1. A Practical Guide to Childbirth Massage Techniques

    (Linda Kimber) Reviewed by: Kathy Pollard

  2. Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for the Massage Therapist

    (Su Fox and Darien Pritchard) Reviewed by: Mario-Paul Cassar

  3. Dynamic Bodyuse for Effective Strain-Free Massage

    (Darien Pritchard) Reviewed by: Mario-Paul Cassar

  4. Encyclopedia of Thai Massage: Complete Guide to Traditional Thai Massage Therapy & Acupressure - 2nd Edition

    (Dr Pierce Salguero with David Roylance) Reviewed by: Maria Mercati

  5. Infant Massage - A handbook for loving parents

    (Vimala McClure) Reviewed by: Jenny Lester

  6. Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy

    (by Carole Osborne-Sheets) Reviewed by: Sheila Michie

  7. Self-Massage for Athletes

    (by Rich Poley) Reviewed by: Mario-Paul Cassar

  8. Thai Massage - Nuad Bo Rarn

    (Christine Townley) Reviewed by: Kira Balaskas

  9. The Massage Connection: Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology

    (Dr. Kalyani Premkumar MBBS MD CMT) Reviewed by: Mario-Paul Cassar

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