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Prostate Health in 90 Days

by Larry Clapp, PhD, JD

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Without Drugs or Surgery

This year, some 200,000 American men will be told that they have prostate cancer — the second-often most diagnosed cancer in men. Thirty percent of American men, or 1 in 4, will have prostate cancer by the time they're 50, with the numbers increasing as men age. 38,000 will die of it this year alone. Prostate cancer's still-living victims at this writing are Jerry Lewis, Senator Bob Dole, General Norman Schwarzkopf and financier Michael Milken. Those who have succumbed to the disease include musician Frank Zappa, actors Telly Savalas and Bill Bixby, and scientist Linus Pauling.

The standard treatment choices — surgery, radiation, and hormonal therapy are of limited effectiveness and have major side effects such as incontinence and impotence, which occur in about 80% of cases, although doctors claim the number is closer to 20%. Many physicians tend to focus on avoiding imminent, painful death, while glossing over the side effects that seriously erode the patient's quality of life. For the 40,000 American men who have their prostates removed each year, eliminating the cancerous organ may help the immediate problem, but is not always the solution. Within five years, 35% must be dealt with again. This book is about avoiding removal and side effects by eliminating the causes of the cancer, so that cancerous cells must return to normal and stay that way.

The commonly-held belief in the medical community is that benign prostate enlargement and cancer is a normal part of male aging, a fact of life to which we should unquestioningly resign ourselves. But attorney Larry Clapp didn't buy it when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1991. He refused to have surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, and opted instead to investigate alternatives, finding that prostate problems don't exist in other cultures, and concluding that prostate illness was neither inevitable nor incurable. Clapp propelled himself into an intensive research effort to evaluate both traditional and alternative healing methods, and the results became the basis of the healing program that ultimately cured his cancer. The details of his journey, and a step-by-step program for becoming cancer-free in 90 days are outlined in his easy-to-follow, emotionally sensitive book, "Prostate Health in 90 Days Without Drugs or Surgery."

The foundation of Clapp's program is the Nobel Prizewinning work of Otto Warburg, who won the coveted prize in 1931, for proving that cancer cannot live in cells that are in pH balance. Most of us living in an urban environment are very acidic, and therefore unwitting hosts to prostate and other cancers. The book explains how the prostate is especially vulnerable, and how to achieve a pH balance that will increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the prostate and force the cancer cells to return to normal cells. Clapp's program is based primarily on balancing the pH by clearing toxins from the body, improving the diet, exercising and working toward a healthier emotional and sexual life.

A key part of the program is the Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA), a European test which is gaining popularity in the U.S. The BTA is a major break through, measuring pH, reduction oxidation, and the resistivity of the blood, saliva and urine, to two decimal places. These nine measures provide an in-depth view of the body's present condition, revealing levels of dysfunction that traditional tests don't encompass. With present weaknesses precisely established, a healing program can be mapped out and equally important, progress or lack of progress can be monitored and precisely adjusted weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Within two months of beginning his new health regimen, blood tests (PSA, CEA, Albumin) showed that Clapp's cancer was receding, and physical examination of the prostate was normal. Several years later the cancer returned, because he had not yet learned how to precisely measure and balance pH. By applying the new knowledge, refined over years of study of The Ultimate Fast, supplements, homeopathics and pH balance monitored by the BTA, Clapp was again cancer free within 2 months. Not only did he overcome the "Big C", but he actually became far healthier than he was at the start.

"Men can avoid and cure prostate problems by first understanding what causes cancer," Clapp explains. "Cancer, especially in the reproductive organs, is primarily caused by toxins from the environment, dental, diet and parasites, and with commitment, these can be quickly and easily changed. What many people don't know is that mercury poisoning resulting from the silver-amalgam dental fillings we have in our teeth is a primary cause of cancer. We all remember the news in the 1970s about how the mercury content in fish could cause cancer. Environmental laws were passed to deal with these comparatively minuscule amounts. But we have silver fillings in our teeth that are 50% mercury and mercury is the most toxic substance on the planet." Clapp points out that the mercury issue is so important that the Swedish government actually pays citizens to have their silver-amalgam fillings removed in order to save health care dollars by eliminating the need to treat these people for cancer in the future. In Germany, where dentistry is not a separate discipline but part of general medicine, amalgam is no longer used. German medicine has pioneered the more difficult and more important work of removing the mercury from the body tissue and nerves after it has been removed from the teeth.

Clapp emphasises the importance of men and women becoming more educated about their bodies and taking more responsibility for their health as opposed to blindly following standardised courses of treatment, often fear based, non-choices. As an example of how we can take our health care into our own hands, the book provides a "9-Point Program" designed to defeat cancer by strengthening the body's natural defences and balancing pH so that cancer can not live in the body. An overview of what the program can accomplish:* Thoroughly cleans the colon and intestines of plaque and debris.* Rejuvenates the lymph system.* Elimination of parasites from the entire body; joints, brain, muscles and gut.* Eliminates toxins.* Reduces dangerous acidity and moves the body towards pH balance.* Release emotional blocks that block the flow of blood and oxygen.* Eliminates the dental sources of toxins and ill health.* Re-energizes the mind, body and spirit.* Clears the organs, including the prostate, allowing them to do their jobs.

"The prostate is the vital centre from which men derive their vitality, creative energy and sexual drive. Without it, that spark which is the basis of quality of life, overall health and sex drive is severely diminished. That's why it's so important to heal it rather than remove it and to start taking care, before trouble begins," Clapp says. "This can be done by making lifestyle changes that include monitoring the pH, eating better, building health with exercise and body work, releasing old emotions, developing an awareness of the toxins around us, enhancing our sex lives, and many other health ensuring measures."

Clapp's comprehensive, eclectic program challenges traditional western medicine, and opens the door to much-needed new thinking. The book is endorsed by the American Health Institute.

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