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Resonance Kinesiology: A Workbook: Understanding Energy: The Science of Working with Loving Light

by Linda Christie

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[Image: Resonance Kinesiology: A Workbook: Understanding Energy: The Science of Working with Loving Light]

I was drawn to learn Kinesiology – muscle testing to bypass the mind in connecting directly to the body for uncorrupted yes or no answers – after reading Dr David R Hawkin’s fascinating book Power versus Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour. He used simple muscle testing over 20 years to calibrate the profound and far reaching “anatomy of consciousness” to provide “not only a new understanding of man’s journey in the universe but also a guide to all of us as to where we and our neighbours are on the ladder of spiritual enlightenment and on our own personal journeys to become who we could be.”

As a spiritual counsellor as well as holistic therapist, I was interested to receive Linda Christie’s Resonance Kinesiology, A Workbook: Understanding Energy, the Science of Working with Loving Light to review, especially as it is the result of 23 years of working with people and exploring her own inner world.

Linda describes Resonance as one way of saying similar to, and in harmony with something, and explains that the greater the resonance (connection), the closer the frequencies are. Some resonances are positive, bringing peace and contentment and boosting feelings of self worth, while negative resonances can be insidious, stunting development and limiting joy.

She has developed her own way of working with resonance, and says that her experience of pushing the boundaries of knowing and discovering why people are as they are, what motivates their often erratic responses to life and how positive change and a more loving outlook can be effected, has taken shape into Resonance Kinesiology – an opening to a new way of working that looks at all levels of reality.  I honour her dedication.

In Resonance Kinesiology, A Workbook: Understanding Energy, the Science of Working with Loving Light, the inner and outer world are acknowledged and looked at in depth, with a view to identifying both positive and negative resonances, to facilitate progression with spiritual development with greater ease and speed.

The book is written largely from the level of Linda’s higher self, and provides a different perspective from the hands on, immediate, intense human one; one that is of a wider, higher frequency, more distant yet more in touch with real issues and ideas that spring from beyond the limitations of life on Earth. Linda reminds us that insight comes from within, translated and transmuted through the heart.

Understanding of and experience in muscle testing through any form of Kinesiology to get clear Yes/No responses – or through dowsing – is a pre-requisite for anyone wishing to benefit from this book.  One does not work through the 2 in 1 ‘workbooks’ in the way one might expect to do so with most workbooks, nor is it easy to ‘dip in’.  The concept is to muscle test or dowse to check which sections of the book it is appropriate for you to read and then work with.

Book One entitled The Way Forward is an essential primer dedicated to the basics of understanding aspects such as Earth; Densities and Dimensions, The Body, The Spirit, The Will, The Mind, Kinesiology, Working with Colour, Meditations, Visualisation, Working with Positive and Negative Vibration, Cycling Energy, Moving Beyond Duality, Energising Breath, Chakras, Acucords, Channelling, Entities, Implants… It make fascinating if challenging reading.

Book Two is about expansion of awareness beyond the 3rd Dimension, beyond the realities of this Earth to the bigger picture; to the unseen and unknown energies.  Linda cautions that the basics have to be in place before one can move deeper, and that using this second book without proper preparation will lead to distortion and confusion.

Linda Christie says her book has applications in many areas of life for the spritual [sic] seeker, therapist, or ordinary individual seeking to understand themselves better, and that they will find her book fascinating to delve into. Further she says that uncovering the meaning of her book provides the key to finding oneself, one’s true abilities and connection to the deepest level of being.

I support this concept wholeheartedly.  However, despite my many years’ experience working with energy, esoteric concepts, spiritual development and consciousness expansion, I did not find this an easy book to read.  As much of the book is channelled – from the Universal Mind, Angels and Devas – there is a considerable amount of esoteric terminology which will not necessarily be understood by existing Kinesiology practitioners and those drawn to the book.  It is clear that Linda Christie is herself an advanced soul and aims to aid others in expanding their connection with different frequencies.  

In his book The Holographic Universe, Michael Holden says that there is much evidence that humanity is thrusting toward higher consciousness, and at a time when ever more people are seeking to make sense of the inner and the outer, this book has a part to play.  Certainly it would be useful for experienced kinesiologists or dowsers who also seek spiritual development.

The term Workbook is somewhat misleading and perhaps it might more appropriately have been entitled Resonance Kinesiology, A Journey of Personal & Spiritual Development. In fairness, Linda does state that her book is not structured or formulated to give any set outcomes.  She says that the book provides “invaluable stuff” if properly used.  She also calls it a manual and if intended to accompany a course of study in Resonance Kinesiology taught by Linda Christie, I feel sure greater benefit would be derived than simply from trying to use it as a workbook.  

Whilst this is not a Resonance Kinesiology or Energy reference book, or workbook in the generally accepted sense, for those willing to do as suggested – muscle test or dowse the contents list to determine which of the channelled sections to work with – this is a fascinating and informative book. Where practising with Resonance Kinesiology is concerned, however experienced you may be with Kinesiology or Dowsing, I would not recommend using this workbook with clients until you have first mastered the journey into self discovery and consciousness expansion that Linda Christie is inviting you to undertake.

Resonance Kinesiology contains stunningly beautifully colour plates and illustrations from nature, and the energy that emanates from the beauty of these colour plates is palpable.  Therefore I can also see many applications for these in meditation.

I am happy to have this book on my bookshelf and may well be drawn to attend a course on Resonance Kinesiology with Linda.

Kay Zega
Linda Christie

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