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New Crystals and Healing Stones: A complete guide

by Judy Hall

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Knowledge about the healing properties of gem stones and crystals has been part of human consciousness throughout our history. From the ancient civilisations, to the current day, humanity always seems to have had an innate sense about the power of crystals to help us to achieve a greater balance and harmony.

Crystals and gems each have a unique vibrational frequency or resonance, and it is this that you can often feel when you hold a stone. As the stones positive energy or resonance interacts with your bodies own energy system, it helps to release old stuck energy, allowing the body, mind and emotion to find greater balance and equilibrium.

Many people have found that using crystals is a powerful way of making change in their lives. Whether using a crystal to focus on releasing a particular issue or pattern, or as a focus for meditation or contemplation, there are may different stones available to help.

In Judy Hall’s latest book New Crystals and Healing Stones, you can find  a complete guide to 150 of the newest gems and crystals available. Leading on from The Crystal Bible this new book extends the range of crystals covered by Judy Hall’s work and contains a wealth of information for those wishing to find out more about Crystal and Gem Therapy.

The book covers a range of topics and takes the form of a detailed guide. It begins by covering the essentials of crystal therapy such as how to cleanse, store and look after your crystals. The vibrational frequency or resonance of a crystal is best enhanced by keeping it washed and cleansed, and there is information on how to go about doing this, together with useful tips for more delicate stones. There is also information on how to activate your crystal and attune it to your own unique energies.

In the informative section on how crystals can be used, Hall describes healing with crystals as a “subtle readjustment of energies and attitudes to create greater harmony and vitality”. And this sums up what this book is all about – helping you to help yourself. Using crystals can be a very rewarding and  transformational process, and the book goes onto guide you through a wonderful selection of crystals and gems.

Throughout, the book is beautifully illustrated with pictures, and this is  particularly the case in the Crystal Directory section. Each of the 150 crystals and gems featured has a full colour picture, and you can often get a good sense of the energy of the crystal and its properties by feeling the energy that comes off the pictures. There is also a description of the each crystals properties, its appearance, the relevant chakra that it energizes, and the related sign of the zodiac.  Some of the entries also include information on the organs and body systems that the crystal effects, together with the conditions and negative feelings with which it works.

It is probably in this section that the book offers the most interesting  information, and you begin to get a sense of just what a wide range of issues with which crystals and gems can help. At the heart of complementary therapies is the understanding that you are treating the causal issues of a problem rather than its symptoms, whether the issues are emotional, physical or inharmonious thought patterns. As you look through the descriptions of the crystals, you can begin to see the scope for help from crystal therapy, but also you are challenged to ask yourself what are the issues with which I need to work? Which of these crystals would most benefit me?

If you are coming to New Crystals and Healing Stones with a specific issue that you want to work with, the book also has a comprehensive conditions index at the back. It lists a variety of issues from abandonment, karma, self image and trust through to balancing yin and yang, and recommends the appropriate crystal(s) for each state. This section is very useful, particularly if you want some specific recommendations without having to read through each entry in the directory.

As a body of work New Crystals and Healing Stones offers you a lot of information, whether you choose to work with a physical crystal or with a crystal/gem elixir. It also makes a great companion to the Crystal Bible and an invaluable tool for those wishing to help themselves with crystal therapy or identify and discover more about the crystals that you already have.

Judy Hall is one of the leading writers on crystals and their healing properties and has over 30 years of experience. This book is another invaluable guide to both those new to crystal therapy and experienced crystal users.

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