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Nr Wells in Somerset

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Cleanse for Health Retreats
Wood View Cottage Walcombe Lane, Nr Wells, Somerset BA5 3AG
Araura Berkeley
Telephone Number
+44(0)1749 939694 Mobile: +44(0)7717 855 581


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You are invited to come and experience a six day Life-Changing, Deep Cleansing process offered in Glastonbury, Somerset, with Araura Berkeley and her team of highly qualified therapists. We choose to work with only 1 to 3 people at a time in order to give each person the very best care and individual attention.

Cleanse for Health Somerset

The program, briefly, consists of colon hydrotherapy; bodywork every day; iridology and nutritional advice as well as fresh organic vegetable juices; cleansing drinks; appropriate high quality supplements and E.F.As. All this will not only deeply cleanse our physical body but it will also affect the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our Whole Being - leading to major Life-Changes and Wellbeing.


The program is facilitated by Araura and her team of highly qualified and empathic therapists. We ask that cleansers arrive after 6.30pm on Sunday and leave after an early lunch on the following Saturday. This program involves not only deep cleansing of the physical but also of the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our Whole Being, leading to major Life Changes and Wellbeing. The program consists of the following:

  • Removal of old impacted faecal matter/mucoidal plaque from the whole intestinal digestive tract.
  • Removal of parasites and unwanted fungal overgrowths e.g. candida
  • Refloration of the intestinal tract with full spectrum probiotics, essential for the immune system and proper digestion/absorption of nutrients
  • Organic vegetable juices boosting nutritional intake, as well as cleansing herbs, E.F.As (Essential Fatty Acids) and supplements
  • Special cleansing drinks which stick to and rehydrate the ancient toxic matter, making it swell and come away from the intestinal walls
  • Re-hydration and flushing of the cells with purified water
  • Three sessions of colon hydrotherapy (colonics)
  • Bodywork daily. Combination whole body massage/shiatsu/deep tissue massage/reflexology/ acupuncture. Sound and energy healing.
  • Rebounder to stimulate our circulatory and lymphatic systems, ‘churning’ every cell
  • Skin brushing that stimulates the circulatory and the lymphatic systems, revitalising the skin which is our largest organ of elimination
  • Nutritional advice and ‘tools’ for self- empowerment
  • Liver/gall bladder flush. (Not always suitable for every cleanser. See later)
  • Release of mental and emotional stress/blocks.
  • Kidney cleanse kits available on request (A 21 day easy process to do at home after the cleanse)


You will be staying in a comfortably appointed house in a quiet area of Glastonbury and have your own room (unless you request to share). It is within easy walking distance from the Town Centre, the Tor, the beautiful Chalice Well Gardens, the Abbey Ruins, the Rural Life Museum and various other delightful walks. Glastonbury, a well-known centre of spirituality, also offers a wealth of unusual shops worth visiting.

Full cleansing program is £ 775
Deposit of £150 required to secure your place
Gift vouchers available


Highly recommended for additional benefit - we offer the following treatments as extras.

1. Bio-Energiser Aqua D-Tox foot spa
£ 25 per session
[2 sessions in the week recommended.]
The Bio-energiser D-Tox starts restoring your body’s bio-energy field by rebalancing the cells’ equilibrium of positive and negative ions, which in turn, encourages the dispersal and elimination of unwanted toxins. Cells consist of electrical charges and ideally contain an even proportion of positive and negative ions. When the body experiences any form of trauma, ill health or injury the cells become more positively charged and consequently do not work as effectively and the process of storing toxins begins. Rebalancing of the cells ensures rehydration resulting in optimum efficiency of their function to utilise nutrients and dispose of harmful waste products. The results will be renewed energy levels, both physical and mental, with a general feeling of well being.

2. Oxygen Therapy.
Please ring for details.

3. Magnified Healing
£30 per session
Magnified Healing is Magnified ENERGY Healing. It could be said that Reiki is the nearest to it. Magnified Healing was a gift and was received by two women in the late 1980s, initially for their own healing and then they were encouraged to teach and share this form of healing with the world. There are hundreds of M.H. healers now.

The two women were told that the world at this time needs enhanced energy healing coming as a gift from Source with the assistance and encouragement of the Archangel Michael, Quan Yin, El Shadai (Melchisadek) and St. Germain. This energy takes the form of a beam of intense energy which scans and re-patterns not only the cells of all the body’s organs but also our etheric (energetic), emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. If we understand that everything is energy then this is totally understandable.

4. Lymphatic Drainage
available on request approx. £ 40 per session

5. Allergy Testing
available on request

6. Cleansing Kits
Cleanser Kit Herbs and Supplements for full cleanse: £125 + postage.

7. Kidney Flush Kits
Please ring for details.

8. Colonics
£60 per session 

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