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The Key to Self-Liberation: 1000 Diseases and their Psychological Origins

by Christiane Beerlandt

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[Image: The Key to Self-Liberation: 1000 Diseases and their Psychological Origins]

Reply to Reviewer's Comments

I'm afraid the reviewer lacked the intuitive antennae needed to appreciate the subtle psychological nuances that make every text in the book so different and perfectly adapted to the disease it describes. In my medical practice, I saw people take crucial steps in their personal evolution thanks to the information the book gave them. Uncountable colleagues of mine, as well as other health practitioners (Reflexologists, Osteopaths, Ayurvedic Therapists, etc.), whether belonging to Orthodox or Alternative medicine, saw the same thing. We also found more than once that people who are confronted by the text about the psychological origins of "their" disease can have an initial reaction of denial, resistance, or even anger, which is absolutely natural and understandable.

As far as I'm concerned, the first 73 pages of the book are enthralling. Summarizing them in just one Shakespeare line, as your reviewer does, seems to me like throwing away a delicious cake and eating just the box. I never found such a luminous, positive, non-fatalistic, liberating outlook on life in any other book. Moreover, these innovative philosophical viewpoints are of practical use in daily life.

The great Shakespeare's work is full of universal wisdom, but he didn't explain why certain people are susceptible to colds whereas others aren't, or why the same dose of toxic substance will not have the same poisonous effect on everyone who takes it. Christiane Beerlandt does. She shows how one's psyche, emotions, deep-rooted convictions, etc., can be a breeding ground that allows intruders to enter and/or proliferate in the body, and how personal changes brought about by oneself can reverse this process.

The original Dutch version of the book, as well as its French translation, have been very successful over many years, and this success is still increasing today. Until now, the book received only favourable criticism in the press. It did an enormous lot of good to tens of thousands of people, and will certainly continue to do so. The Key to Self-Liberation is the first book that gives such detailed and specific information about the psychological undercurrents of hundreds of diseases – information that experience has proven to be correct. We can but be thankful to Christiane Beerlandt's innate "inner knowing," for it would have taken centuries for orthodox science to find out all these answers.

As a non-commercial publisher with idealistic intentions, I'm very happy to be able to offer the English version of this incomparable book to the world. Christiane Beerlandt's only motivation to write it was her heartfelt concern for the suffering of humankind. Her special giftedness allowed her to show us how we can do something about our health problems ourselves. The solution she presents is perhaps not an easy one but, in my opinion, it's the most fundamental one.

Dirk Lippens, MDBeerlandt Publications;


Beata Bishop
Beerlandt Publications

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