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Imagine You Are An Aluminum Atom: Discussions with Mr Aluminum

by Christopher Exley PhD FRSB

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[Image: Imagine You Are An Aluminum Atom: Discussions with Mr Aluminum]

“If one aspect … is abundantly clear, it is that aluminium writ large in the etiology of human disease is already a burgeoning pandemic.”

Christopher Exley, P.91

If you were not aware of this pandemic before reading this statement, you will understand how the author can confidently say this by the time you finish reading this excellently written book. To cherry pick just 4 diseases out of the 38 listed in Chapter 12 – together with their rankings from low [1] to [10] high - in which the involvement of aluminium has been observed or implicated it is easy to identify the overwhelming – and very costly - areas already facing governments of the world in which they themselves would agree that we face an unarguable epidemic.

These four are Alzheimer's Disease, [10] Autism, [7-9] Multiple Sclerosis [8-10] and Parkinson's Disease [7-9]; hot on their heels are Asthma [7-9], Crohn's Disease/IBD/UC, [7-9] Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, [7-9] Breast Cancer, [8-10] Autoimmune Conditions, [7-9] Immunosuppression[7-10] … and the list goes on.

Why is Exley so worried about aluminium? Firstly, not only is it abundant in nature but as you will learn – secondly - it is super-reactive. Aluminium has no useful biological function - and therefore no place - in living bodies. It's super-reactivity results in it being bioavailable and easily absorbed. We find ourselves living in what Exley calls “The Age of Aluminium”.

“This means in practical terms that when we encounter aluminium in our everyday lives, our bodies only see aluminium as an impostor, something foreign, and something for which we have not been prepared through biochemical evolution. This in turn means that all of our encounters with aluminium are adventitious random and chaotic. There is no aluminium homeostasis, no protection against it, no controlled elimination.”

He intelligibly explains simple aluminium biochemistry, where aluminium is found in the body, the body burden of aluminium; outlining the many different ways that we are exposed to aluminium and the difficulty in not only measuring it but, as consumers, avoiding exposure where possible. Based on his original PhD research he discovered that silicon protected against the toxicity of aluminium in salmon; his solution to keeping ahead of the build-up of aluminium, he himself drinks silicon-rich mineral water.

“What we have proven, in what already feels like a lifetime of science, is that when silicic acid is bound by aluminium hydroxide it forms what we have called hydroxyl-alumino-silicates … these small amorphous solids … should remain small enough for long enough to be filtered from the blood by the kidney.”

While he is convinced that his hypothesis is correct, he points out that it is only a hypothesis and remains to be proven. Studies in relation to Alzheimer's disease and Multiple Sclerosis (SPMS) unequivocally demonstrated the effectiveness of silicon rich water in lowering the body burden of aluminium.

Unsurprisingly, it transpires that commercial interests actively work to prevent any ‘inconvenient truths’ emerging that dare to question the safety and advisability of using aluminium in foods, medicines, body care, our tap water and the ultimate controversy regarding vaccines.

Aluminium research is actively suppressed, and all but impossible to fund. In Chapter 18: “Camelford-Anatomy of a Government Cover-up” Exley explains his team’s invaluable role analysing post-mortem brain samples, and the determination of the UK government, the aluminium industry and others to suppress the emergence of the truth.

Rumours that rigorous, honest and ethical scientific research is dead have thankfully been proved to be premature. Where determined scientists such as Exley and similar brave colleagues from around the world continue – inconveniently - to say; “The Emperor has no clothes!”  … there remains hope for humanity’s survival.

If, however, corporatism and fundamentalist political and scientific short-sightedness is allowed to rule the day, the burgeoning pandemic will continue apace, where The Aluminium Elephant In The Room (Chapter 14) will finally be clearly revealed for all to see.

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