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Divination - Energy, Mind and Personal Development

by Helen Fatir(more info)

listed in astrology, originally published in issue 157 - April 2009

Looking Beyond the Here and Now

Astrology, Tarot, Runes, I Ching, Psychism are a few amongst many methods of looking beyond the here and now. But is that possible? Can we really see beyond the events that are happening to us at a particular moment in time? If we can then how does it work?
There are many views, but one thing seems apparent – divination does not do well under the microscope. Sceptics often look for absolute proof, the kind of laboratory testing that is given to accepted sciences and which tends to produce repeated results, thereby offering proof.

Milky Way
Milky Way
However, when you are working with energy, including the energy of psychics, repeated results are less likely. Which does not mean to say that there are no results, just not identical ones. Which leads to the question 'why'?
The answer lies in the way in which different energies interact with and affect each other.

Energy Interactions and Effects

For example, as a psychic I am very aware of how the energy of fluorescent lights affects me, or my energies. I find them disturbing on physical and psychic levels. I have learned how to change that through the use of energy. Headaches (and other pain) can sometimes be the result of a build up of negative energy around the head and shoulders, and by clearing that energy through the use of positive energy, the headache can be relieved.
Energy is not static; is always moving through attraction and repulsion. We attract certain vibrations to us which then affect us. We also send out or project energies, thereby affecting those around us as well as our environment, and it does not stop there. Our energies affect the collective also, and in fact, all of life and existence, an interactive process. The understanding of this process enables us to see how we in fact create our own reality through the energy of our minds.
Our minds are the controlling force that directs the flow of energy. For most of our history, that has happened unconsciously, and therefore haphazardly. Strong thoughts and focus influences energy flow, and the energy of our negative thinking affects our mood, body (health) and environment. Over our lifetime (and lifetimes) our negative, or fear based, thinking and mindset creates an accumulation of 'stuck thought energy' (largely unconscious) with which we create our experiences and lives. When we understand that and are able to move to love based thinking, we can then create the life that truly reflects who we are.

Energy, Consciousness and Awareness

We are the creators of our lives and experiences.
We are moving into a time of conscious application of energy through awareness and understanding; conscious creation.  We are moving from fear to love.
So energy with or without physical form is subject to change and fluctuation through the influence of other energies and of the mind.
Life is of development, or getting to know the 'self', becoming 'conscious'. When we are 'conscious' we are free of blocks or restriction to the flow of our energies. Nothing is hidden within or without. Our chakras become clear and in harmony with each other, or in 'tune', on every level of expression, which includes colour and sound.
However, while the development process takes place, over many, many incarnations and existences, our goal is to realize and understand the meaning of our blocks which can become, through the effort of overcoming them, the fuel of our development and doorways to expansion or evolvement.
The (stuck thought) energy of our limitations lies within what we perceive as our subconscious, and while unrecognised, wields great power over our lives. We attract patterns of experience that seem to stand in the way of what we really want. And they do. The Universe responds to us/our energies, it does not initiate. We literally attract that which we project.

How Divination Works – Positive and Negative Readings

Divination taps into that interaction and allows us to know what is happening 'within us', and therefore how that may manifest if we continue along a certain course of mind set, thinking, emotion, attitude or deep expectation.
A positive 'reading' is really telling us that we have opened up or cleared the way ahead for ourselves, to that which we want. 'We' are attracting that situation through the work done and preparation that we have made and not necessarily in this life only. It is showing us the results of our efforts, not what is happening 'to' us. However, it can be very encouraging to have that information, and if an even more positive and open attitude prevails, it can enhance the manifestation. More so if we have a better understanding of our own individual process.
If however we sit back and make no further effort, in the belief that the Universe happens 'to' us, it can change and diminish the expected result.
A negative reading is also allowing us to see that which lies within us. An analysis of the underlying meaning of the reading can bring an enlightenment and understanding that can enable us to change the energy of our attitude and therefore predicted experience. Energy is subject to change, and we can always bring changes to a negative prediction through a change in our thinking and attitude. Health improvement is a good example, when the result of a change of focus from negative (fear) to positive (love). This may take effort and work, and can be a challenge as well as a journey of discovery. However, it can be made possible through a deeper understanding of ourselves, which can take us to the point where we no longer need the limitation as part of our development process.
Such understanding can be included in the readings given, as well as through meditation and dream analysis.
So, what is divination? It is a process through which we can come to understand and work with our creative potential and so create a life that is in harmony with our 'self' or purpose.


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About Helen Fatir

Helen Fatir DMS Astrol FAPAI has worked for many years as a Personal Development Astrologer and Psychic (which includes clearing negative energies). Readings are by phone as well as through the internet and snail mail.  She may be contacted via

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