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Dr Tasos- Anastasios Vartholomaios

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 Dr Tasos A Vartholomaios, MD, PhD, MFHom, DIHom, HMD

Medical Homeopath

Integrated Homeopathic treatment for

Chronic Diseases-Health Disorders-Cancer patients

from Medically Qualified Homeopath, Consultant Specialist Medical Doctor subspecialized in many important fields of Pathology, with long NHS clinical experience.Dr Tasos is holder of the Diploma (DIHom) and the Postgraduate Diploma (HMD) in Homoeopathic Medicine of The British Institute of Homoeopathy, UK, Member of The Faculty of Homeopathy UK (MFHom), fully registered with GMC as Consultant Pathologist with Licence to Practise (Reg no: 7009546). Revalidated for the period 2014-2019 and appraised annually according to GMC Good Medical Practice (GMP).

Dr Tasos has developed his own specific Homeopathic Protocols and Therapeutic Plans, based on his own long and unique clinical experience for most health disorders and chronic diseases, which are adapted to the individual requirements of each case according to Classic Homeopathic Principles.His subspecializations and his CPD trainings in Pathology are important for an effective implementation of  Homeopathy even in most complex cases of  chronic diseases and health disorders, involving degenerating, inflammatory, neoplasmatic and autoimmune ones.

Consultations encourage a friendly and relaxed style. Homeopathic Medicine is applied by Dr Tasos as Complementary Medicine, without interefering with any conventional medical treatment administered, advised or indicated, complying always to medical good practice.  


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 Frequently Asked Questions:

 What is Homeopathy ?

Homeopathy is a system of natural  and safe  therapy, that uses infinitesimal doses of medicines or remedies. These remedies are prepared from substances mainly  found in nature.Because the remedies are very diluted,usually to the point that they  cannot be traced, they are extremely safe.Essentially, Homeopathy transfers to the patient  pharmacological information of biophysical nature.

Will the homeopathic remedies interact with my conventional treatments?

Not at all. As each therapeutic system is working on different levels of the body (the conventional on the biochemical background ,the homeopathic on the biophysical background) there is no danger of contraindications. Homeopathic remedies work well alongside conventional medicines.In any instance,you should never discontinue your conventional medications without consulting your conventional medical doctor


 What are the principles of Homeopathy?

The first major feature of Homeopathic medicine is the Indivualization for Treatment .This means that different people may have different pathogenic reasons,symptoms and syndromes even though the disease name is the same, so treatment strategies and formulas are different.For example, the "headache" can be caused by external factors, such as wind, cold, damp, dryness and/or internal factors, such as metabolic deficiencies, blood stasis, liver disorders, emotional /mental /psychosomatic imbalances,etc. So different treatment strategies will be used according to the different causative factors.Homeopathic medicine considers essentially relevant to patient personal/social/environmental data, such as age, gender, work, living environment, emotional feelings, mood, stress, climate, habits, favored foods, etc.

The other major principle is Totality for Treatment Determination.This means that in all Diseases the whole organism suffers,even if organ pathology is conventionally recognized in a certain organ or part of the body.So,treatment should be applied for both the diseased organ or part of the body and for the totality of all current sufferings all over the body.The total sum of the present symptoms,functional dsturbances and pathologic lesions of the organism expresses the current model of the health defence mechanisms of the body,which is the most critical factor for the outcome of the  pathology of the certain organ or part of the body. So,modern Homeopathy should care equally for both the Patient and the Disease.


What is the role of Homeopathy in Chronic Diseases?

Appropriate Integrative  Homeopathic treatment of Chronic Diseases, as ‘complementary medicine’ to conventional medical treatment, may  apply and help essential health needs of  patients for:

    Evidence-based Holistic Medicine;
   Personalized Medicine for individual health problems, while patients are under conventional treatment or after it;
    Natural reduction of drugs,chemotherapy and radiation side effects;
    Enhancement of immune system activities and defence mechanisms;
    Individualized and patient-centred holistic approach;
    Improved quality of life;
  Natural remedies that do not interfere with any possible effectiveness of conventional medicine drugs
    Protection from recurrences;
    Improvement of overall prognosis.



Homeopathy is a system of medical therapy that uses information of biophysical nature and/or very small (infinitesimal) doses of medicines or remedies that are hardly traced even by most modern technology. These remedies are usually prepared from substances found in nature. Because the remedies are highly diluted, usually to the point that no traceable molecules exist ,they are extremely safe. The clinical experience of homeopathy shows  that the micro-dosing /biophysical information approach to diseases is effective. There are literally hundreds of high quality, published  preclinical and clinical studies showing that homeopathy works.A search through PubMed may show many medical articles on Homeopathy.

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