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Yoga - The Flow Motion Series

by Liz Lark

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[Image: Yoga - The Flow Motion Series]

I have been practising yoga on my own for several decades and have followed many programs over the years. Now a senior-aged individual, I was greatly attracted to this Flow Motion Book, because of its unique flowing photographs, demonstrating each movement in full, showing exactly how the final position is reached.

The book has a very interesting and accessible introduction, explaining the different paths (styles) of yoga and an excellent section about preparing for yoga, with breathing and stretching exercises, explaining how to use this book for its maximum potential application.

There then follow chapters illustrating the different postures (asanas): waking the body from the floor; standing postures; sitting postures and finishing postures. Each posture occupies a double-page spread in the book, showing the panoramic flow motion of each and every stage of each asana. There is a succinct glossary and suggested reading list, along with a useful index, grading the difficulties of the postures illustrated in the book.

Having been plagued by a variety of mostly minor, although annoying injuries, there are several poses in this book to which I was particularly interested, including the extended child, cat, cobra into twisting cobra and the wide-legged forward bend. Although one might think these postures would feature in every yoga book, I have searched in our considerable yoga library in vain for really well illustrated photographs of these stretching type, non-athletic postures. Until this book arrived, however.

Having now worked with this book for over one month, I would sincerely recommend it to those probably mature people looking for a not too athletic approach to yoga.

Mike Howell
Connections Book Publishing

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