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Rhiannon Lewis
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EORC Lettering 2020

EORC have been providers of education, information and research in the field of essential oils and
clinical aromatherapy since 1990.
This longstanding involvement in the fields of aromatic medicine, aromatherapy and essential oils
is reflected in our various activities and achievements.

The company’s key roles and aims are to promote the professional, ethical and safe use of essential oils and related products and to maximise their full potential as therapeutic agents.
It does so through education and publishing (via the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy) and hosting of international conferences in clinical aromatherapy and plant therapeutics: the botanica series.

Most of our work is conducted in the English language.
French is a second language.


Rhiannon Lewis is the director of
Essential Oil Resource Consultants.
She is an experienced aromatherapist, author, editor and gifted educator.


Essential Oil Resource - Rhiannon

Her extensive experience in the clinical uses of essential oils stems
from undertaking training in the UK, France and the USA.

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