This all seemed to come to an end when he contracted Lyme Disease through a tick bite. But it was not the end, it was a death of everything he had been involved in, and the beginning of a something new. Through this time he discovered and developed a new healing system - Holographic Breathing, which gave him back his health and something new to share. Martin now teaches Holographic Breathing and may be contacted on

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