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Frances Coombes
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Frances Coombes is a Journalist and NLP Master Practitioner running weekly themed ‘Connections’  life coaching groups in London and on Skype.  She teaches NLP techniques for Behaviour Change, Understanding Thinking Styles, Manifesting Abundance and more at The City Lit in Central London.   Also runs 90 minute  introductions to teaching NLP to children for parents, carers and teachers in North West London on topics including building communication and rapport skills, overcoming exam anxiety, confidence building, learning skills and goal setting for children.  

Her NEW book is, Motivate Yourself and Reach Your Goals, pub, November 2013, Hodder Headline.  For extract visit To inquire or book personal development courses contact Frances on Tel: 07818 896 795;

I require two volunteer coaching clients  to complete six session of REBT/CBT (Rational Emotional Behaviour Therapy)  with me between February and May 2015 .If you think some coaching might be helpful to you please contact me for details. 

CITY LIT NLP COURSES till 30 June 2015

Foundation in NLP starting 18 January 2015 X 4 Sundays Course  (PG 630)

NEW    NLP Building Rapport with others (PG 725) date 29/7/15 provisional
For some, ‘doing what comes naturally’ may not seem so natural anymore. 
(This is not a flirting course – it is a way to initiate human contact with everyone.)

NLP and Manifesting Abundance  (PG 645) date Saturday 2 + 9 May 2015
Idea generated from ‘The Secret’
based on the nine principles of manifesting abundance.  We take these rather abstract principles and spend two days using really practical NLP techniques to instil the learning.  Read the book or watch the video ‘The Secret’. 

How to identify thinking styles – using NLP  (PS717) Wed 27 May 2015
Our thinking affects how we respond to situations in the world. 
Yet often we run patterns of thinking and behaviour that are outside of our awareness.  Understanding thinking styles is key when seeking to communicate, influence or motivate ourselves or others.

Change your behaviour using NLP (PG602) Fridays, 5 – 26 June 15 x 4
Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to change a small behaviour?
Are you, as a parent, professional, teacher or mentor, involved in motivating others to change behaviour?  Then discover what it takes.  Many people seek to change other people’s behaviour, but how easy do you find it to change your own? 

Creating time to listen and think using NLP (PG685) Saturday 20 June 15
Listen in a way that enables others to think more clearly in our presence.
As change proliferates in our lives and organisations, we must prize each other’s minds above all else.  We must learn to help people think for themselves. Identify blocks to giving respectful attention to others.  Listen in a way that enables others to think more clearly in our presence.





Start Date

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NLP: The healing power of the mind

Sun, 12/07/2015

Sun, 19/07/2015



NLP: Building rapport with others

Wed, 29/07/2015

Wed, 29/07/2015



NLP and confidence building

Sat, 15/08/2015

Sat, 15/08/2015



(for coaches)  Structure your NLP coaching using an REBT/CBT approach
REBT is a tightly structured talking therapy, which blends particularly well with NLP coaching.  Please e-mail me for details of 2 day courses, 28 February and 4th April 2015. 

Build positive states with motivational meet-ups, e-mail me for details

For people who are in transition states, changing jobs, changing life situations, some may feel that their network of support has dropped away.  Try some regular group coaching sessions to keep you motivated, connected to others, and moving towards what you want to achieve

Happiness is something to do, something to love – and something to look forward to.

Frances Coombes
Journalist / NLP Master Practitioner
Author: Motivate Yourself, Nov 2013


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