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  1. Astrological Sun Signs and their Representative Foods Part I: Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer

    by Anastacia Sampson

    This article is a detailed account of the relationship between sun signs and nutrition.

  2. Astrology as a Therapy for Well-Being

    by Debbie Sellwood

    Most people have heard of astrology, says the author, though it is often perceived as fortune telling or entertainment by reading your stars in the paper. But, says Debbie Sellwood...

  3. Divination - Energy, Mind and Personal Development

    by Helen Fatir

    This article focuses on divination through the process of energy, mind and personal development.  It questions whether we can really see beyond the events that are happening to us ...

  4. Medical Astrology - The Four Elements in Therapy

    by Anastacia Sampson

    The author is qualified in Nutritional Medicine, Iridology, as well as being a student of Medical Astrology. The article describes the four major astrological elements, earth, fire...

  5. Nine Star Ki - Powerful Wisdom for Personal Transformation

    by Stacey Holden

    Nine Star Ki (pronounced 'key' – the Japanese word for energy or life-force), may be the oldest form of astrology in the world. It has its origins in China, coming from the 4000 ye...

  6. The Astrological Sun Signs Part II: Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio

    by Anastacia Sampson

    This article makes detailed connections between the astrological sun signs and representative types of food which resemble them, and contribute to health, for all of us, but partic...

  7. The Astrological Sun Signs Part III: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

    by Anastacia Sampson

    This is a continuation of the author’s series discussing the affiliation of the astrological sun signs with foods.

  8. Transform Your Life

    by Donna Taylor

    Integrating Astrology, Homeopathy and Changed Beliefs by Donna Taylor Laurence Le Shan sums it up nicely when he says that "a disease from the viewpoint of holistic medicine is a s...

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