Andy Tomlinson Past Life Regression Acad. Trainer

[Image: Andy Tomlinson Past Life Regression Acad. Trainer]
Christchurch, Dorset, U/K

Past Life Regression Academy

The Academy specialises in Regression Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Life Between Lives Regression and Hypnosis training internationally in Europe, Asia, United States and Australia. It awards internationally accredited qualifications enabling its graduates to belong to independent professional associations, including the European Association of Regression Therapy and the General Hypnotherapy Register. Its training program has been accredited by the International Board of Regression Therapy.

The Past Life Regression Academy training director is Andy Tomlinson. Andy Tomlinson is a Psychology graduate, registered Psychotherapist and also qualified in Regression Therapy, Life Between Lives Regression and is an International Board of Regression Therapy certified Past Life Therapist. He has had a private practice dedicated to Regression Therapy since 1996.

From a background of 10 years as a management trainer Andy is internationally known for his training. He is a founder member of the European Association of Regression Therapy and through it has been working to establish common quality training standards with the leading international Regression Therapy training organisations. He is also the founder of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association and Norsk forbund for Regresjonsterapi in Scandinavia. Andy is the author of the book Healing the Eternal Soul which is recognized as an extremely valuable contribution and advancement to the field of Regression Therapy, and Exploring the Eternal Soul which takes this further in the new area of Life Between Lives Regression.

A humble knowledgeable person who radiated peace and inner balance. I.S. Ireland

Andy delivers the knowledge in a way that is easily understood and retained particularly in terms of the wide variety of ways in which people learn. P.M. Dorset

Andy's supportive and encouraging attitude was a memorable part of the training for me. B.M. Turkey

His style was relaxing and each topic kept my interest. I came away at the end on a high. M.F. Hampshire

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