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Neem - Nature's Healing Gift to Humanity

by Klaus Ferlos HMH HA

listed in herbal medicine

[Image: Neem - Nature's Healing Gift to Humanity]

Neem - Nature's Healing Gift to Humanity by Klaus Ferlow HMH HA is a thoroughly researched, passionate, yet uniquely authoritative compendium of Neem's many healing properties and gifts to Nature and Humanity. A qualified herbalist and concerned environmentalist, the author discovered Neem's effectiveness when it cured his long-term psoriasis; he then went on to formulate effective and environmentally friendly products and campaigned for Neem's introduction, reforestation and protection worldwide.

Klaus Ferlow’s recounts his personal story about how he was inspired about Neem from a program about the healing properties of Neem presented by the famous (now deceased) Canadian CBC presenter David Suzuki. After formulating his own preparation which   successfully cleared his own long-standing psoriasis, he began to research Neem in the scientific literature, started to manufacture Neem cream, then later a Neem oil blend, and later on other Neem products including shampoo, conditioner, soap, tincture and toothpaste.

Chapters describe Ferlow’s progress in the initiation, participation and communication of Neem properties to the international community of researchers and academics and in particular his trip to Nagpur, India to give a presentation to the 6th International World Neem Conference attended by other 100 delegates from worldwide industry, universities and research institutions. Results presented at this conference included the sequencing of the complete genetic code of Neem, clinical research findings regarding Neem’s efficacy in the treatment and prevention of degenerative diseases including cancer, as well in the development of natural pesticides and applications for use in organic farming. Further applications included Neem’s use in the treatment of endemic tropical diseases including malaria, sleeping sickness and filarial.

There is extensive description of botanical, herbal and environmental aspects of Neem, as well as philanthropic projects such as the Neem Pilot Project in Piura Peru and the Hogar de Cristo Piura Orphanage providing food and educational support to orphans and homeless street children. A further section of this book provides a deeply respectful homage to “Our Herbal Heritage”, the importance and properties of the Skin, including skin conditions, including well-known but deeply annoying problems such as Corns/ Calluses, Diaper Rash, Impetigo, Herpes, Ringworm, Rosacea and Scabies.

Another chapter provides a detailed exploration of Neem’s clinical benefits for a variety of conditions, with an A-Z from Allergy, Diabetes, Dengue Fever, Hepatitis, Liver and Malaria. There are further chapters regarding the Science of Neem, Neem Oil, and the Politics of Neem, including battles over its intellectual property and the rights of indigenous people to maintain their traditional rights to the Neem tree.

Important Chapters on the History and Future of Neem explore Neem’s Botanical, Sustainable Development and Environmental Conservation aspects, including the Commercial Potential of the Neem Tree, as well as an Academic Study of the Neem Tree by Dr Ramesh Saxena, Chairman of the Neem Foundation.

The book has numerous Appendices and Compiled Lists of International Neem Resources:

  • Neem Manufacturers
  • Distributors, Importers & Exporters
  • Neem Organizations
  • Neem Research Worldwide
  • Herbal & Holistic Associations Foundations
  • Institutions and Societies Around the Globe
  • Naturopathic and Botanical Organizations
  • Psoriasis Support Organizations
  • Health Freedom Organizations
  • References
  • Bibliographies including Ayurveda & Environment
  • Recommended Reading:
  • Health, Healing and Herbs
  • Suggested Reading: Healthcare Politics, Prescription Drugs, Environment

This book uniquely combines personal, political, botanical and ethnographic information about Neem, comprehensive lists of Neem Manufacturers, Distributors, Importers / Exporters, as well as references to the Scientific Literature and as such will be treasured by consumers, herbalists, botanists and environmentalists alike.

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