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Common Sense – A Useless or Essential Tool in Life?

by Dr Patrick Quanten(more info)

listed in authority rights freedom, originally published in issue 293 - March 2024

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We recognize common sense in our daily lives as something that makes sense to us. Common sense is generally defined as sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts. So it is a sound judgement, which means that it has value. It is based on an observation of what truly is, a situation that truly exists or simple facts that can be observed by everybody. Hence, simply going by the definition it seems to have value in life.

Let’s take a closer look at some examples.

If you know that with statistics you can prove anything, then that basically tells you that statistics don’t prove anything at all. If you can use a method to prove something and the same method can be used to prove the opposite, it then, in fact, turns out that the method is useless in proving something one way or the other. It is capable of proving both, which means that the end result you are getting is caused by manipulation of the facts or the situation. By carefully arranging the data in a specific order you end up with one result or the other.

But if that is the case why am I constantly bombarded with statistics by people who obviously want ‘to prove’ something? I can understand why they are using statistics because it appears to prove them right, but once I know, as it seems a generally accepted fact, that the underlying concept is floored why am I still using statistics? Answer: because it suits the purpose of my conviction. People who want us to believe that the earth’s climate is rapidly changing into unbearable and unliveable conditions use statistics to convince me that they are right. People who believe that all that climate stuff is a hoax also use statistics to prove themselves right. I find this, to say the least, disturbing.



This is a view of knowledge suggested but ultimately rejected
by Plato that raises interesting questions

Credit: Dominic Mayers on Wikipedia


We cannot get an insight into reality if we keep using spectacles to observe the reality, knowing that these present us with a coloured view, while we carry on pretending we see ‘truth’. It is impossible to gain knowledge about the reality of life when we keep looking at it in a distorted way, and it doesn’t matter in which way our view is being distorted. The fact that it is means that the reality we are observing, in the way that we do it, is not real. It has been manipulated, moulded by the way we have chosen to look at it, into a particular form that suits our convictions.

It is remarkable that science, as in ‘the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world’, doesn’t use statistics or percentages or averages. A scientist will provide one of two things. He will either describe what he observed, and someone else may give a different description of the same thing, or he will give you his opinion on what happened and why, and someone else may give you a different opinion. Anything that doesn’t fit into this method and procedure is not science and is being used to manufacture a specific outcome. Statistics are a wonderful way of achieving just that, as with statistics you can prove anything.

If you believe that all politicians are corrupt, why are you still choosing which one you want to be your representative and why are you continuing taking orders from them? Not only do you by your actions, such as taking part in the voting system, support this system that you deem to be corrupt, but you also obey laws and rules they impose upon you via this system, even though you may not have voted for those people to represent you. Our actions, in this case, do not match up with our words. We are living a life where there is a divide between what we believe and what we do.

This creates a serious problem for our mind. Living a life contrary to your beliefs feeds doubt and frustration. This, in the long run, opens up a rift inside your system, a system that ‘knows’ what is right and what it should be doing but where the mind then slams on the brakes and stops you from acting the way your system needs you to act. You force yourself to comply with an outside authority, which your own mind views us corrupt.

If you know that the government, and its members, are not there to help you to improve your individual life but that they are only there to help themselves and yet you follow their rules, your mind knows this is not going to end well. You give up your sovereignty and you hand the power of your personal life to an authority that you deem to be corrupt, inadequate and a danger to your personal development.

And if you feel that there is nothing you can do, just consider how disempowering that sounds. If there is nothing you can do to give your mind what it requires in order to put your life in balance and to allow it to develop, then you believe your power is non-existent.

You fail to acknowledge that your actions are contributing towards your own disempowerment. Not supporting the existing system, not contributing to the existing system is what you, as an individual, needs in order to retake your power.

If you know that all medical tests have false positive and false negative results then you know that these tests are useless in establishing a specific diagnosis. A false positive result, as determined by the medical profession itself, is a positive test result, ‘proving’ you have a certain disease, when they have already decided that there is no way you can have that disease. The test result is deemed to be ‘false’ because it doesn’t match their belief. A false negative result is a negative test result, ‘proving’ you do not have that disease, when they have already decided you most definitely do suffer from that disease. Be sensible, does this not mean that the test does not prove anything? Does it not mean that the test is a useless way of diagnosing that disease?

In that case, why are we still testing? Well, they continue to use the tests because it hands them the decision power. They decide whether or not you are ill and in which category, in which box, you belong. You are, according to the medical profession, ill because they say so, based either on a test result without matching symptoms or on ignoring that same test result because it doesn’t match the symptoms they believe to be indicative of the specific disease. Once you receive a label from them you belong to a group that will be managed in a certain way. You continue to allow these tests because you believe that their knowledge and power regarding health is much greater than yours. You want to believe they can help you and you are glad to hand them the power over your life so you can simply be the victim of your situation. You accept their decision, whether or not the test and their decision contradict one another. Where is the sense in that? It all makes sense as long as you believe that their power overrules your own. So their ‘sense’ overrules you own.

Common sense has been wiped of the table by experts’ opinions, paraded as the only truth. What we are being presented with doesn’t make sense anymore, in a ‘common’ way, and yet we are urged, forced, to believe it. Common sense is being devalued and the opinion of a self-claimed authority is being inflated, and this shift is being orchestrated by that same authority. So what can be done about this gross discrepancy in judgement between the Self and the authority?

People very often are looking to undertake aggressive actions in order to express their dissatisfaction with the system and in order to oppose it. If, on the odd occasion, they are being allowed to influence the system they will be looking for a compromise that ‘improves’ matters, the details of life they are fighting over. These activists are happy when the system makes some of the changes that they are advocating. They fail to see that it is still the system that makes the changes, changes the system can allow to happen. They fail to see that the same system is still in charge of their lives. They fail to see that essentially nothing has changed, even though they have been granted their wish. The system is still using the nonsensical methods to implement their rules upon the same population. Making small changes to the system does not change the essence of the system, and it certainly doesn’t disempower the system. The exact opposite is true. The system gains power after it agrees to the changes some people want. From now on these people are compelled to support the system as the system appears to be looking after them, appears to be listening to them, appears willing to change.

If you believe

  • that the government is corrupt;
  • that the banking system is making you poorer;
  • that the social security system is not supporting your health needs;
  • that the national police and military is not providing for your safety;
  • that the judiciary is not providing justice;
  • that the media is not investigating the truth behind the facts;
  • that school education is not allowing free thinking and challenging established points of view;
  • that individual thinking and voicing an individual opinion is nor allowed;
  • that the freedom to live individual lives is being eroded by the authority;
  • that the industry instead of the individual determines what lives we lead.

then why are you still contributing to all of this? It matters not if you oppose bits of this, write about it, give speeches, organize protest meetings. What truly matters is whether or not you contribute towards the system, even if you do it begrudgingly. Your contribution helps to keep the existing order of power in place. However, deciding to withdraw your contribution does alter the balance of things.

I do understand that we are so deeply embedded within the system that it is very difficult, almost impossible, to withdraw. The system has been deployed systematically over a long period of time, so we haven’t seen the overall picture and we haven’t been aware of the contribution every little step on the way has made towards the overall picture. We haven’t actually seen how far reaching it all would be and how all these separate pieces would fit together. However, we now live in a time where the authority is preparing to pull everything together, to close up all the holes that are left. The various groups of people, by which ever means they became a group and got completely trapped by the system, are now being pulled together, joined up, and herded into one large coral where total control over their lives will be a fact. If you care to look, you can see them coming together from all walks of life, and all are being put into similar conditions with an underlying feeling of extreme fear and hopelessness. What brings them all together is the dependency upon the system for their survival. It is now that the bigger picture is beginning to show itself to those who care to look.

So in a way we are all captured. It was already done, if you like, before we were born. We are in the system, with or without our consent. We are part of the entire global movement. We are trapped, with or without our consent. How, in God’s name, can we get out?

You can’t get out just like that. You can’t wriggle your way out of the system. Somewhere, in fact in many places, you are registered, you are tagged, you have been branded like livestock. You belong to the system. They own you. However, being aware of your personal position and your personal power, there are things you can do to help yourself. Where you can you limit your contribution. Everybody is in a slightly different situation and so no general rules can be followed. However, being aware of the fact that your movements, physical and mental, are being traced may help you to specifically choose where you don’t want to be, where you don’t want them ‘to see’ you, whether that is Facebook or a bank account. Each decision you make to limit your personal contribution to the power system will empower your inner self, will make you very aware that you can do something to help yourself. Bit by bit your confidence will grow. This is contrary to the hopelessness of the rest of the cattle. Awareness and small but well directed actions are key.

It may appear as if nothing changes, and, at some level, that is indeed the case. Almost nothing, nothing significant, happens. However, the changes you are looking for are not in the outside world, which is under complete control of an authority, but on the inside. Your sense of personal freedom is your lifeline. And when your system has the awareness and the experience that it is possible to do something, the day will come when you know it is time for you to make ‘the’ big decision. You will just know that if you, at that time, allow that specific situation to infiltrate your life you will be caught forever, and your children will be too. Your personal alarm bells will go off and you will know it is time to take the big step, to step out of the system and to find your own way forward.

From that point onwards your guiding principle will be ‘common sense’. What appears a sound judgement to you, based on a simple perception of the situation, will be more than good enough for you to build your life upon. No more outside directives, guiding you to where they want you to go, not to where you need to be. The power of life in your own hands, not because you think you know it all, but because you know you need to find out for yourself. Knowledge gained by personal experience as opposed to knowledge copied from elsewhere.

The new world starts right here. When the old world is ready to lock all doors, the few that remain outside are seeding the new world. From that moment on, one will either be on the inside or on the outside. Clear messages to the mind will wipe out doubt and confusion. With a clear decision taken about the reality of your life, the mind can look for definite answers to problems. It will have a solid, true knowledge of reality from which it needs to – and it will – find a way forward. It will be like a child in a candy shop. Extremely happy and so excited it will not know where to begin. Everything is possible again. And it will all be done.

Happy minds find solutions.

Common sense is the guidebook on your journey.

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