1. Overcoming and Preventing Heart Problems

    (Dr Ro Myers) Reviewed by: June Butlin

  2. Statin Nation - The Ill-Founded War on Cholesterol, What Really Causes Heart Disease, and the Truth About the Most Overprescribed Drugs in the World

    (Justin Smith) Reviewed by: Sandra Goodman PhD

  3. The Cholesterol Myths

    (Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD) Reviewed by: Stephen Byrnes

  4. Thriving with Heart Disease - Live Happier, Healthier, Longer

    (Wayne M Sotile PhD with Robin Cantor-Cooke) Reviewed by: June Butlin

  5. Your Heart and You: A Holistic Guide to a Healthier Heart

    (Elizabeth Wilde McCormick and) Reviewed by: Sandra Goodman PhD

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