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The Devil Within - The Story of Recovering a Lost Voice

by Angela Caine

listed in sound and music

[Image: The Devil Within - The Story of Recovering a Lost Voice]

This book presents the reader with many different levels of interest. One on level it is addressed to the general public, and on another it can be useful to practitioners of many different disciplines. Ostensibly it is about one woman’s struggle to find her voice and may be useful to many professional singers, but it is also a book to help give hope to people in all spheres of life, that they too may realize their potentials and find their own voice within. The Devil Within is a true and honest account of Angela’s struggle to be taken seriously by the allopathic community. No one took the deterioration of her voice seriously and she had to find the solution herself through many mainstream and alternative practices.

The Chinese character for crisis is made from two symbols; one is for danger and the other is for opportunity. The Devil Within simply illustrates how you can use the very adversity that has caused your problem to your advantage and to overcome it as a stronger person.

The Devil Within takes you through Angela’s journey from childhood through chronic illness causing cancer, to her recovery. It also introduces other people’s stories to illustrate how different aspects of different lives are connected through discovering their voices by balancing the underlying structure. The book can be used as a guide to parents and teachers to take the early development of children seriously enough to assist the process. The book may also help practitioners in specialized fields to realize that patients can be better provided for by integrating and coordinating treatments with other practitioners in complementary fields.

Modern medicine is now looking at the field of Psycho-neuro-endrocine-immunology as a new and exciting field of medicine, broadening our horizons. The Devil Within is simply written and helps explore how things such as birth trauma may cause an imbalance in someone’s postural development and torsion in the positioning of the cranial bones, resulting in a chronic jaw problem. This may then cause an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system and cause strains in the patient’s structural chemical and emotional stability. Of course, the opposite is also true and a structural, physical and chemical imbalance may cause a jaw problem and in either case the voice within may be suppressed.

In The Devil Within Angela explains the interconnections of the disciplines of Dentistry, Cranial Osteopathy, Alexander Technique, Nutrition etc. It is achieved through poetry and Music; most of all the use of a mind that is willing to learn and question things.

After thirty years of struggling to be heard, only recognized as a neurosis, a chronic illness developed and nearly killed Angela. By listening to her voice within and connecting her voice problem to a chronic jaw problem, Angela began her road to recovery. The Devil Within is an accumulation of this knowledge, and was written to allow other people to access their voice within and seek the appropriate and necessary treatment and to provide a bit of hope for the future.

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