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Essential Aromatherapy CDROM - The Revision Package

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[Image: Essential Aromatherapy CDROM - The Revision Package]

This revision package, both in the more high-tech interactive CDROM form, but also as a set of 3 stand-alone A4 manuals, is an oracle of information for both the professional aromatherapist and the general user or researcher with a requirement for detailed information regarding aromatherapy.

The content of the CDROM version includes features not available with the paper-based version – Question Bank, Case Studies, Glossary and System Introduction – but both versions offer the user a wealth of information, depending upon their choice of access, i.e. via computer or normal reading.

The main menu of the CDROM contains about 15 distinct topics covering all aspects of aromatherapy, including Introduction, History, Methods of Extraction, Methods of Use, Safety, Properties of Essential Oils, Chemistry, Professionalism, Index of Essential Oils, Blending, Carrier Oils, Conditions and Treatments, Case Studies, Question Bank and Revision and Exam Tips.

Each of these topics is covered in great detail: for example, with the Index of Essential Oils, the user can click on any of the oils within the index to view a page of all its properties. Similarly, with Methods of Extraction, the viewer can delve in detail into the various techniques whereby aromatherapy products are produced, i.e. by distillation, expression or hydro-diffusion (percolation).

In the Methods of Use section, the viewer can go through a detailed discourse regarding the many methods in which essential oils can be used, ranging from baths, bidet/ Douche/Sitz bath to massage, steam inhalation and tissue/handkerchief. The viewer can choose to view each screen individually by clicking on the Forward button, or can select the Methods Screen, which calls up an alphabetical menu of Methods, which can then be selected directly which contains the instructions for that particular method.

In the Case Studies section, there is a menu of interactive cases, whereby the patient's condition is described, followed by multiple choice answers. Selection of the incorrect option results in a bright red screen with an explanation; the correct answer shows a green screen with the explanation. The same format is followed with the question bank of some 500 questions taken from all sections of the package.

All in all, highly useful information for the person requiring detailed information at their fingertips. A few minor drawbacks were that the CDROM takes up 60 MB of space on your hard drive, is sometimes slow changing between screens and the initialisation process on boot up takes quite awhile. Also, it is a pity that there is no facility to print what is displayed on the screen; perhaps that will become available in future updates.

CDROM and Manuals available from Essential Training Solutions Ltd. Tel: 01327 312 444; CDROM £49.99, plus £2.50 postage and packaging; 3 Manuals each £12.99.

Sandra Goodman PhD
Essential Training Solutions Ltd

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