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The Golden Seven Plus One

by C Samuel West DN, ND

listed in naturopathy

[Image: The Golden Seven Plus One]

A thorough browse through this inch-thick hard back book with concentrated reading in appropriate places would, I thought, give me a good base for a book review. I started my browse at the beginning of the book and thought that I would have to make myself read regularly to get through it but it rapidly turned into a complete reading of every word. I found it hard to put down and is one on the most important books I have ever read. The knowledge of Dr. West’s seven golden discoveries and one formula will be indispensable to any practitioner’s understanding.

The knowledge of trapped plasma proteins has been available for many years but was ignored until Dr. West, known as an authority on the causes of pain, loss of energy and disease, put it together with an understanding of how to untrap plasma proteins from tissues by energetically stimulating lymphatic drainage. He ties this up with the cellular sodium-potassium pump, delicate mineral balance and subsequent available electrical energy (or lack of it) in a logical formula which adds up to the mechanisms for health, energy and life (or sickness, lack of energy and death). Understanding plasma proteins gives an insight into why other therapies work which I found most enlightening.

The causes of trapped plasma proteins are explained in principles (mental and physical) which we can all apply individually and any necessary transition in life changes is handled with gentleness and balance. Once plasma proteins are trapped, adequate explanations of basic lymphasizing and additional bioelectrical exercises are given for self help and the author describes the physiological and electrical differences between lymphasizing and exercising. Case histories are given from headache to paralysis.

Dr. West pulls no punches in revealing an American Government Document ‘The Dietary Goals for the United States’ (which contains the dietary principles) and its cover up by the AMA and food processing industries. He shows, with shocking analogies, the folly of allowing the demise of this public warning regarding the health of the nation.

The overall approach of the book is very balanced and includes Dr. West’s refreshingly frank understanding of how his golden seven plus one fits into the overall framework of life. I found the book a fascinating combination of basic cellular physiology and chemistry with bio-electricity and yet with a seemingly personal contact with Dr. West all the way through.

The book concludes with charts, testimonials from those who have benefited from the art of lymphasizing and nutritional and other information.

Vivienne Bradshaw-Black
Samuel Publishing Company
ASIN - B0006E57V2

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